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April Mills

April Mills

A nuclear engineer turned change agent, April K. Mills has been delivering leading-edge change solutions for twenty years. She's an international speaker, author, blogger, and award-winning community change agent.

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About the author

April K. Mills is an engineer by training and a change agent by passion. She's an international speaker, consultant, and trainer focused on unleashing the change agent potential in individuals and organizations. April provides the theories, tools, and tactics to immediately harness the ever-increasing rates and energy of change. April brings cutting-edge, inspirational change to individuals and organizations world-wide.

April's career began as a civilian nuclear engineer on U.S. Navy submarines and aircraft carriers, before she launched her successful blog and consulting company, Engine-for-Change. For nearly 20 years, she's been a thought leader in process improvement, project management, program leadership, strategy realization and change acceleration. In 2016, April published her first book, Everyone is a Change Agent: A Guide to the Change Agent Essentials.

April lives her passion for driving positive change. She's been recognized by the YWCA for expanding community access to quality childcare. In 2014 she led the build of her community's first beyond accessible playground for children with special needs, which accelerated a regional surge in accessible playground installation in Western Washington. Today, she's investing her time and the proceeds from the sale of Everyone is a Change Agent into building Gully Crest Homestead, a rural retreat center for children with special needs and their families.
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Update #1 - Now is the time to "Change Tactics" - Only 22 hours left! March 29, 2020

After coronavirus, the way we work--and the way we change--will never be the same.  But, when the new normal emerges, will it be the new normal you want?  You can shape the future if you change tactics today.  

Change Tactics: What To Do When What You've Always Done Stops Working will be packed with rapidly implementable techniques you can use to shape your new normal.  

Preorder today! There are only 22 hours left in this preorder campaign.

If you've already pre-ordered your copy or copies, I'd be honored if you'd share this campaign with others.  Together, we'll bring "Change Tactics" to the world that's in desperate need of a new normal of change. 

All my best - April

p.s. Here's a video thank you and call to action too!