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Jason Fung

Jason Fung

Jason Fung is a first-time author. He lives in the bowels of Hong Kong, where he gets to be as Chinese or as Western as he needs to be, or something in-between, every single day. He is a product of both art school and business school, and sees studying and performing impersonations as his bona fide gateway to intercultural bridge-building. Follow Jason on Twitter @jfung1

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Success! Beyond Eurasian and Hapa has already sold 210 pre-orders , and is in discussions with publishers .

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Update #3 - We Did It! 100% Funded! Jan. 14, 2015

Beyond Eurasian and Hapa is fully funded!

Due entirely to generous pre-purchases by family, friends, and early adopters alike-- my Publishizer book campaign is a success!!!

These funds will cover my book editing costs and help finance a short video series I'll be launching soon (I will update everyone once the first episode launches!).

Most importantly, my campaign supporters have resoundingly shown me there is latent and growing interest in my topic. I'm excited to channel that interest into a quality final product over the coming weeks-- the book :) and to engage in a dialogue with you all! Onto the homestretch!

Happy New Year, thank you, and we shall be in touch!

Follow me on twitter @jfung1