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Sameer Ali

Sameer Ali

Aligarh, India

Sameer is a Starseed an Advanced soul with soul origins in extraterrestrial civilizations. He is among the promised ones who will be with the Last Prophet. He has the ability to connect back to the prophets and also teaches the same in live sessions. He is publishing his first book which conveys hidden information regarding the origins of humanity and Alien agenda of control and manipulation of humanity among other very interesting facts.

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About the author

I am the founder of, a website that provides therapy, counseling, life coaching, and energy healing services to help people heal emotional wounds, improve their health, and live their best lives. I am a reiki master, I am also a blogger, and I have a youtube channel.
I started my career as a software engineer. However, psychology has always has been my interest growing up. I have had experiences in life that left me with questions. The search for the answers to these questions led me away from my work as a software engineer.
I discovered that I was a Starseed (An advanced soul). I was led to steps to connect with the divine world (human alien civilizations) and have been using their guidance ever since. I want to share this wisdom with the rest of humanity.
This book aims to help people see the big picture behind what goes on on our planet behind the scenes.
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A video conference with me regarding Life, Incarnation, the afterlife, and Answers to compelling questions about religions and prophets. Are we alone in this universe? Why does God not stop and punish Evildoers? We can discuss other topics you may be curious about, such as people analysis, spirituality, religion, and Energy Healing. Be creative :)

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A one-to-one video call with me regarding life, incarnation, the afterlife, and why bad things happen to good people. What about religions? Are we alone in this universe? Why does God not stop and punish evil doers? Anything you want to ask. Overcoming depression, anxiety, and overthinking naturally

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Connecting with the divine world and using their guidance in day-to-day life

Does your intuition tell you there is more to our history than told by books? Was life started by Adam and Eve or Vishnu and Lakshmi or did we evolve from monkeys? The short answer is Yes, Alien Civilizations exist. This book is an attempt to teach you how to connect back with the prophets and learn the history that is withheld and censored heavily.

Do you have a hard time believing that we evolved from monkeys? What happens before birth and what happens after death? Is it possible to receive direct communication from the god in this world? Was Jesus Christ crucified or saved? If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, you find them in this book and much more.

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Religion & Spirituality
70,000 words
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If only we could speak to God, our creator, or the messengers / great avatars who have walked this earth, most of the problems on this planet would go away. All religions offer a one-way communication with God based on messengers who have come in from time to time, or so it is made to look. There are elaborate practices and manuscripts for sending your prayers across,  yet there is no information on interpreting the communication from the other side. 
None of us know how to interpret communication from the divine side or even if that is possible. People have to rely on belief, imagination, and information passed on from one civilization to another about gods and goddesses which are often contradictory and heavily changed.

What if I told you it is possible to communicate with the divine world in real life using objects and signs around us !! There is good news they were all real; great messengers on whom the religions of this world are based existed and lived their lives on this planet as humans. The tales depicting their kindness, generosity, bravery in battle, and heroic acts may have a little bit of imagination added to them. Still, their life stories and teachings were guided by God, were logical and also practical, and are revered to this day. There is a creator, and there are other advanced civilizations just like us which are the creation of god. This world is not a godforsaken planet, and they are very concerned with what is unfolding. Still, everyone has to follow certain rules of the game, including divine forces that we, as humans, are unaware of. Communicating with them requires mindfulness, intuition, and belief in their existence. We cannot hear or see them in this world; they may not directly intervene in our life, but there are certain signs around us that we can use to interpret their signals and heed their advice to climb the obstacles in front of us. They can help us avoid the traps and achieve success, prosperity, and fulfillment in this life and also help our fellow beings, animals, plants, and mother earth. Once you are connected with them, you will be wearing that superman T-shirt underneath your shirt, and you will see this world differently, and this book will help you do this.

Take away:

1. This book will turn the lights on where earlier you were shooting in the dark. You will learn how to establish contact with the divine world and the great messengers that have walked this earth so that you can seek assistance in solving real-life issues. You will not be able to see or hear them, but you will be able to interpret their advice through signs around you to a degree of perfection.

2. Once you start communicating with them, you will learn that signs can come from the divine but also from powers opposed to them. You will learn to decipher which ones you should pay attention to and which ones to ignore

3. In this book, you will get answers as to why god does not interfere or prevent atrocities and injustice from happening when he is all-powerful, merciful and loving.

4. Why do bad things happen to good people?

5. You will learn about the concepts of incarnation and soul contract, the purpose of life, the origins of humanity, and the alternative history of this planet.

6. The questions, Are we alone? or shall I say, were we alone, to begin with? Are answered in this book. This book will open the door to your contact with the divine world.

Why am I the one to write this book?
I am currently using the techniques and information provided in this book to solve the issues I face and avoid traps and pitfalls as I improve upon my current circumstances. This knowledge has helped me heal and recover from the damage I endured due to traumatic relationships I have been through and also helped me develop a macro view of life. I want to share this wisdom with the rest of the world. I am the founder of, a website dedicated to wellness and emotional well-being. I am a reiki master. I am also a blogger and have a YouTube channel where I post videos on emotional well-being and health. I also run two support groups on and conduct live sessions every week.

Sales arguments

  • This book attempts to solve humanity's greatest problem: How to connect with the divine world, where we not only send out prayers and messages but also hear their solutions to our problems. There are books on communicating with your angel guides, but none come close to the details of interpreting signs and combining them with intuition and logic.
  • The tile itself excites people when i tell them what book i am writing, many have asked where we can buy this. There are a lot of books on spirituality and extra terrestrial life but none come close to actually providing the reader with tools to verify in real life what is claimed and discussed in this book
  • Many people do not contend with closed-ended answers to thought-provoking conflicts in the belief systems around the world provided by gurus and experts on religion. Much is left to desire, and logic is rarely applicable. This book is different. The explanations you will come across here will require belief in higher powers but are also logical.
  • I am the founder of the website which provides articles and videos that help heal and recover from depression using natural means only. I also have two groups on where we do live sessions every week
  • The website is among the top 10 percent of the globally performing website. I have had 300 followers on linked in, and we publish content on other platforms, including a youtube channel. We are getting more views by the day, considering this venture is only a few months old

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20 -80 entire population who is spiritual or curious about religion .

Advance praise

This book is one of a kind out of the box stuff eagerly waiting for it to be published.
Khalid hussain .
Senior Manager ITC, india

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For as long as we can trace back time, the history of this world is filled with tales of battle, of humans, killing each other over land, resources, clan superiority, and control. The quest for conquest is relentless.
It seems never enough; no matter how wealthy a king is or how much wealth he has amassed, he still feels the need to expand his kingdom, attack the neighboring lands, and annex as much property and resources as possible.
Some people are forced to fight to save the lives of their men, women, and children and protect their land, and others fight to prove their allegiance to the king and to the kingdom they belong to.

Can this behavior be attributed to the basic human desire to grow, expand and acquire knowledge? Or is this behavior unbecoming of human values?
We remember the few benevolent kings and queens so fondly; the tales of their heroic sacrifices and the few victories in which the underdogs prevailed are still remembered. Still, if we were to analyze all this objectively, the balance of power has always been with the side which is the victimizer, more than we would like to admit.
Our history is filled with injustice, corruption, greed, and exploitation. God surely may not be proud of the track record of humans on this planet.

The fact that is uncomfortable yet important is that if all the wrongdoing on this planet is the will of God, our creator, then the devil may as well be jobless!!
Why would God wish such hardships and atrocities on mother earth and its inhabitants? Did God create Hitler and other tyrants who inflicted great harm on fellow human beings and made all-around destruction of this planet?
If this indeed was God's will, why would powerful avatars or messengers of God come into this world to fight evil, often at great peril to themselves?

All avatars/messengers of God Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Adam, Moses, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Hazrat Ali, Guru Gobind Singh, and other great souls have fought great battles against evil doers in the line of service to humanity. If evil and evil acts happening here are as per God's wishes, these messengers/avatars would not have incarnated on this planet at the cost of great harm to themselves and their loved ones.
The great beings of light who have walked this earth are famous for their kindness, justness, generosity, and love for animals and plants. We can safely assume that our creator also embodies these qualities. He is kind, loving, benevolent, forgiving, and all-powerful.

A creator who embodies all these qualities will surely not wish any harm on his creation. We are his children, our creator will not want any harm to come to his children just like he would not want Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Jesus, Moses, and all other messengers to endure hardship and pain. Yet history tells us that every single avatar faced persecution and was attacked from the time of their birth. This indeed was the work of powers that are anti-God. There are parts of the history of this planet that we humans are completely unaware of and it is only possible due to huge efforts and precision in keeping it that way. The truth about how life was started on this planet is completely different from what has been published and advertised. We may not be alone in this universe or shall I say we were never alone, to begin with.

Chapter 1

Early life :

There were so many kids of my age in the colony where I spent the early years of my life. The year was 1985; with no internet and limited access to TV and movies, outdoor games were the staple routine of the day.
Going to school and attending classes nonstop just exhausted me. I was always looking forward to the interval or the occasional free period when the teacher was absent or too busy listening to other, more important stuff. The final bell, which indicated the end of school hours, was the happiest part of the day for me. The lethargy that had taken over me disappeared as soon as school ended. I was full of energy once again.
Riding a rickshaw took us back to our home, and later a bicycle was bought for me to ride to school. If I had any money, I would spend money on the guy selling chaat and other spicy street food. A cold drink on a scorching summer day just lit things up.
I was an average student all through my schooling years. I studied just enough to clear the exams and move on to the next class. I never felt the need to compete and get the best grades among my peers, and I also didn't plan for my exams at the end of the year which resulted in an excessive workload and made me nervous when it came to final exams. I was an average student always, but somehow I just couldn't get lost in the crowd of kids.

I started getting bullied at school when I was in grade five and grade six and before that as well. I would get teased and made fun of for no apparent reason, and I did not know how to respond.
It was around grade five when I started having trouble at school, which further increased my dislike for my time at school. Looking back at the age of 40, I can see what was going on and how to handle it, but as a kid, I was helpless; even when I complained to my parents, they would belittle it.
I just hated it, and my frequency was very different from that of my peers my likes, dislikes, and emotional makeup made me stand out.
But it was not all heartache and unpleasantness, and I did have some friends at school. Especially when I was in grade first; he was a brilliant student then; we were so good together that my disinclination for books didn't matter. At that time percentages and scores were the sole evaluation criteria for the capabilities of a child. But he soon relocated to a bigger city, and I was left without my best friend.
I was bullied; some liked me, some disliked me, but none ignored me. I did have the attention of my fellow students.
The bullying continued, and a naughty kid used to gang up on me, but eventually, I started fighting back, which changed my status as a soft target. There were a few girls in school who I became friends with. We used to exchange notes, as I rarely bothered about jotting down the dictation the teachers used to give. It was all friendly and jokes in class, interrupted by occasional bullying by the well-known bully. By the time high school arrived, the girls I was interested in; made sure they kept their distance, and the girl who liked me and did confess to me, I just was too immature to proceed with a relationship.
In no time, the high school board exams arrived, and the same process of excessive studying close to the exams followed. The final exams were over, and our passing out party was the last day most other female students and I mingled. We did click beautiful photos, some of which are still safe in my memory. When things were looking up, I moved on to an all-boys school in the same city, and they continued to an all-girls school, and we lost contact, which I completely hate and regret.
The frequency mismatch and my experiences in school left me with the thought that there was something wrong with me, which is why I could not fit in the crowd just like everyone else.
These experiences were further bolstered in senior school and later in college when I finally decided I was not going to put up with this. I started getting into fights, some of which I was at the receiving end of, but, I did have a parallel set of friends who helped me settle scores and pass the stigma of being weak.
It was at this point my personality started changing from naïve, kind and vulnerable to a person to a man who is unwilling to be pushed around by others or be considered as weak. It was an important life lesson, which, unfortunately, I learned pretty late. Looking back, I wish I could have dealt with it in school. These experiences changed me as a person but also left me with emotional scars.

Super natural experience

 One instance is fixed in my memory; this happened when I was a toddler. It was very late on a summer night in the medical colony where I used to live. The electricity supply was out, and it was dark. We were finishing shifting our house from the old one to a new one close by; A figure appeared from nowhere, followed by a bell sound three times. The person was short, around 4 feet (1.22 m), and he looked nothing like I had seen before. I couldn't see the face, but he was some humanoid if I could describe him; he disappeared within a few seconds. That instance is very, very vivid in my memory until this day.

Chapter 4

Spiritual Awakening

This was the second time I had faltered. The only consolation is that it was all my doing; I married an attractive girl I met on a matchmaking website, and throwing all caution to the wind, I proceeded with the marriage despite N number of red flags. But this time, it was different. I was experienced; I was no longer the naïve Sameer who was shy and insecure.
The hallmark of marrying a personality-disordered individual is that, in due time, you will have contact with law enforcement, courts, and lawyers whether you want it or not. Doesn't matter how careful, cautious, or well-behaved you may be. The same thing happened to me as well.
I started wondering, is there a problem with me that is why this is happening? Of course, I had already discovered what personality-disordered individuals were when I finally recovered from my disastrous first marriage. But this time, I was more interested in fixing the issue rather than brooding over my poor decision-making.

I started searching the internet for the topic "male victims of domestic" violence, and the answers started coming in, and I discovered why this was happening to me and why I was exceptional in this regard. In addition to finding who I was dealing with, I started exploring my personality type. I realized I fit the bill of an empath, a highly sensitive person, and my frequency had always been very different from my schoolmates. There was a reason why I was picked out for bullying in school and why I had difficulty following what everyone else was doing. I was never born to fit in; I was different. But if I had weaknesses, I had strengths too. My intuition is highly developed; I can accurately predict the outcomes of a tricky situation and read people very, very well.

It is one thing to spot a person's intentions and quite another to go with your intuition and judgment and make the right decision. It took some time for me to evolve into someone who is not impressed with money, good looks, and other superficial attributes. I must admit, though, I could not have become the person I am today without going through the roads I have been through.
I discovered I was not just an empath, but a heyoka empath (powerful version), and further analysis landed me on an exciting discovery. I was a Starseed, an advanced soul with many incarnations on this planet and others.

We are free to believe what we want to believe. I will be honest, regardless of how unbelievable it may sound.
Starseeds are advanced souls that may have origins in other advanced alien civilizations. "Keep Reading."
The theory that humans evolved from monkeys may not be accurate. Monkeys have been with us for a very long time, and they haven't evolved into anything more superior so far !!
If you search the internet, YouTube, or Facebook, you will find a plethora of content on Starseeds. And wars between alien civilizations, the underlying idea is that you are not alone on this plane; you were never alone, to begin with. Life was seeded on this planet by benevolent alien civilizations (Adam and Eve) and was hijacked by foreign groups opposed to them and the creator God. The first sign is that the concept of God is abstract; if God creates us, we should be able to connect back to our roots. That contact is missing despite so many religions and many prophets /avatars that have come in. Somehow receiving any information from the other side is impossible.

The other observation is that the history of this planet is filled with inconsistencies. There are structures that could not have existed in the past with the technology that was available at that time, as per the documented history, from the time of the invention of the wheel as per the archives.
If you see the growth in humanity's technical prowess, it defies any pattern or logic; the availability of technology has exploded in 20 and 21st centuries. But there has been evidence of human life on this planet for more than 50000 years.
Is it logically possible that humanity was unable to advance for thousands of years yet was able to achieve space travel in just 200 years? And develop technology and concepts almost unthinkable a few centuries back.

It is more believable and logical that this technology has been handed over to a select few in this world by other advanced civilizations which have an ulterior motive in maintaining control and continuing their agenda of karmic retribution cycle over humans
There may be a select few from races more advanced than humans who are incarnating and doing the dirty work for anti-god alliance (Annunaki, reptilians, Draco, Orion, and others)

The Starseed idea is that we are hardware/DNA and software/soul. Therefore, for an Advanced soul to come in, advanced DNA must be available. Suppose two people with divine qualities or who have close ancestors with qualities such as kindness, empathy, intelligence, bravery, intuition, etc., marry and have a child. In that case, that child can have a very advanced soul. Because the DNA necessary for an advanced soul is available, and an advanced soul from a benevolent alien civilization can come in.
A Prophet can be born !!

The same is true for an advanced evil soul. If two people with psychopathic traits marry, a true blue-blooded psychopath from an advanced anti-god civilization can come in.
The battle for control between the forces of god (Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans.) and forces of anti-god (Annunaki, Reptilians, Dracos, Orions )continues and is fought on the ground between the prophet and the anti-prophet. Murder, mayhem, war, hunger, and evil that this world is filled with may not be all god's will.

If we refer to history as documented in many ancient texts when it comes to a battle between the forces of the prophet vs. the anti-prophet, The results are 100% in favor of the forces of god. Then how come, even after so many prophets have come, this world is still filled with injustice, corruption, and war and is often ruled by people who are evil by their very nature? The answer is self-sabotage and DNA corruption through marriages being the number one cause.

Unfortunately, whenever there is a marriage between an empath with divine qualities and a psychopath with evil qualities, the children from such a union will always be negatively inclined and more pathological than average. This is because they will always choose psychopaths over empaths; they are hardwired to align themselves with negatively inclined people. The result is that the family that was known for the purity of character and nobility soon becomes the den of evil, and this is when a highly pathological evil soul from an advanced civilization has the DNA available for it to incarnate in a family that has the reins of power handed to it.  And this is how pathology spreads at lower levels as well but when  it comes to intellect and brute strength, the forces of the creator have no match in this world and others.

These answers and many such revelations helped me heal and discover my roots as a soul and showed me how to communicate with the soul tribe and the divine world. God helps those who help themselves; this saying is true literally.
If you are looking for god to help you gain or achieve something, i.e., getting a job, then you have to look for it, prepare for interviews, and make an effort to get what you want in life. The divine forces will help you by aligning things for you, helping you see the right opportunities and helping you learn from mistakes, and pointing you to solutions and ways of overcoming obstacles

The news gets better; it is possible to get this information directly from them, making your life much easier. The next chapter discusses how the divine world can get your attention, how you can use signs around you to decode a message into real-life answers, and how you can use that information to avoid traps and succeed.

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