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Susan Sanchez

Susan Sanchez

Susan Sanchez shares her passion in life. Her Masters Degree, teaching experience and relationship with Jesus led her to publish blog; and embark on a higher journey in creative writing.

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Create & Live; Invest In Your Creative Mind

7 Meaningful Ways to Invest In Your Minds

People invest in what they have for something they want in life. These 7 meaningful ways to invest in mind, God's "technology" within us, solve all problems. Create and Live!

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Mind & Body Creative Writing
Kimberly, Idaho
74,999 words
50% complete
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Create & Live, a meaningful way to invest in the mind, is a biblical point of view, having minds that create things intelligently, one could only imagine. In her book, Susan believes that, It is only by investing in our minds submissively to the Divine power, that we can fully grasp and comprehend what it is to live a perfect life for Him, the Creator.

While in Manila Ocean Park on Father's Day, Susan saw something that blew her mind away, seeing all the things man created. How did they come up with these ideas? People are surrounded by waters contained in glasses, like walls and ceilings, with all sorts of creatures of the sea. The Oceanarium, with all kinds, shapes and sizes of creatures surrounded her. 

What amazed her was, how each creature was doing its part, cooperating while the crowds cheer and watch? The strangest thing she witnessed was, the men that could go underneath the water for hours without drowning.  Here, Susan sees how important oxygen and other elements our body needs, to perform great things. As she looked on the outside, she saw a glass wall overlooking the sea. She says, it reminded her of the beginning, in the book of Genesis, how human beings were created.

Susan, wondered "Whose idea or intelligence do these all come from? The technology, galaxies and the universe, who's behind all these things that make minds move and create awesome things?"

As a creative writer, Susan thought, "What can she do to contribute to the world, as part of who she is and what she is called to do? This makes her mind wander and work to create and live, investing in her mind, as she prayerfully experience the world of technology and leadership embracing spirituality through creative writing. 

This book will inspire the readers to step out, and let others create and live, investing in their minds and hearts, submissively for Him.



Submission of oneself is not taking away what's yours, depriving from pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. That's what Susan believes, with her faith and relationship with God. For her, it's the highest form of worship and expression of love which, she believes, true happiness comes from. Here, she learns how to find meaningful ways to invest in her mind and heart.

Chapter 1. In the Image of God, We Are Created Perfect

Susan relies on the biblical principles of God. She opens up her book with this chapter, stating that,

The fact that we exist, it means, we are the champion, the chosen one. 

Chapter 2. We Have the Reason; The Calling

We all have a free will to choose based on the conscience through our minds. Very few finds, as it is invisible; yet, you will be amazed by how it works inside you.

Chapter 3. 7 Ways to Invest In Your Mind, The Journey

Free will can only be exercised when used and applied. The heart the essence, which the mind can function and exercise, with the other parts of the body. 

Chapter 4. The Mind, a Spiritual Battlefield

Our mind is spiritual in nature, a battlefield between good and evil. While love resides in, the enemy creeps in, attack and overthrow.

Chapter 5. There's Always a Storm When You Step Out in Faith

Storms are there for a reason. Expect that in the midst of it, there's are rays of sunshine.

Chapter 6. The Receptacle, a Healthy Lifestyle

The mind is like a vessel, a receptacle for a healthy lifestyle. Submission and surrender come in.

Chapter 7. The Challenging, Yet, Life-Changing Test

"Life is a challenge, a test". Yet, it is God's gift to strengthen us.

Chapter 8. The Creative Mastermind, the Holy Spirit

The technology, who's power behind it? Even if you don't acknowledge Him, no one could change. His perfect love is enough to show that there is God. 

Chapter 9. Technology, Leadership and Spirituality; The Vision

Almost everything can impact and affect our minds, we all know that. From the food we eat to technology that operates, we are called for leadership using our mind and heart. 

Chapter 10. The Creative Workshop

Many things matter in life. You may have all of them, be the best you can be;  But the leaders, educators, mentors, parents with creative minds and hearts of Jesus, would likely to have the best workshop.


There's not always a lot of individuals who see the beauty in submission, investing in the mind for God's cause today. 

The writer, with her fearless faith in God, responded to God's calling, to figure out who might be the readers of the book she has been wanting to write about.

After conducting a tryout  writing contest to four 12th Grade classes in one of the high schools in the Philippines, she officially conducted it the following day with the Principal's permission. There were 14 school creative writers, journalists and debate team members who willingly joined. The result showed that there will be two groups of readers and audiences. 

First, the teachers, leaders, educators, mentors and parents, or anyone, who might want to find great spiritual leaders and writers embracing spirituality in education; The second group will be, students ranging from Grade 11 or 12, to college students who are writers, journalists or anyone who would want to write non-fiction, upholding values and spirituality.

Having many focus, it’s not easy to find a niche or expertise; but in doing this, she realizes her vision on what she's called to do.
At first, she was hesitant to focus on God's word which is the foundation of her belief in God. But then, she thought she could not stay away from the knowledge of the truth. 

Finally, she decided to bridge between the world and Christ, through traveling and creative writing in search for leaders and creative writers, investing in their minds for Him. In short, to lead and win others to Him through writing. Her strong faith led her to believe that for as long as she works for the Lord, in Him, she will always find success.


Susan Sanchez believes the Holy Spirit has inspired her to write. 

She was a public school teacher in her country before coming to the USA in 2000. During those years, she pursued her career in education and professional development in Chicago IL, while working as a nanny and a sub-teacher at Chicago Public Schools.

 In 2017, she and her husband moved to a beautiful, quiet place of Idaho where she found many opportunities specially her creative writing career. Two things Susan finds as she continues to teach: her passion to write; and to share what she believes she is called to do; to lead  a Christian life on a spiritual basis. 

One day in her dream, Susan saw how God pulled her out of a mess, that silenced her troubled thoughts and soul. As an eagle, she rises above the heights, leaving the enemy of her mind behind. It was a battle she struggled with for years, as she fought for her own life.

Following the glimpse of light she saw, Susan started traveling to realize her vision, of what it would be like to create and live. She concluded based on the principle of the truth, that our minds are our best weapon, capable of creating things beyond imagination, only by submitting to the Will of God.

Her Master's Degree in Language Teaching; professional development, knowledge of the truth, and real life experience, led her to publish a blog,, with some help of her husband. Her deep relationship with Jesus, brings about creativity and leads her to embark on a higher journey (the world of writing).

She says, “I know exactly where my voice comes from, and strength lies". She is an ordinary mom, a wife, a teacher and a writer. Her faith in God made her who she is today.


Organizing a writing contest for the first time is not an easy task; yet, it comes unexpectedly, anyway. It's because of the belief that something great could happen at anytime if we sincerely ask for it in prayer.  And, that’s the power we can have in life, she said.

In the Philippines, in one of the saloons, Susan Sanchez unexpectedly met a teacher-colleague, doing nails. Inspired,  Susan approached her if she could come to the school where she teaches. Fortunately, the teacher-colleague agreed, and met in the school the next day. That day, they both helped each other in conducting a writing contest in her four classes. It was a success! 

The following day, with the permission of the school's principal, she officially conducted to 14 creative writers, journalists and debaters of the school, with a population of around 10,000 students. Those 14 students were available and willing to join the contest that day. There could be more but it was likely an impromptu writing contest.

The result was amazing! The winners received tokens and small cash prizes. Seeing how it successfully worked in a day or two, Susan is hopeful and excited to pursue it in the future. She says, as a teacher, she could positively work it out with the help of the teachers, parents, leaders and those who are willing to help and support for the good of their children and students. It could also be a great way to network and market for the book she is writing. 

Here are some of her accomplishments, by the grace of God. She finished the 30-Day Blog, initiated by Matt and Lydia; with her blog site running: (new); FB: Susan Borres-Sanchez, with 847 friends; and FB Group: StayFIT on Camera of less than a hundred member or follower. 

Finding Publishizer's Book Writing led by Lee Constantine and Guy Vincent, Susan has 50% completed and approved for launch campaign on August 1st, 2018.


Living in the Moment
By: Julie Clark Robinson, 
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing, Inc, 2004

Julie Clark Robinson's book is about creating and discovering beautiful things that could happen magically in life through our own power, means and effort. She believes that every situation and condition created is connected to our feeling or emotion, a mindset; and, by getting out there with opened eyes and ears, you will see lights from the smallest to the biggest you can have, to turn into a meaningful life. 

In my book, Create and Live, and investing in our minds, is submitting our own will to God's Will. This is the only way we can have His power while we create a meaningful moment and live it, it is based on the principles and knowledge of the truth; not based on our feelings and emotions. We step out in faith; and, whether it is for the daily task or for a specific reason, we don't assume we do the work; it is guided by a power beyond our own comprehension and understanding. 

Living in the Now

By: Gina Lakes, 
Publisher: Endless Satsang Foundation

The author of this book, Gina Lake, views life as the Essence of this moment. It is the Now, which comprises you and experience that is flowing and moving towards the right direction. On the contrary, the enemy which is the Ego, brings bad consequences because of its false reality and its non-existent. Accepting this, is unwise decision, as you are moving away from the light to the darkness. Gina believes that we, as human Being, could embrace either one of these views; however, how we perceive and respond to life naturally, is the right choice which could bring contentment, peace, happiness and success. 

Although, there are many good things that underlies the life and light the author is talking about, in my book, still, there is a Divine Being, called Love, above, that only by following Him as One Who sends and impresses us to do His Will, that brings success, contentment, peace and happiness.


By: Carol S Dweck, Ph.D., 
Publisher: Ballantine Books, NY

Part of her book is based on her study on individuals, students and people, psychologically, having the two mindsets: the growth and the fixed mindset. Success has something to do with the character of the individual, specifically their beliefs and views, has the power on their accomplishments and achievements. In short, it is their guiding light that affect on their interest and performance.

There is similarity in my book on the mindset of an individuals but my study is God programming our brain into His mind, connecting us to Him through prayers and meditations.

21 Irrefutable Laws 

By: John Maxwell; 
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

I use John Maxwell's book on leadership and investment, as it is also based on biblical principles, and investment as God's ownership entrusted to us, as we are His stewards. This is what I like in the sense that we are investing what belongs to the Lord.

My book focuses on the creative mind investment, submitting to the Will of God as empty, to be filled by His Word and Will.  Another big difference is, I see the light of the mind, as God's technology within us.

Psychology Today: The Art of Now

By: Jay Dixit
Publisher: Sussex Publisher, LLC, November 1, 2008

Jay’s book, life unfolds in the present, as the other books I find similar. However, Jay said, our minds wander, to the past or to the future, not being in the moment. We become mindless, as we don’t know what’s going on in the present. The mind's consciousness is her study based on the experiment and study, psychologically on the individual.

I thought there is similarity in my book as it deals with the mind. But, as I read it, I could not find any similarity.


The Mind

It's the most beautiful, amazing creation of God, the power that everyone has access to. Imagine, it’s in you. If you can’t picture it, try to close your eyes; for minutes, then for hours. Talk to yourself, assuming someone is listening. Make it your focus. Desire it. Long for it, want it 'til you fall in love with it, to the point that you can’t keep it anymore to yourself, as it is overflowing in you. You wan’t to share it, even to the world! That’s exactly what I’ve got. The Mind. Invest it in, to create and live. 

How Did I Come Up to this Topic?

It’s a long journey; you have to walk it daily. Sometimes you have to ran, stride, pause and rest; but, never stops and quit. You may stumble and fall, with so many bruises and sores; yet, it’s a ‘never-quit’ race. if you do, you won’t make it to the finish. You push yourself too hard, your mind gets taxed and overwhelmed. At the end of the day, you come home from work, rest, and get ready for the next day. It’s a never-ending cycle, you’ll never get out of. 

It's been like this for years, like a lifetime; it's always in me every time I write. The topic that would never get out of my sight, for it is within me, working inside of me, for me, creating plans, making decisions and judgments. As I write, speak, it dictates, meddles, interferes, and many more functions it does. It is the science of all sciences and philosophies, as I see. Wherever I go, it's there with me. When I have fear, doubt and worries, it would never leave me. One day, God showed its' light to me. "Ah! I know it!" It's what I kept telling myself, with my mind as my background knowledge. Since I already had love for it, I did not have a hard time accepting it.

How I Fell In Love with My Mind

This mind never stops communicating with me. However, my needs disconnected me from the reality of being me. It's hard to see, and difficult to hear; because, the technology was more attractive to me than what my mind could offer. 

But then, the power of the mind is more stronger than the sword; it struck my heart and turned my world upside, down. 

Then, when that still, small voice of my mind and heart is heard and heeded, everything turned into a blessing. 

My mind impresses me to take good care of it; and, in return, it takes care of me, too. Everything starts and ends from the mind, and heart.

How Technology Came to Mind

Technology is man's best friend, including me. Wherever you go, look around, see who's looking at you? No one! Except those who don't have phones and gadgets, their eyes wandered, back at you.

To take the mind off from technology is the hardest thing to do. Since we are living in a technological world, to get into the mind is the biggest challenge for those concerned with spirituality, its nature and foundation of education.

But then, if everything could become a blessing, for as long as the mind is the priority, there wouldn't be any problem at all. The use of technology to illustrate the mind is one of the best ways to reach the hearts of many. And, with your mind, you can accomplish things more than what you think yourself can do. 

It's true, there's so many things we don't understand behind technology. What we know, it's the power of the mind. It's man's invention, discovery. But what we don't know, beyond man's power, is there more power? Is there power in the things we don't see? We plug our phones, our computers, laptops; yet, we don't care how it happens and how it works. The only thing we care is to reach the outlet to plug in, to have power and so it works. 

How about our mind, does it needs power in order to function? This is what I love talking about in this book. The practicality of every situation.

When we discover the answer, it may change in the way we see things. It may change the way we treat ourselves, the way we feed our body and soul. It may change the way we use the time, our choices and decision making; and, it may change from our minds to our health and everything!

Although, not all will be changed. The way we see Apple won't change the way it is. It won't change it to Berries and Strawberries. But changing our perspectives through the power of the creator of our minds, they call mindset, makes a great difference. It's hard to see from a man's perspectives. But that's all we have, except if we step out of ourselves and use the mind's eyes and heart, the power behind power.

When I was editing a video which is already in YouTube, I couldn't help myself but to call someone for help. I know all answers to your questions are in You Tube, everything you want to know, is there. You want to know how to eat and sleep, it's all there. But this problem needs a specialization, an expert.

Do you know how much a skill could cost? I know how to edit on MPEG Stream Clip and Quick Time Player and I could learn as much as I could but our mind! It's what I'm concerned about. Even in reading, studying, and researching, our mind gets strained and overwhelmed. But we need to solve whatever problem there is.

There's lots of things to know in technology. From creating, editing, uploading, and so much more. To understand how it works, is one thing. But the power behind, no science nor expert can answer. No one talks about it except who's behind.  This challenged me to search and make it a topic. The answer may not be what you are looking for, but my passion and love is to talk about it, through practical situations and real life experiences with lessons. 

From Mind to Mind

For the first time, a situation came up when I was trying to read my daughter’s thoughts, putting something into her brain. As soon as we got into the church and found a seat, I started writing. She quietly observed and watched, glancing on the paper. Noticing her silent actions, I got into her innocent mind. From the beginning of the Pastor's sermon, to the end, stopping at times to explain what I was writing, I found words to write. 

I knew she's picking up some lines and ideas as she silently nodded and agreed. However, at the end, it proved me wrong with my assumptions. 

As I meditatively prayed, God showed me how our minds work. It was the most beautiful learning experience I ever had, It made me fall in love with my mind.

At first, I wrote this book for these 5 reasons: 1. A Voice is heard through my mind; My faith convinces me, 2. It is where the greatest author, Jesus, communicates with me; 3. Our mind is a receptacle of God for His Words; 4. Connection happens through the brain, the moment we fill it in, with His Words; 5. The brain is the most beautiful and important organ of our body, where our mind and heart do the work for transformation; 6. I've got a story to tell, how God worked it out and shaped me through my mind. He made things beautiful in His own time.

The Brilliant Mind

It was a blissful moment; yet my unpreparedness to the situation saddened me. I was not prepared, it regretted me. As soon as the storm passed by and the thunderstorm heard, the huge light flashed, as the greatest story  was told. How I am created, with an amazing human brain. 

I looked up at how it looks.­­ It is invisible, out of shape, it's nothing, but real! I see it within me­ lurking, waiting, and wanting to be found, touched and scrutinized.

I became curious no one would appreciate it, ­ for it is a battleground, a warfare, a place where conflict and struggle reside; fear, anger, emotion, confusion; fight between right and wrong, good and evil­ they are all in our minds. Who would love it? Yet, it is a brilliant mind.

This is exactly what I found and learned. Our mind, is like the ‘software' inside the computer’s brain, the CPU. It has a receiver of information, and a processor, the decisions maker. God programs our brain into His Mind, connecting us to Him through meditation and prayer. With the power of prayer, it allows us to connect to Him and is able Him to heal our minds, body and soul. We then become creators through our creative minds. He makes things happen and possible for you. This is how special and powerful you are, because of that mind in you. 

That's how fearfully and wonderfully you are made and crafted; with an amazing human brain. Yet, we tend to forget its spirituality; that, within our minds there are two opposing powers "responsible for processing our thoughts, feelings and emotions that results to our attitudes and actions".

As the receiver of information called "Thalamus" receives the information through our eyes and senses, it goes straight to the processor to be processed. However, there are two of them: the "Amygdala", and the "Cortex". While one processes the information based on feelings and emotions; the other one processes, based on the principle of love and the truth. 

If this concerns you, what would you choose? How would your mind makes the decision, knowing one processor is good and the other not so good?

9 publishers interested
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  • Update #2 - The Proposal Campaign Launch, LIVE! Aug. 1, 2018

    Hi Family, Friends & Subscribers,

    This is what my proposal look like. It has all the information you need in order to see how it works. It is 60% completed, and at the end of this campaign, it will reach 75% completed. Then, the will pitch it to the publishers for me. This is the reason why I am sharing this proposal with you to give some time to read its details. Watch the video, the proposal, and the bonuses. Please give time to read, and Subscribe! Thank you!

    Create & Live; Invest in Your Mind (Proposal)

    Your Friend,

    Susan Sanchez

  • Update #1 - The Campaign Launch for "Create & Live" is now, LIVE! Aug. 1, 2018

    Hi Family & Friends,

    This is to update you that my campaign launch for the book I'm writing about, Create & Live, is now LIVE! Here, I'm sharing the proposal with you so you can look at it. Watch for the video, the proposal, the bonuses, and so much more. Please give a little time to read, and Subscribe! Thank you!

    Your friend,

    Susan Snchez

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 2, 2018, 10:33 p.m.

    I'm happy for you. Keep up the good work hon!

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 2, 2018, 11:16 p.m.

    We're proud of you. May God bless your journey!

  • HANNAH STEPHANIE CABAHUG on Aug. 9, 2018, 5:41 a.m.


  • Carolyn Rome on Aug. 9, 2018, 4:47 p.m.

    Amazing thank you

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 27, 2018, 3:03 a.m.

    Keep it up! God bless your outreach project!

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 27, 2018, 11:41 p.m.

    May God continue to bless your journey!

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 29, 2018, 11:02 p.m.

    God bless you and this outreach project abundantly.

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 29, 2018, 11:14 p.m.

    Hooray! You got it! Let's celebrate!

  • Jennifer Simmons on Aug. 30, 2018, 10:10 p.m.

    Goodluck Ate Susan

  • Susan Sanchez on Aug. 31, 2018, 1:19 p.m.


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