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Dave Nixon, Fitness Trainer

Topic: Health > Sports

Book title: The Human Movement

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport



Unique strategy: Landed Keynote speaking to get additional publisher exposure

Dave struck a nice balance between gaining readership and selling larger bonuses to strategically get his book proposal exposure to more publishers. His readers preordered lower tier bonuses to get above 200 copies within a couple weeks, and then to get independent publisher reviewing his proposal he landed a Keynote speaking bonus that included 100 copies to share. By selling out of his presale special bonus, it pushed additional readers to preorder multiple copies and invest more in his end goal of signing a traditional publishing contract. He achieved his goal, and in the process 134 reader bought a total of 313 copies and earning him $6,809 in funds.


"Publishizer helped me make a dream into a step-by-step reality." –Dave