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Leticia Cuevas

Leticia Cuevas

An international labor and employment discrimination lawyer who became one of the first international law consultants to work under the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation of the NAFTA.

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About the author

Leticia Cuevas, an international lawyer, has written extensively on age and gender-based discrimination. As a Legal consultant on Mexican Labor Law, Ms. Cuevas was selected to work under the first submission on freedom of association for the US Department of Labor under the Labor Side Agreement of NAFTA administered by the National Administrative Office (US NAO). Again selected for the US NAO’s second submission in 1997, Ms. Cuevas focused on the issue of pregnancy-based discrimination in Mexico. The investigation complemented her earlier work and was recognized as a pioneer for raising awareness of all forms of discrimination against women in Latin America. Ms. Cuevas was a key presenter on the topic for women’s rights amid all of the overt forms of public and private employment discrimination against women.

Ms. Cuevas is the Executive Director of an International Law firm focusing on regulatory framework compliance in Latin America and the Caribbean. Academic credentials include a BS (sociology /journalism) from Pace University- New York, a Law degree focusing on Labor Law from the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the University of the State of Morelos (UAEM), Mexico, and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Trade and Banking from Washington College of Law-American University, Washington, DC. Ms. Cuevas published her law thesis on labor discrimination in 1992, US Copyright Registration Number TX0006234132/2005-08-25.
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Update #3 - English version of ASIAGE summary posted in Linkedin June 7, 2020


An introspective view of aging and ageism

R. Leticia Cuevas, occupational health and safety expert for Latin America and the Caribbean, is looking into a new study on ageism as a health and safety concern in the workplace. Leticia is to author ASIAGE, which covers the physical and psychological stigma that ageism produces in workers 40 and above. Leticia makes the case for workers that still have financial obligations and families to support, and who should be protected against ageism throughout the American continent. Ageism is a profoundly serious form of bullying on the job that should not be tolerated.

ASIAGE includes information on the subject from the International Labor Organization (ILO) in terms of available conventions that protect workers from ageism. The book is to examine whether there are strong enough measures in place to protect workers from ageism with a comparison across countries to show if such protections exist.

ASIAGE intends to raise awareness of ageism as a social and cultural malady that is harmful in all settings, but especially in the workplace. The book covers urgently needed remedies to protect all workers who are in danger of the consequences of ageism, described in a special chapter.

ASIAGE is to be published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to provide its access to all Latin American and Caribbean jurisdictions. Leticia proposed ASIAGE through Publishizer under its of Culture and Society category.

ASIAGE is available for pre-order with attractive bonuses if booked before 6 p.m. from June 17, 2020.

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