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Khrystyna Didukh

Khrystyna Didukh


Khrystyna Didukh is a business speaker and consultant who has helped build more than 100 successful flower businesses. She is a Ukrainian troubleshooter, proud creator of Lystva, 358 Flowers and Brave2Bloom Conference.

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About the author

Khrystyna Didukh teaches, inspires and motivates anyone looking to build his or her own business. She is a consultant and troubleshooter in numerous businesses where her main goal is to help them grow. 

When she could not return home due to war in her country, she moved her company to Estonia where she currently remains based.  She designs new technical solutions to empower and connect flower growers and florists, to make communication and sales inside the industry more smooth and equitable. 

Leading the initiative Flowers for Ukraine, Khrystyna is passionate about sharing the enormous impact the gift of flowers can make in times of hardship. She is a Ukrainian witch, motivator, proud creator of Lystva, 358 Flower Base, Kvitkovo and the Brave 2 Bloom Conference.
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Amanda Rooker

Content and Editorial Advisor for Brave to Bloom

Amanda Rooker is a founding partner of SplitSeed, is an international bestselling book collaborator, writing coach & consultant, and author advocate. Her passion is helping authors see their unique value, discover how their greatest difficulties can be transformed into their greatest gifts, and create books that bear positive fruit in the lives of their readers.

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Heidi Marshall is a top industry acting coach for auditions, screentests, and performance coaching.

Also a director, Heidi’s simultaneous filmmaker career provides a keen sensitivity to what is needed from actors. Her directorial skills quickly shape scenes and help actors make bold, clear, playful, and strong choices. Her filmmaking skills help actors move from analysis into playing the scenes in space and time with incredible attention to detail. Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, and Directors have teamed up with Heidi to get their actors across the finish line in auditions, screen tests, and production.





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Brave to Bloom: a Flower Story

Khrystyna Didukh is a Ukrainian entrepreneur who was away on business trip when war broke out in her country. She shares her story of business survival with the purpose of empowering other women entrepreneurs in the floristry industry all over the world.

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What do you do when everything goes wrong? Where do you go when a war in your country starts? What is to be done with the truck of flowers you have? And how do you build a flower business then?

These are the question Khrystyna Didukh had to ask herself while she was away on a business trip and war began at home. Her mission was to review the quality of truck of flowers, pay for them, and return to her wholesale store in Ukraine.

On February 23, 2022, she did so. Then, as the war started, she got stuck in the EU with a truck full of perishable flowers, which if not sold, would waste the entire financial investment she made. Because the flower price is more volatile than Bitcoin at its best times, she knew that she could not sell wholesale at this point. She was determined to find a solution. In Brave to Bloom, Khrystyna shares her story, the impact flowers can have, and advice for anyone looking to begin or grow their own business. 

Welcome to the world of flowers! Enjoy!


Brave to Bloom combines Khrystyna's story and stunning images for a beautiful and inspiring reading experience. 


Women entrepreneurs ages 25-45.


Sales Arguments 

  • Explores the business practices Khrystyna had in place that allowed her to navigate and grow through extreme challenges.
  • Includes business advice and education by covering topics like: Human resources, operations, strategy, floristry itself, how to manage flowers and the plants themselves correctly.
  • Shows a look into European legislation topics and matters, shows how business practices in Ukraine differs from doing business in Europe, from a businesswoman point of view
  • Provides an overview of the floristry industry as a whole and how the life of a flower (Breeder > Grower > Auction > Broker > Wholesaler, Florist > Customer) can be expedited and customized by the business owner. And how technology can add more equitability to those doing the most laborious parts of the work.
  • Educates on the psychology of giving and receiving flowers. Sharing the science on why this gesture has enormous impact.


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Comparative Titles 

  1. The Flower School: The Principles and Pleasures of Good Flowers (Quadrille Publishing 2022) ISBN: 9781787138209
  2. How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Florist and Floral Business (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc. 2021) ISBN: 9781601389046
  3. Floret Farm's Discovering Dahlias: A Guide to Growing and Arranging Magnificent Blooms (Chronicle Books 2021) ISBN: 9781452181752

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