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Phoenix Tawnyflower

Phoenix Tawnyflower

Virginia, United States

Phoenix Tawnyflower is a queer activist and artist by night and linguist by day.

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About the author

Phoenix Tawnyflower is a queer feminist jack of all art-related trades, but mainly fiction, theatre, and slam poetry. They were born in San Francisco and homeschooled in Virginia up until undergrad. Tawnyflower is a senior Linguistics major at Bryn Mawr College, having decided majoring in creative writing would take all the fun out of it and sticking to taking classes and attending the Chesapeake Writers' Conference two years in a row instead, and mostly writes about mental illness and queer identities. Online, they are heavily involved in intersectional activism amd politics, and in real life, in local and college theatre. Tawnyflower has been speaking Spanish since age 4 and telling stories even longer. They didn't intend to write a novel so heavily based on their own experience, but began to identify as trans partway through writing it. Tawnyflower has worked with authors such as Jonathan Friesen and Robert Bausch. Their current favorite author is Matthew J. Metzger, but they've taken inspiration from such diverse sources as Faulkner, Dickens, and Rowling. Tawnyflower has been published under their real name, Sally Little, with the Northern Virginia Community College newspaper NOVA Fortnightly and won both the Penguin Books Signet Essay Contest and the NOVA literary magazine contest in the play category in 2013.

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Update #1 - An actual tangible goal, wow! Jan. 26, 2017

Publishizer has finally made some things about how it works clear, and I have a more attainable goal than 500.

If I can get just 100 preorders, I get queried to hybrid publishers. But if I can get 250 preorders, I get queried to small presses, which is honestly probably a better home for Binary Talk than a big company.

I kind of have a lot riding on this, so it would mean a lot if you could let your friends know about Binary Talk and help me reach 250. I have 6 right now, and the road ahead's looking pretty steep, but every order helps.

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