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Laura Preble

Laura Preble

San Diego, California

A prize-winning journalist, Laura Preble has extensive experience in education as well the personal experience of raising a son with high-functioning autism.

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About the author

Laura has published three YA novels with Penguin’s Berkley Jam imprint (the Queen Geek Social Club, Queen Geeks in Love, and Prom Queen Geeks) as well as  the LGBT-themed dystopian novel Out (currently in development for film and television),and Lica’s Angel.  

She won a Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize for her short story, "The Murder of Crows";  her work has been published in the North American Review, Hysteria Magazine, Scribophile, NEA Today, Writer’s Digest. She is a former journalist with the San Diego Union-Tribune. As a journalist, she was awarded the Copley Ring of Truth award as well as a Janus Award for business writing. 

Laura has taught writing seminars at the Southern California Writing Conference, Canyon Crest Academy Young Writers Conference, San Diego Writers Ink, and through author visits to schools including the Monarch School (a San Diego school for students without homes.) She has also done book signings in Columbus, Ohio, Kauai, San Diego, La Jolla, Ca, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She's worked with two independent San Diego bookstores, Mysterious Galaxy and Warwick's, for events and signings. 

Laura worked previously as a public relations director for the San Diego Repertory Theater and for Walcher Inc, a media and public relations firm in San Diego. Her campaigns for all of her books has been extensive, resulting in favorable media clips from both print and television. 

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Update #7 - Easter Egg exclusively for you, my subscriber peeps March 30, 2018

To thank you for supporting ANNA INCOGNITO, I want to let you in on a little secret (thanks to my friend and fellow writer, Dan Tricarico, who suggested this). 

Most of you have only read, at most, the first couple of chapters of the book. Some of you may not have read any of it yet and are just super supportive. Either way, I wanted to tell you something about Anna, my main character, and why I chose to tell her story. 

I have a friend who suffers from some of the same conditions Anna does, specifically trichotillomania. My friend is absolutely brilliant, funny, a great conversationalist, and if you met her in person you might not even know she has this issue. But it has made her life very difficult, and it's not something that is easily controlled. Trichotillomania is a compulsion to pull at your hair and pluck it out, from your head, from your arms, from your's very difficult to stop it. I don't presume to know why my friend has this condition, but it made me consider that for some people, at least, some trauma may have led to it. Not always. But for purposes of my story, it did. 

The other reason I felt compelled to tell this story is that I, too, suffer from a compulsion. It is not as visible as pulling all the hair out of my head (I don't do that), but I have what is called dermatophagia, also called wolf-biting. I literally cannot stop myself from nibbling on my fingers. It's not exactly nail biting; it's more like a drive to try and get the skin to be even, but it can never be even since I pick at it constantly. 

I always have to have neosporin and bandaids available to cover this up, because when it's bad, people notice. I usually say I've cut my fingers while cooking (which, if you know me, you know cannot be true!) 

So, when I write about Anna's very real struggle with this affliction, I know what I'm talking about. And I know it's just a quirk that I have and that she has, and it's part of being human.  

For those who pay attention to such things, this is a holiday of resurrection and rebirth. I like to think that Anna's story fits right in. I can't wait for you to read it.