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Wendy Schweifler

Wendy Schweifler

Grand Haven, Michigan

Wendy Schweifler grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan. She moved to the Los Angeles area after graduating from Grand Valley State University in 1992. She earned a BS degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. While in California she completed the massage program at the Santa Barbara School of Intuitive Massage. She lived in Montana, where she took a reflexology class at the Asten Center. Her next destination was Westchester, New York. She graduated from the Clinical Massage Therapy program from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and specializes in Myofascial Massage. She has been a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association her entire Massage Therapy career.

After fifteen years, she moved back home to Michigan. Immediately she started to volunteer to get back into her community. In 2012, she was presented with the Greater Ottawa County United Way Volunteer of the Year Award.

She created and promotes Gardenfest, an annual event at the local library to teach kids about gardening, nutrition and sustainability. She co-created and co-promotes the Community Wellness and Massage annual event for anyone who is interested to learn about alternative health options. Participants may receive free massages as well as experience yoga and tai chi.

She believes in multiple streams of income. She has been both an adjunct professor and a presenter. She has income from real estate, network marketing with Juice Plus , book sales, workshops, paintings, and massage therapy.

She loves her involvement in her home town’s clubs and events. She is a member of the Auxiliary Eagles, American Legion, Toastmasters, Tri-Cities Garden Club, Counterpart and is the 2015-2016 President of the Woman’s Life local chapter.

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About the author

Wendy is a Sales Coordinator, which is the top commission position with the Juice Plus Company.  She bought the virtual franchise August 2010.  While at the Juice Plus company she has received extensive education on nutrition.  She received business training and cultivated friendships with top doctors, including Candace Corson, MD  and Valerie Miles, MD.  Viki and Wendy are honored to have Dr. Corson write the forward to the second edition of BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO.

Wendy was invited to join the Ultimate Mastermind Group in February 2014.  Members include Tony Rubleski, David Brown, Brad Szollose, Tom Trush, Dave Sheffield and Ben Gay III. 

She is an active volunteer in her community.  She is the 2015-2016 President of the Woman's Life local chapter 868. She is the chair for the Distinguished Woman of the Year award with Counterpart.  She is the current secretary and former vice president of publicity with Toastmasters, which she has been a member of since 2009.  She was the chair for the 2015 Environmental and Conservation committee with Tri-Cities Garden Club.  

She loves to design, plan and market.  She created Gardenfest in April 2012 and continues this annual event.  Local businesses, educators and non-profit organizations provide hands-on activities to teach kids about gardening, nutrition and sustainability.  She co-created Community Wellness and Massage Expo in October 2011.  Local Massage Therapists provide free massage and other health professionals teach expo participants about alternative health options.  Both events are held at the local library and free to attend and participate.  These annual events are also fundraisers for Greater Ottawa County United Way with matching funds from Woman's Life.  She was gifted the 2012 Greater Ottawa County United Way Volunteer of the Year Award.

She is also an artist with water color and acrylic paintings featured during local events.  Wine About Winter, ArtWalk, and monthly shows at the Armory Art Center.  She is the featured artist May - June 2016 at the Grand Haven Loutit District Library.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Michigan and New York specializing in Myofascial Release Techniques.  Wendy developed successful private practices in Westchester County, New York and Western Michigan through referrals, offering quality skills, and customer service.  Currently she is an independent contractor and volunteer of services to local physicians, salons, hospitals, businesses and community organizations. She has been a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2000.  

She was an Adjunct Professor at Baker College, Muskegon, Michigan. Wendy taught four semesters: Integrative Bodywork, Complimentary Modalities for the Massage Therapist, and Business for the Massage Therapist.  She developed and implemented curriculum and additionally tested students with written and practical exams. 

She conducted Myofascial Release Therapy workshops at Hackley Hospital, Everest Institute, Baker College, and her home studio in West Michigan.

She is a speaker with experience with numerous local associations, expos, schools and workshops.

She is a published author.  With the help of her co-author Viki Goldberg, RN, they  wrote, published, and are currently promoting the first edition of 
BOD-E-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO.  They have sold 1000 copies so far.

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Viki Goldberg

Viki Goldberg, RN earned her master’s degree from Columbia University in education. Her professional focus was on senior education and to assist people to use their personal resources to improve their health stats. After she practiced nursing for forty years, it was time for a change.

In 2012, her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal disease. One of the primary factors that would maintain his optimal state of health is what he ate. With her background in nursing and her passion for good food, she developed a renal diet regime that is both healthy and delicious. There are many exclusions to the kidney diet. Salt and potassium must be avoided. Their lives changed, no more take out, fast foods, frozen meals, canned soups, packaged broths, dehydrated, or processed foods. No more bottled BBQ sauce, salad dressing, or ketchup. They now eat primarily a plant based diet with lots of fresh, frozen, and minimally processed foods.

She was fascinated with cell biology and came up with the BOD-Ē-NOMICS concept of each cell as a factory.

“You have the right to take ownership of your body as if it were your own business. As CEO and leader of your body company, your main job is to take care of your cell factories. Everyone has different genetic codes, lifestyles, circumstances, backgrounds and resources.”

Viki devised a way to explain how the body works in a simple and fun way. She uses analogies as if Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO. In 2010, BOD-Ē-NOMICS became a registered trademark, and the first edition was published.

Viki volunteered to repair books at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library in Montrose New York. She became the resident book restorer. A perfect position for her as she reads over 100 books a year for research, education and entertainment. The Hendrick Hudson Free Library hosted their first book signing event. Westchester County and Spring Lake District Library systems have BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO in circulation.





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Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO

BOD-E-NOMICS is a lifestyle as well as a book. You will become enthralled with the connection between your body, your eating and your money.

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Health, Fitness & Dieting Self-help
50,000 words
75% complete
4 publishers interested


Fun is not what most people think of when they hear the words "diet" or "budget."  Most likely, your first reaction is "I am hungry and I want to go shopping."  Diets and budgets are associated with a restrictive lifestyle, making success difficult or impossible to achieve.  How do you feel about your body, your eating, and your money?  If you are like most people, your body image is poor, your food choices could use improvement, and the topic of money causes stress.  

There are diet, exercise, and investing books with promises of miracles. You have been inundated with so much information on diets and finances, it can be confusing to know which is best for you.  You are promised the quick fix, and then, after you find it doesn’t exist, you may get depressed, confused, and frustrated.  You may even get overwhelmed and decide to do nothing. 

Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO.  It is the job of a lifetime and there are many choices available to you. BOD-Ē-NOMICS shows you how to take ownership of your body.  As the leader of your body company, your job is to gather outside information, and apply the useful knowledge to your company to achieve efficiency and maximize your profits.  Those profits can be distributed, spent, saved, or invested.  You know your body company is different and has unique needs and wants. As the CEO of your life, you learn to discern the best course of action to take.  You are encouraged to discover what works best for your body company.
You have been called to an emergency board meeting.  The fact is, society is at a crisis point with sickness, overeating, and overspending.  Diets keep failing, credit cards remain maxed out, and you need answers that make sense. What is the next step?  You realize there are costs involved; what else are you paying for?  How is your work environment?  Company morale?  Customer service? What are you fueling your body with? What small changes can be made?

BOD-Ē-NOMICS, is a lifestyle based on fun, health, and debt-free living.  

BOD-Ē-NOMICS: Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO explains how your body is influenced by what you think, eat, and spend your money on.  You will learn how to use your new knowledge about your body, eating and money to make simple changes that will fit seamlessly into your current lifestyle.
Companies are much like you and your body.  When created, the people behind companies crave overnight success or expect a quick fix when something goes wrong.  History, however,  shows that transformation takes time.  Most new companies don't make a profit for years.  Fortunately,  your body and your money are more forgiving.  You can start new plans and habits, no matter what stage your "company" is in. Once you learn how your body runs most efficiently, you make better decisions concerning its daily operations and future investments.  You realize that running a successful body company requires planning, commitment to your goals, persistence, and passion.

What influences you?  From birth, it is the world around you, your family, your friends, advertising, mass media, social media, and the internet.  These influences affect every decision and choice you make.  You get the courage to make a decision, and there might be someone there to challenge it, then you doubt yourself.  The point is that you made a decision.  If it was the right decision . . . good for you.  Stand up for yourself.  If it was the wrong decision . . . good for you. Learn from it and realize NOW is the time to correct it.

Improving your food choices and your financial plan will increase your quality of life.  Although being the CEO is a difficult job with many obstacles, you CAN do this.  You are in control of yourself.  In charge.  The Boss. One Person Corporation.  

BOD-Ē-NOMICS gives you tools to help you listen to your instincts - and we keep things simple.  You can use your tools in any eating or economic situation.  Remember, this journey is only about YOU. When you run your body like a profitable business, the result is a life of fun that's designed, implemented, and created by you.

BOD-Ē-NOMICS offers you an educational and entertaining approach to the way you think about YOUR body, YOUR eating and YOUR money.


BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO is divided into three main sections:  Body, Eating and Money.
The body section covers mindset, movement, as well as simple to understand anatomy and physiology lessons.  The first step in any lifestyle change is a positive mindset, the next step is to make a solid commitment.  You will be introduced to your own personal assistant, which is your self-talk,  who will guide you through your life.

The eating section is about ingredients, taste, labels, costs of unhealthy choices and a refrigerator analysis.  No one likes to be told what to do.  However, when you realize how important every morsel of food your put in your mouth is, and your investment decision is for your future health, you might make a healthier choice. 

The money section talks about debt, shopping, stress, waste, plans and budgets. Most plans do not work.  BOD-Ē-NOMICS is a fun and simple lifestyle,  you will no longer have to stress about your finances.


Who is this book for? People who want to do well for themselves.  These individuals want to make the best decisions regarding their body, their eating and their money.  They have failed many times, yet keep hoping for success.  They are endlessly looking for answers, truth, education and fun.  They need a plan or a program that will fit seamlessly into their current lifestyle.

This book is also for network marketing companies.  
BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO is an educational tool for new members to learn about their body, their eating, and their money.


Current platforms include the Juice Plus Company, Gardenfest, Massage Expo and local book readings.  Also through connections with the Eagles Auxillary, American Legion, Woman's Life, Toastmasters, Tri-Cities Garden Club, Lipstick and Pearls, Counterpart and the Greater Ottawa County United Way.

Fourth Annual Gardenfest 2015

Fifth Annual Community Wellness and Massage Expo 2015

Greater Ottawa County United Way partners with BOD-Ē-NOMICS, LLC., for the annual Gardenfest and Community Wellness and Massage Expo.  United Way has over 8000 volunteers and communicates by social media, website, email and full color mailed newsletters. 

Networking Sparks annual events as well as opportunities for internet radio exposure.

Email campaigns and special reports to capture new clients for the BOD-Ē-NOMICS funnel of more value to offer.

Social media includes facebook and twitter.

Praise for BOD-Ē-NOMICS

"BOD-Ē-NOMICS is extremely valuable in today's 'go-go' world where most people rarely stop and self-reflect. I'm amazed at how many high achievers have business success, but at the same time they're often one-step from the ER room because they've taken their health for granted. This is a rare book that ties together the massive importance that good health and wealth should play in everyone's life. Thanks again to both Wendy and Viki for not only a timely book, but more importantly their wisdom and expertise to change lives for the better!" -- Tony Rubleski Best Selling Author of
Mind Capture series
"I loved
BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO. I felt the passion these writers shared with each and every page. It became crystal clear to me that these women must really be walking their talk, and living their truth. Very inspiring!" Donaylle Nicole, Author of Does Your Face Look Like the Sun

“In the fast paced, constantly changing times, in which we live, BOD-Ē-NOMICS offers a fresh perspective on healthily living.  It will serve as a user friendly guide to making good nutrition an affordable habit. – John R. Gork, CLU, Financial Representative

“The surprising TRUTH is that we SIMPLY don’t REALIZE the effect our eating habits are having on our budget.”  Katie Zysk, Michigan

“I enjoyed every minute and every word.  I have a lot of people that I want to buy copies for.  The way you write and use comparisons along the way is great.  You impart knowledge in a humorous way and one does not feel they are listening to a lecture.  What a wonderful book and great learning experience for all.”  Myrnalee Smith-Rosinsky, Florida

Charitable Causes

The pre-order sales will used to cover printing costs or to pay for publishing services. If we get an advance from a publisher we will use pre-order sales to promote the fun, BOD-Ē-NOMICS lifestyle.  For each book sale, $1 will go to
Transition Bridges[1], which helps build connections between community and adults with disabilities. Another $1 will go to Best Friends Animal Society[2], the nation's largest sanctuary for homeless animals and provides adoption, spay/neuter and educational programs.  Thank you.



BOD-Ē-NOMICS, Your Body is Your Business and YOU are the CEO is unique in its approach of comparing your body to a well run company.  BOD-Ē-NOMICS pays special attention to assets and investments.  This is the only book to combine mindset, anatomy and physiology, intuition, nutrition and how they are all relate to your finances.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 200-300-400 Calorie Meals[1]: This book is full of almost 300 delicious recipes that are full of real, whole foods — not a bunch of chemical-laced, fat-free and sugar-free ingredients that some other popular “diet” cookbooks offer. 
The Small Change Diet[2]: This diet isn’t about creating unrealistic, unsustainable rules — such as calorie counting, restricting choices, or eliminating entire food groups. It is based on 10 small changes that will help you turn smarts habits into second nature, one step at a time.  And one of the best parts is that you decide what to focus on first and when you are ready to move on.  The end result is a lifetime of good health.
The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty![3] The book offers insight into which veggies can help accomplish which goals — like veggies that are better than wrinkle cream, veggies that reduce stress, reduce bloating or aid in quick weight loss. The book also includes a great 10-day jump-start plan for weight loss, belly de-bloating and toxin flushing.
The Plant-Powered Diet[4]: This book provides a blueprint for following a whole foods, plant-based diet, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore.  Diets based on whole plant foods have been linked with multiple health benefits, including achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and lower risk of diseases, such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.
Death of the Diet[5]: This is a healthy lifestyle book. If you’ve had enough of the crash-diet roller coaster, Death of the Diet will empower you to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, get permanent fitness results and live the life you want — and deserve. The book includes more than a dozen activities and assessments and hundreds of tips, and coaches you step-by-step through the process of first envisioning and then crafting a set of sustainable eating and physical activity habits that are tailored to your preferences and your real life, because you designed them.
When to Eat What[6]: This is another of my books, but it’s probably my favorite so I had to include it. Lots of books tell you what to eat in a perfect world — but what about when you oversleep, are going to a party, work out at meal time, or countless other curve balls life throws us? This book helps you eat healthier and lose weight in the real world with all the challenges real life brings.
Lose It For the Last Time[7]: A step-by-step proven strategy for losing weight and keeping it off, teaching you the tools and techniques for making small changes in your eating behaviors and lifestyle that lead to permanent weight loss. Learn how to make healthy decisions that replace unhealthy habits and reach and maintain a healthy weight.



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    on May 4, 2016, 1:29 a.m.

    Can't wait! Love the cover! You and Viki are amazing, inspirational women.