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How to Sell Your Book Idea

Be real.

Oftentimes, the first thing authors think about is what clever copy you can write to help market your book. Or which platform will be best to promote the sale. Or how you can get thousands of people to buy a copy.

These are all good things, but not the right mindset about selling your book.

If you’re not being real, then you’ll have a hard time selling copies. Be personal. Share a story. Be vulnerable.

If you’re constantly trying to game a social platform or write convincing copy to get readers you don’t even know to buy your product, then you’re working uphill.

Selling your book is more simple than you imagine.

It’s telling people who you are. It’s having a conversation. It’s being real about your purpose.

It’s not pushing or begging or being a pain about ‘asking for money.’

That’s not what you’re doing.

If you don’t believe your book is any good, then yes that’s what you’re doing. But your book is good, and you’re proud of it.

And that means there’s more value in it than money. So treat it as so.

When you buy your morning coffee. You don’t just think about parting with a few bucks. You’re thinking about the benefits of caffeine and how it helps you start your day. Or the experience of sipping those freshly roasted coffee beans inside your favorite cafe, or maybe in your car on the way to work.

It’s not just money.

And neither is your book.

Sell your book as the wonderful story and experience that you created it to be. If you’re selling it as $20 out of someone’s wallet then that’s what they’ll treat it as and start weighing the benefits of having $20 vs. not having $20 instead of weighing the benefits of not reading your story vs. reading your story.

You’re not just selling a 200-page stack of paper. You’re selling what’s inside. And if you don’t agree that’s worth far more than $20, or whatever price you’ve attached to your book, then you need to go back to the story board and do some re-writing.

Because you can’t sell what you don’t believe in.

When you do have that. When you do love your book. And you’re excited about the idea of someone reading it and finding joy in it, then writing a message to invite someone you know to buy it becomes very easy.

The conversation is less about what price you can discount the book to get a buy, and more about why the book is worth more than what you’re selling it for.

That switch in your mindset is everything. Because it changes everything.

It’s freedom.

It’s you talking without a script. Without a “framework.” And it’s far more engaging.

It’s where you truly get buy-in from people. Because they’re not just buying your book. They’re buying you. And everything you stand for.

And you can’t get that across without being real.


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