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Craig Fullerton

Craig Fullerton

Suzhou, China

Inspirational Coach, TED speaker, Author, Teacher, International Keynote Speaker, committed to empowering Aspiring Leaders, Principals, Teachers and Student Leaders to perform at peak levels for a vision-driven, transformative impact.

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About the author

Craig Fullerton is an Inspirational Coach, Leader, Author, Educator, Musician, Martial Artist and International Keynote Speaker, committed to empowering students and adults to perform at peak levels for a vision-driven, transformative impact. By opening up challenging and transparent conversations, he is able to lead people of all ages and vocations to uncover their motivational drivers, needs and values to create and sustain meaningful change and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Ideas are based on a lifetime of research and insights on approaches to coaching and mentoring, drawn from hands-on experience across multiple senior teaching and leadership roles. Craig has delivered TEDTALKS on Innovation in Education and has been a Keynote Speaker at various education and leadership conferences around the world for organisations such as the ACEL, International Schools China, and delivered numerous workshops at the EARCOS Leadership, Teachers, ASCD and Business Conferences on topics such as 'Establishing a Coaching Culture in Your School or Business"; "Innovative Leadership" ; "Who are You" - Self Discovery and Meaning for Success" and "Mindset for 21st Century student learning - How and Why are teenagers thinking differently and how you can help them in personal growth and success".

He holds advanced degrees in Educational Leadership and Management; is a certified NLP Master Trainer, Global Leaders of the Future 360 Assessor and a Certified Business Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.
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Finding Passion in Your Purpose

Discover Your Passion, Your Purpose.’Chasing the Dragon’s Tail’ will Inspire you and light your Dragon’s Fire from within. To determine What is directing you, What is your flame and WHY?

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“As you think, so shall you become”…“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.–“ Bruce Lee (Little Dragon)

“Chasing The Dragon’s Tail” - Finding Passion in Your Purpose “
It’s all about how we feel, NOT what we think that makes all the difference.

“The only time a Dragon stops Chasing its Tail is when it knows its Heart and it follows its Heart. “

Amongst the many strategies, tools, information, exercises and examples I share with you in this book include and will empower you to:
• create leverage to what you want.
help you to BE who you are.
To find and produce lasting change.
• get clarity on what are your Motivational Drivers - the forgotten but major game changer to success and happiness. To identify your passions and purpose.

Many books on personal development present theories of success, and are focused on specific things such as business, life skills, relationships and so on.“Chasing the Dragon’s Tail”is an easy to understand guide and collection of tools, with real-life examples, that when explored and implemented is guaranteed for your success in life, your career and gaining clarity on your life’s purpose.

In this book I present the best of the best - the core elements for success in an inspirational conversational style. I have reflected from hundreds of resources and thousands of hours throughout 25 plus years spent in researching all aspects of personal and professional development, accelerated learning and my experience as a certified NLP Master Coach Trainer, Life and Business Coach, Musician, Teacher and education administrator; Workshops presenter, Keynote speaker and Coaching clients across corporate and education sectors.

Without focusing on specific vocations, age or industries, I have purposefully focused on helping you find your ‘Passion on Purpose’ in a one of the kind resource for everybody - teenager or student, employee, CEO or anybody that is reflecting on their purpose in their life or in their strive for success in their job, no matter their background. From my own exploration and comprehensive study of in depth personal development I strip it back to the major core elements for you to achieve success in everything.

As a student you will find in the pages of this book has priceless and inspiring information with examples to help you achieve your goals and to empower you in taking control with confidence for your own future in areas such as course selection for your final years of high school, or what to do at college or university. Considerations for your career from areas that interest you and how they reflect your values, motivational drivers, passions and purpose.

Those already well established - you made the right decisions, studied hard, put in the hard work to be the champion you are at home, as a parent, and at work. All of that and more got you to where you are now. However, maybe now, or on reflection you have been looking for something else, but you don’t quite know what, or why? You have some idea, but may not even be clear yet with the Why you want the change? So How do you move forward?

You want to be passionate with what you do, to express your brilliance and have a positive impact in the world. You know you can be even more than you are. Even though you are successful right now maybe there is ‘something missing; you are looking for that ‘something else’? For example maybe you are an ‘aspiring leader’ in your field; a teacher wanting to transition into education leadership but not sure how; a talented team player in your industry that has aspirations and confidence to lead or manage, but aren't sure how or have second thoughts of your ability to do it, or how to even to be considered for that promotion?

“Chasing The Dragon’s Tail’ will implore and inspire you to embark on some self discovery; to discover and live 'Your Story’

We all love a good storyteller. An important element of Your Human Happiness is about your story that you are telling. You must never lose sight of your own story based on your own goals and values.

Make a priority of making time to be your story through living it, doing it and reflecting on it toward achievement of that happy and interesting ‘Journey’ that you want. Don’t wait for just a happy or safe ‘ending’. What’s the purpose of that?

I know, I’ve been there, Chasing the Dragons Tail; done that and got the T-shirt only to find something about ‘making it’ wasn’t right? Until I truly embarked on my own journey of self discovery and had a good look at the guy in the mirror and took a few ‘punches’ and disappointments along the path did I figure it out - my Why!

‘Chasing The Dragons Tail” identifies that often we fill our heads and not our hearts in our drive for happiness, self-worth, career success, wellbeing and balance in our lives. We fill out heads with so much knowledge. We search out the next course for work or self-help seminar that’s going to ‘make me a star’; pursue the next post graduate degree - somehow this develops a sense of entitlement.

Your ‘I've earned it thinking’ approach convinces you that is all you need to succeed. We chase the ‘dream’, the promotion, sometimes achieving our goals, then only to discover we are not happy but can’t quite work out Why?
It gets back to your values. Where are values found - In our hearts! Values Live in Your Heart.

It’s all about how you feel, NOT just what you think that makes all the difference!
‘Chasing the Dragon’s Tail’ aims to Inspire and light your Dragon’s Fire from within. What is directing you! What is your flame?

Have some fun and hit those MAGIC moments as you embark on self-discovery to find your true self, your values, beliefs and motivators. Your drivers and passions toward a happier more fulfilled you.

Enjoy the journey through discovering to live…to be…..Your Dragon!

Why support this book?

  • This is not just theories. This book strips back the best of the best and focuses on identifying the core values, the core tools for success and personal development.
  • Lots of real-life examples, personal examples and easy to do activities that will give the reader enjoyment and many 'Aha' moments toward success.
  • This book is guaranteed for the reader to learn and safely identify who they are across the main drivers of success - values, motivational drivers, passions, and mindset.
  • Having read and done the activities in this book the reader will have certainty as to who they are, what are their true feelings and attitudes toward their career, personal development and how to find success.
  • This is unique - certainly not another spin on personal development. This takes out the complex, all the theories and replaces it with the simple and empowering tools, activities and conversational style for inspiration and understanding

Similar titles

  • Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. – March 6, 2018 by Paula Brown Stafford. Chasing the Dragon's Tail focuses on simplifying and presents the main tools, amongst many, that the author has used for his own and those he has coached and mentored to success and fulfillment though empowering self discovery and practical application of succinct, guaranteed tools for change.
  • The Success Principles for Teens: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – April 15, 2008 by Jack Canfield. Chasing the Dragon's Tail is written by a professional educator, teacher and inspirational coach that knows the demands and decisions students need to make across multiple education curriculums/systems throughout the world. eg How to prepare CV, what colleges are looking for, how students can 'plan to win', be successful in life and in their studies by applying info from this book.
  • Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team  – September 5, 2017 by Simon Sinek. Chasing the Dragons Tail focuses on the Why and Purpose as only two tools of 6-7 succinctly explained with activities of self discovery to reach fulfillment in life and career.


Everybody including students and those already established from 16 years old, no matter their background that are wanting to find their purpose, their passion; identify who they are, why and what they want to do for happiness, fulfillment and success. Maybe its course selection to finish HS or go to University, or an aspiring leader and wants help, or somebody thinking they may be happier changing their career, or looking to get that promotion but need to determine the Why and the How?

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