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Fred Rosen

Fred Rosen

Sunrise, Florida

William Barclay "Bat" Masterson was my childhood idol. When I became an investigative reporter, determined to stand up for the underdog like he did, he became an adult role model.

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In his book, Murdering the President: Alexander Graham Bell and the Race to Save James Garfield, h/c, September 2016, University of Nebraska Press, Rosen rewrote American history.

His original research proved that Charles Guiteau didn’t assassinate President Garfield and who his real murderer was. Rosen’s detective work was chronicled on Page 3 of The New York Post. Here’s the link.

His current book is The Bayou Strangler, Open Road Media, 2017.  His books have been published by HarperCollins, St. Martin's Press, Prometheus Books, Pinnacle Books and FactsonFile among others.

Rosen has been on many Investigation Discovery TV programs, including Evil Twins, Evil Kin, Deadly Sins and On the Case with Paula Zahn.  H's also appeared on Dateline NBC.

A former columnist for the Arts and Leisure Section of The New York Times, Rosen was an Adjunct Associate Professor of Film at the New York Institute of Technology. He previously was an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Hofstra University. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema from the legendary film school at the University of Southern California. 

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