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Paul Hannan

Paul Hannan

Paul Hannan is a business and life Coach working with individuals as well as small and medium enterprises. An internationally experienced Speaker, Teacher, and Facilitator.

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About the author

Paul Hannan is a business and life Coach working with individuals as well as small and medium enterprises. An internationally experienced Speaker, Teacher, and Facilitator.

Paul’s training history covers Sales workshops for Tom Hopkins Intl as well as his own Leadership and Communication workshops from “C” level through to the frontline of organisational change. He has been invited to speak and train on four continents for over 35 years, and has written and facilitated over 40 Self Development workshops. Assisting Australia’s leading charity Camp Quality to change their culture and strategy; invited to serve on their Board.
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Changing Your Sales DNA

Sales Habits that affects the bottom line

Showing the parameters on how we respond to all stimuli that we experience in our ability to sell any idea.

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DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is the blueprint that exists at the conception of life. It is the building block of our genetic coding. As real as the DNA of our biology is, so too is the DNA (Dominant Neurological Agenda) of our ability and our intelligence to sell.

Most sales people know that emotions trigger every sale, even with the most complex and logic based products. When fear, an emotion that can appear in many convincing forms, controls “the sale,” it triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses, and activates more than 30 different hormone neurotransmitters. These will be working against you!

When we know that fear is not “just” an emotion, but a force within us that has chemical and electrical representations in our physical body, we are in the domain of what the author calls “selling with soul”. These emotions demand more and more space physically in the brain of our prospect, like weeds they grow in abundance crowding everything else out, including the potential of our offer.

What a person believes about us and what we are promoting will become encrypted deep in their genetic code: Changing the Sales DNA is happening all the time whether we are conscious of it or not. When we are unconscious and incompetent of this fact, the soul of our prospect/client is in reality selling against us. When we become consciously competent about the power of selling with soul, we open the door for the most optimized production of the right chemicals to support us to be the best salesperson possible and to have more people own our product/service than we could have imagined.

The book covers the parameters how we react/respond to all stimuli that we experience in our day to day world including our ability to sell any idea, concept or product and teaching you how to optimize responses by creating the right questions and asking them in such a manner that the prospect can’t wait to help create the solution. Preventing the negative and the old sales process of defending your product, matching wits with the prospect and potentially having an argument and losing the sale.

The business of “selling” is everyone’s business; not just those with that identity on their business card or Linkedin profile. The best definition of selling is “helping another person make an informed decision that is both good for them and good for me.” A person who sells like this is selling from their soul. Having the receiver fixed in your strategy and in your soul. As you start “selling from your soul,” it improves your results remarkably.

Changing our Sales DNA is the sleeping giant for optimal selling transformation!

Why support this book?

  • Utilising the most recent research in biology that shows how the Reticular Activating System is actually the way in which our prospects see and experience everything we say.
  • Paul Hannan is a business and life Coach working with thousands of individuals as well as small and medium enterprises.
  • Paul Hannan has been invited to speak and train on four continents for over 35 years, and has written and facilitated over 40 Sales and Self Development workshops.
  • Foreword by Martin Ward, a well-known Executive General Manager - Selleys Global and Parchem with over 20 years working in the field.
  • Emotions trigger every sale! If you are not capturing those emotions to work for you: they are definitely working against you, whether you realise it or not.

Similar titles

  • “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy Published by Harper Collins 2006. One of the best all time sellers published in 2006. Now 14 years on, Changing your Sales DNA has a more accurate updated message on how human DNA biology can be harnessed for greater sales success.
  • “The Brain Sell” by David Lewis Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing in 2013. Changing your Sales DNA is a far more practical day to day read. Real stories of actual sales people overcoming sales objections by defeating them before they are potent enough to stop your sale.
  • “The Buying Brain” by A K Pradeep Published by Wiley 2010. A great technical book but again lacking real life practice. Changing Your Sales DNA equips the reader on how to create questions that will have the prospect/customer owning your product/service in their imagination so closing the sale becomes a natural outcome with no gimmicks or hard-sell tactics.


All Sales people whether new or experienced who are not optimizing their potential. Who are likely to leave the profession or be asked to leave. People who may not have “Sales Professional” on their business ID; but who are engaged in the process of helping anybody make a decision that is good for that person. IE: Teachers, Counsellors, Parents, Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Ministers.

Advance praise

“On a beautiful summer’s day last year I attended a conference organized by Paul Hannan to help our medical school through a very difficult time as we underwent an amalgamation of three previously fiercely independent schools within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

As the head of this newly formed school I approached this meeting with great trepidation. I was depending on Paul to bring us together so that we could start to function as a single consolidated unit and not three warring factions. It was thus with considerable dismay that Paul opened the meeting by telling us that he was going to talk about DNA, the reticular activating system (RAS) and our soul. I reflected to myself that this could not be happening. Here I was in a meeting of distinguished professors of medicine, physiology, anatomy and biochemistry being told by a business consultant that he was going to tell us all about subjects with which half the audience were world experts and the other half had probably taught these subjects for decades to medical students.

Fortunately it soon transpired that DNA was not the acronym for the genetic material in our chromosomes that is the stuff of life, but rather a Dominant Neurological Agenda, something much more relevant to the present circumstance. In fact after two days of our conference I thought our DNA had changed and certainly we left the meeting with a dominant neurological agenda and a new dominant thought that has continued to be one of the major driving forces that helped to unite our school. This concept of “helping each other to teach and discover” now appears as our dominant neurological agenda, the footnote on all our official correspondence.

In contrast, the RAS or reticular activating system did stand for the anatomical structure in our brain, which was well known to all the scientists in the audience. However, Paul’s interpretation of the function of the reticular activating system was somewhat different to the classical teaching of the physiologists and anatomists.
The reticular activating system was central to Paul’s concept of the connectivity of our external world and its sensory input, our soul and our subsequent behavior. It is the channel through which all information flows and therefore plays a central role in his concept of “soul talk” and the role of the soul influencing our behaviors and attitudes.

This conference had a profound effect upon my colleagues and me. No one challenged Paul’s definitions of DNA, RAS or the soul but rather saw the deeper purposes of his system and accepted the concept that it is important to fill the soul with life affirming beliefs that could influence behavior and drive us to achieve greater collegiality and happiness. This profound concept serves as a driving force to help in the consolidation of our work and activities within our school and to make it a happier and more productive place in which to work.
I commend Paul Hannan to all those who are brave enough to challenge themselves and change their DNA.”

- Professor Denis Wakefield, MD UNSW, MB BS (Hons), FRACP FRCPA.

“When the acronym DNA is mentioned, our first thought would most likely be the biological definition of deoxyribonucleic acid. Less familiar is the RAS: (Reticular Activating System) part of the reticular formation in the brainstem that plays a central role in bodily and behavioral alertness. Paul Hannan combines these two natural terms and the understanding of their functions into a unique, effective leadership and personal development learning tool.

Through Paul’s Back to the Future simulation and incubation program, our corporate culture has been dynamically transformed. The program has helped us clearly identify our purpose and put legs to our objectives while refining our stratagems and procedures. Our activity is now synergized into accomplishment and our purpose is defined for current and future planning. Each leader and department now realizes a greater sense of unity as we recognize and appreciate each team member’s gifts and abilities. Conversely, if team members do not reflect the DNA then we are also able to determine the need for change, thus truly simplifying our mission.

Paul’s program is not just another good idea, but rather a life- changing program with the capacity to impact your staff, team, organization and financial bottom line. Paul has prepared himself to be highly effective in identifying corporate needs thereby helping companies and individuals come to understand the valuable steps necessary to facilitate change for the purpose of productivity.
What impresses me the most is Paul lives what he teaches. I highly recommend Paul Hannan’s seminar and incubation to all organizations, businesses and churches regardless of size. What began as an entertaining simulation with Paul Hannan has become a landmark in the history and future of Celebration Family Church.”

- Pastor Lynton Turkington, Senior Pastor.

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