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Hollie Carr

Hollie Carr


About the Author:

Having lived and worked in China, Hollie can bring to life the rich culture, sharing experiences and lessons through her work and research. On a personal journey of self discovery, Hollie took a sabbatical from a successful career, where she had won awards such as a 'National Excellence Award' for 'outstanding contribution to Business' and was voted one of the top 3 'Women In Technology under thirty' in the UK.

On sabbatical, she volunteered in underprivileged communities in Asia and then returned to the UK to Co-Found an international charity foundation, designed to inspire generosity.

Following years of professional and personal development, Hollie wishes to share some of the perspectives she has come across, in an easily accessible way. Her stories explore a range of teachings and beliefs, such as traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, all areas which are receiving a lot more interest in recent times.

Having studied Psychology and English Literature at University, Hollie's interest in people and observations of cognitive behaviour enable her to create complex characters that delve deep into emotional experiences. One editor said that the story 'provides a great psychological insight into human existence'.

Hollie has just embarked on a new chapter of her own life, becoming a Mum to her much loved daughter, and hopes to pursue her love of writing through a series of stories, enabling the reader to continue the journey as it develops.

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An Invitation

...To the life of your dreams

Inspirational journey of transformation & discovery, from modern day London to the ancient wisdom of China, finding love, life and adventure

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Literary Fiction
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Consumed by a never-ending to-do list, Jessica is stuck feeling unfulfilled, knowing that there's more to life, but not knowing where to start. Work distracts her from herself, but when she loses everything that defines her, she learns life-enhancing techniques to reconnect with what's most important.

An invitation…to the life of your dreams is an inspiring and empowering romantic story, opening up new perspectives, cultures and enigmatic teachings to live 'the life of your dreams'.


Inspirational fiction that takes the reader on a journey of discovery: Physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a story of overcoming adversity and self limiting beliefs, to help achieve a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.

It aims to be a quick and easy read, which makes thousands of years of wisdom and cultural teachings accessible. It relates to the complexities and stresses of modern day life in London, then takes us on a journey to China, bringing to life rich cultural diversity and life lessons.

Travel, romance, suspense, and spirituality come together, providing insight into different perspectives and practical ways to achieve personal fulfilment.

Target Audience:

This book will resonate with people who are interested in exploring powerful ancient spiritual teachings, whilst being captivated by a modern day story of romance, drama and travel.

The target audience is women, aged between 25-45, who are starting to consider that there may be more to life and would enjoy discovering inspirational practises of empowerment.

The Market:

With increased awareness and the growing popularity of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and the law of attraction, this book makes various teachings accessible as part of a good light read. It will give the reader an insight into other cultures and languages, with a narrative that relates to everyday encounters such as relationships, the stresses of work overload, and the power of the mind to overcome self-limiting behaviour to live 'the life of your dreams'.

Comparative Titles:

International best sellers like The Alchemist, one of the best selling books in history with over 65 million copies sold in over 80 languages, shows the demand for this type of transformational literature that provides insightful wisdom. Eat Pray Love is another example that became a mainstream success and was turned into a movie with Julia Roberts searching for a more meaningful existence through her travels and adventures.

Marketing and Promotion:

A background in Marketing and Communications ensures that the author is well placed to market this to the correct audiences through various channels including PR, relevant networks and social media.

Promotion includes:

  • Publishizer
  • Cover Contest - please note that the cover displayed here is one of the entries from 99Designs, a poll of finalists will be released separately. Book cover designed by Isabel Robalo of IsaDesignNet:
  • Social media channels and author platform
  • Placement of strong inspirational visual messages from the book through social media
  • Launch Party
  • Launch on Kindle and Amazon
  • Special give-aways to email list, rewarding the early adopter audience
  • Round table dinner discussion
  • Discussion groups, forums and blogs
  • Networking events
  • Speaker engagements
  • Media opportunities
  • Book reviews
  • High profile supporters


The overall plan is to write a series of three, this being the first, which will come together into the complete journey of Jessica Harvey, the protagonist. Each book is complete in itself and designed for busy modern lifestyles, which can be read in one sitting or dived in and out of, either electronically or in traditional book format. The full series will be published in a special edition Hardback. The aim is to publish the first book by the end of 2015 and the launch party and special events will be in London, UK (alternative on-line events and discussions can be arranged upon request).

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Sample Opening Chapter:

"Imagine if I told you I could transport you to the life of your dreams. Are you ready to embark on a journey of deep discovery to the most amazing places imaginable?" The voice whispered soft, smooth, and almost inaudible. Did she actually hear it, or was she just dreaming?

'I would like to invite you on a journey - to the life of your dreams…'

The invitation gently floated down and settled on the ordinary square straw mat of Jessica Harvey's London townhouse, early one grey damp Monday morning.

The clatter of the metal letterbox, as the invitation to 'the life of your dreams' burst into her home, woke Jessica from her troubled sleep, sending her obediently to the front door in a trance-like state, to see what bills and junk mail had arrived for her today.

On the mat was thick heavy paper, the size of a postcard, with words written in beautiful calligraphy, dancing black ink across a bright yellow canvas. She wasn't sure whether it was the appearance of the characters flowing into one another or the heaviness of the words, but for a brief moment the page seemed to blur and she felt a slight dizziness, which made her close her eyes and take a deep breath. Jessica shook her head and tried to wake herself up as she wondered what the postman was doing coming this early anyway? It was only just starting to get light.

Refocusing on the text, Jessica began to read again 'I would like to invite you on a journey….'
Stupid junk mail waking me up, I've hardly slept all weekend, she thought as she turned the card over looking for any additional clues. What hippy nonsense is this? What are they trying to sell me now?

She felt the rough heaviness of the thick paper in between her fingers and stared through blurry eyes at the symmetrical Chinese characters. Beautiful black swirls on yellow, contained within a neat black border. She didn't know what it meant but it looked perfectly balanced, which was far from how she felt.

Jessica shook her head and the used the invitation to fan her blurry eyes as she tried to wake herself up, walking back up the stairs almost falling onto them. She knew that her 'professional share' housemate Pam was never up as early as she was, so it was unlikely she would have to paste on a fake smile and pretend to be sociable, until she got into the office at least.

As she opened the door to her bedroom, out of habit she focused on the dark wooden carriage clock in the centre of the room, which had once belonged to her parents. The classic order of the black Roman numerals told her it was 6.30a.m. She automatically picked up her mobile phone from next to her bed to check the digital display and was horrified to see it said 6.34 am. She lunged for the mantelpiece carriage clock, set it to precisely the correct time, and wound it up as tightly as she could. Jessica needed the clocks to be accurate wherever she went. The deep ticking of time filled the air around her, grounding her and ordering her mind. The manmade rhythm dictated her day, her thoughts, her life. Tick….Tick….Tick…..

Aware of the echo of time cutting through the silence, she tossed the invitation in the bin and scooped up her long, dark-blonde bed hair, twisting it into a neat, orderly bun. She pulled out her trusty black trouser suit, which was actually now far too baggy on her, but which came out when she didn't have the time or energy to think about what to wear, which was often. She dashed to the bathroom to begin the routine of the day, painting her face with the colour of life she was losing, hiding the lines she was starting to acquire from her thirty-one years.

The constant countdown of the clock seemed to speed up, as did her heart, as her mind ran away with her to-do list. She had been thinking about work all weekend but had been under strict instructions from Bruce her boss not to log onto the system, so she was now in a panic about how much awaited her.

Right, I need to get those notes typed up and on the desk by 9.00 a.m., I need to book a room for the 9.30 meeting and arrange invitations for the function, and…
And so it started for another day, a storm cloud of all-consuming thoughts, none of which were her own, raining down and drowning her.

Jessica was the executive assistant for the managing director of a large multinational financial corporation. As such, she was constantly immersed in tactical priorities and corporate strategy. Increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and the company's image were all things she went to bed dreaming about. Yet, the funny thing was, Jessica wasn't even interested in finance or the corporate strategy that surrounded it. In fact, when she let herself admit it, those things bored her deeply.

Ever since the accident nine years ago, that turned her life upside down, Jessica had thrown herself into her work. Work consumed her, gave her structure, purpose, and a sense of belonging. She didn't need to think about herself, her family, or what she had done. She had allowed it to turn her mind into a machine, she had become almost anonymous to herself and her own life, to forget what had happened.

Whilst Jessica's brain raced through all the hundreds of things she needed to do, and all the things she had to help everyone else do, so her body and soul obediently followed, doing as it was told. She was like a robot. Whenever she got tired she would take a shot of caffeine and press on, after all time was running out; time was always running out.

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