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Leah Marie

Leah Marie

Leah Marie is the founder of the Mind Health Coach Program, an international radio show, and creator of "8 Weeks to a Better Brain with Mooditations Meditations Program".

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Create Your Legacy With Mindfulness

Living sensually immersed in every moment on a journey of discovery and purpose

Wouldn't you love to be inspired by every moment of your life? This book will enrapture your spirit, make you fall in love with living and forever change your world!

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Mind & Body Personal Development
Westport, Massachusetts
60,000 words
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Every moment from the time we are conceived, we are creating our own individual contribution to life on this planet. 

A higher level awareness of this extraordinary journey of our own evolution should be the focus of our lives.  Unfortunately, there is too much stress, uncertainty and difficult circumstances for most to maintain a higher perspective.  

In order for us to evolve to our highest potential, all beings must be positively creating impactful legacies that ripple out to the future generations of humanity.  It is our soul's responsibility to be part of the collective influence on evolution.  

I am writing this book because I am passionate about sharing with others all that I learned through my near death experience and the transformation that resulted in me from this occurrence.  

When this experience happened to me, it was life changing and  I found there is more in life than what meets the eye.  That there is an infinite consciousness so pure and full of divine love that we are part of.  For me, it is difficult to explain how powerful and moving that love is because it is not of this earth.  

Through my experience with a moment on the "other side", I discovered my spiritual path and a more purposeful existence.  Upon making this discovery, the shift in my life was exponential and I began a journey that, to this day, has made living my life full of excitement, miracles and self-discovery.

Finding purpose is available to every human, in every moment and at every stage of life.   A near death experience does not have to be the catalyst for transforming to your life.  Recognizing the purpose in all moments of life and developing a more mindful approach is all that is needed to begin the shift within.

Without feeling purposeful, most will drift into deep depression, develop catastrophic disease processes and ultimately end up in a state of failure to thrive.  The gift of life on the physical level is left behind here on earth with the physical body that is just a sensory vehicle for the soul.  

When immersed in purposeful living, life is so much more fulfilling.  Finding what brings about inner peace and sense of wholeness happens when you are focused on savoring each moment.  It also brings about a sense of being a part of something that is greater than just your physical being.  

The message of my book is unique because it is based on my own experiences in life...the personal challenges that I have had including a near death experience, divorcing from an abusive partner and also, recovering from a life-threatening illness in recent years.  

I also experienced raising two daughters as a single mother, struggling financially, with no support and was still able to succeed in a career in healthcare at the c-level.  I attribute the secrets of my life's successes to the unique set of thought skills and holistic practices that I have gained and maintained.  All of which will be disclosed in this book.  

The discoveries that I have made on my journey over the last twenty years has had such a significant impact on my life that I had to share my story to inspire others that might be facing adversarial times.  It is definitely my calling and part of my life's purpose.

We each have a purpose available to us in every moment.  Some of us have very similar purposes while others have very unique purposes for the growth of our soul, humanity and those around us.  We are all teachers and students throughout every interaction in life.

My greatest hope is that readers will take time to digest the concepts presented about different ways to approach difficult and challenging moments and put them into practice. That through the words and stories presented in this book, readers may find the ability within themselves to explore the beauty and sense of gratitude for every moment of living.  

I feel that the content of my book will help people open to live with a more loving and mindful perspective.  Which in turn will aid in their achievement of:

1-A healthier and stress-free lifestyle

2- Improving quality of life and relationships with others

3-Soul growth that results in positive contributions to the collective consciousness and evolution of humanity 



Throughout this book, Leah Marie tells of her own journey into creating a legacy with mindfulness.  A loving perspective is necessary and was not always present for her, especially having been raised by parents that were atheists, along with some very difficult challenges to overcome and traumatic events that she experienced.  Her journey was not an easy one, but she has mastered the art of creating mindfully and found purpose in discovering a loving perspective within to share with the world.

Chapter 1:  Self-Evaluation of Mind Set

Where does your mind go whenever any situation presents itself to you?  If you find yourself constantly diving into a deep pool of worry and anxiety, then you will be creating from that place.  Our thoughts do create physical manifestations in the body, in relationships and can affect all that surrounds us.

Chapter 2:  Fear of the Known and Unknown

Stepping into the spaces of the unknown and where our fears consume us takes a lot of courage.  In this chapter, we explore ways to bring about a different thought system that allows you to accept the challenge to face your fears with curiosity and a willingness to embrace the gifts and lessons within.  A major shift occurs when you realize that there is nothing to fear in life except the catastrophic thinking that draws you away from purposeful living and being in the moment.  When this transformation of perspectives happens, the fears fall away and this allows the space of creativity for you to step into.

Chapter 3:  Only You Can Know and Change Your Perceptions

If we are conditioned to always interpret scenarios that are happening in our lives as ones where we feel that we are a victims of circumstances , then growth is limited.  In this chapter, different ways to look at all happenings in our life are explored.  We learn that when we become the student in our life experiences, ready to receive our lessons with openness and a loving perspective, we discover an unlimited source of miracles and inner peace.

Chapter 4:  Stress Management Toolbox Training

In this chapter, Leah Marie discusses the topic of stress, how it affects your overall well-being and creativity.  Stress is such a major part of our culture and existence in today’s world.  Learning different natural approaches to stress management can help you develop skills that will keep things in perspective when you meet difficult challenges.  Learn the secrets to keeping stress-based thinking at bay by filling your "Stress Management Toolbox", so you can stop worrying and start creating!

Chapter 5:  The Importance of Self Care

It is often said that it is so important to your relationships and your overall health to love yourself, but what does that mean?  Where do you start?  What is the difference between self care and being self absorbed?  Explore both ancient and current day methods to devoting more time towards getting to know the essence of your soul.  Through daily practices and self awareness, a knowing of your purpose will emerge for every aspect in your journey.

Chapter 6:  Cultivating Love and Patience 

Once the inner well and thirst for love is quenched, the desire to share the intensity of this way of living is something that is difficult to contain.  It is also, at times, difficult to hold a loving perspective when you are burdened by challenges.  It is at those times that you should know who to reach out to to maintain your positive perspective.  Those like-minded people will aide you in cultivating love, while others that may be in a toxic place can never experience a loving perspective will try to lead you in that direction.  Learn how to maintain your divine source of love within and have patience for those that are not there yet.  

Chapter 7:  Prepare for a Leap of Faith 

Taking a leap of faith doesn't have to be a matter of losing everything or taking major life changing risks.  It can be as simple as allowing guidance to come through you from your higher self and acting on that guidance.  Tune in with clarity and confidence to the intuition that comes from your direct connection to the consciousness of divine love. 

Chapter 8:  Enraptured by Your Purpose

Are you longing for inspiration and passion to be part of your experiences?  When you find what fills your being with a sense of gratitude and contagious enthusiasm that spills outside of you and attracts others, then you have a pretty good indication that you have found it!  In this chapter, you will seek, find and enjoy the pleasures of purposefully creating to attain a state of mindfulness in every phase of your journey.  

Chapter 9:  Co-Creating Your Legacy Mindfully

Each one of us makes the journey to earth and back again to the divine consciousness.  How we explore our ourselves here on earth and impact the planet is a personal choice of free will.  All of us will definitely have lasting impressions on others just by being here.  How each one of us contributes to human evolution is a personal signature  and is up to the individual.  Each human being can create with divine love and experience a state of blissful mindfulness knowing that it will be carried on.

Chapter 10:  Holding the Space of Compassion

Some are not ready for the radical idea of focusing on creativity for the sake of leaving your legacy on the human race.  How do we understand the troubling circumstances that are present in the world today from a mindful standpoint?  It is hard to understand how genocide, wars, devastating illnesses, natural disasters and starvation can be affected by any one individual. The answer may be that each of can have a ripple effect throughout humanity by holding the space of compassion and love.  



The topic of this book is focused on helping people use their higher level awareness to create a life that is based on mindfulness, which ultimately results in an individual’s legacy of purposeful evolution of the self and of the human race. 

This book will definitely appeal to the $9.9 billion dollar personal development industry.  It also has a strong focus on the mind-body connection and how that affects well-being, so the concepts written about can translate well for the wellness industry too.   Stats and Facts from the Global Wellness Institute shared on Google that ,"The global wellness industry grew 12.8% from 2015-2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market. To put that in economic context, from 2015-2017, the wellness economy grew 6.4% annually, nearly twice as fast as global economic growth (3.6%)."

Ultimately, this book will help any one that is searching for a more purposeful life at any stage.  It is a choice to perceive the gift or lesson that can be discovered in every living moment.  

When the seeker finds this pearl of wisdom within the oyster of life, achieving fulfillment, creating an impact and sharing this gift of mindfulness-based living with others brings inner peace and joy.

This book is geared to appeal to those that are seekers and learners  that are conscious of their own personal growth, self improvement and wellness. 


About Leah Marie...

Leah Marie, CHLC, RM is the founder of the Mind Health Coach Program (an international radio show played in 160 countries) and creator of  "8 Weeks to a Better Brain with Mooditations Meditations Program".

Leah is a certified Stress Management and Holistic Life Coach, a Reiki Master and teaches life enriching techniques such as various meditation styles, Emotional Freedom Technique and other mindfulness approaches to improving your life.
Leah has been sharing this knowledge with the medical community for over 10 years.  Along with coaching, she is certified in Reiki, ThetaHealing, EFT (tapping) and Practical Yoga.  She is the Chief Operating Officer for a healthcare organization specializing in dementia care. 

Leah has facilitated meditation classes at the University of Massachusetts Second Half Learning Center and conducted many CEU programs for the medical community.  She  conducts corporate trainings, speaking engagements, workshops, individual coaching sessions and events/retreats at many venues.

Leah is also considered an expert in the area of caregiver stress and helping those challenged with dementia and other life threatening illnesses.  She helps those affected to cope and employ strategies that assist them in gaining a sense of peace with what they are experiencing in the present moment. 

This moment is all we have...the past is over and the future is not here yet, so being mindful of every moment and how you are perceiving what is happening in your environment and to your being is so critical to how you are experiencing life and preserving it.  How you perceive your precious moments is what motivates you to choose what your next step will be towards your future.

Leah's Very Personal Story...
Through her own personal experiences and a near death accident, Leah has overcome many of the difficulties associated with living with PTSD and also has used her life challenges as a way to motivate others and inspire hope in others.  She became a master at the art of healing stress and anxiety using natural and holistic stress management strategies. 

Leah also found she was more in touch with her spiritual path after having a near death and out of body experience in 2001. At that time, she was injured in a equestrian accident where her body went into cardiac arrest and she was resuscitated by her father. She describes her journey to the other side as the most loving, peaceful and eye-opening experience of her life.

Since then, Leah has been sharing her experience to enlighten others. During her time spent out of her body, she felt a higher level of consciousness that her soul experienced first hand. She feels that it is part of her soul’s purpose to tell the story of this amazing trip and share the knowledge of another state of afterlife consciousness with others.

Leah also has a personal connection, as well as much professional experience, to Alzheimer's Disease, since her grandfather was severely affected by the disease back in the 1980's.  It was a traumatizing experience for the entire family unit and watching him decline was not easy.  This is what has motivated Leah to ensure that both professional and family caregivers are educated on how best to provide self-care, as well as successful-low stress caring strategies for their loved ones affected by the disease.

Leah offers trainings/motivational speaking for corporations, interest groups, CEU trainings, online webinars/courses, in person workshops/retreats and individual coaching sessions.

Visit to learn more.

Email:  [email protected]

Contact:  508-938-9211


Leah Marie has a substantial following from her radio show and other avenues, including speaking engagements and educational events.  

Over the past 5 years, Leah Marie's "Mind Health Coach Program" has aired on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, Fridays at 10 AM and 10 PM EST.  

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a syndicated station- with over 1,475,000 listeners in more than 160 Countries and is the media partner for Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  

Leah Marie's "Mind Health Coach Program" is also affiliated with the BBM Global network, which is aired on iHeart radio at 6 PM EST on Mondays.  

For over 10 years, Leah has spoken at many events and taught educational programs on topics relative to mindfulness, meditation, purposeful living, holistic stress management, the Emotional Freedom Technique, self care, yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, and much more.  These speaking engagements are mainly for various professional organizations in health care and also to the corporate sector.  Her training programs have been approved to provide several roles in health care and social work continuing education units. 

She has also spoken for many special interest groups, both large and small, including numerous engagements and training programs for the Alzheimer's Association.  Leah also taught her "8 Weeks to a Better Brain Using Mooditations Daily Meditation Program" for the 2nd Half Program at the University of Massachusetts.  

Leah is extremely passionate about her purpose of sharing this information and these concepts.  Over the years, her email list has grown to over 4,000 contacts.  On,800 plus connections, Facebook-Leah Marie-Mind Health Coach-1,600 Likes, Twitter-800 + followers.  All of these contacts will be introduced to "Create Your Legacy with Mindfulness" and provided with the opportunity to pre-order a copy.

The website receives approximately 5,000 visitors per month and is a proven global marketing tool.  Leah has sold thousands of her Mooditations Daily Meditation Program which is available in Mp3s and CDs. 

This program is focused on assisting you to re-wire your brain with guided meditations for better health and overall well-being, improved memory, relaxation and lasting relief from stress.  The program includes 7 meditations for each day of the week and the following audio lecture by Leah Marie:

"Introduction to Meditation"

Audio Lecture by Leah Marie, CHLC, RM

Learn why the ancient practice of meditation is being recommended by medical researchers from Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital, the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation and even the US Department of Health and Human Services to name a few. Leah Marie will introduce concepts and studies regarding meditation practices and its positive effects on your health and happiness. Leah Marie also explains the different types of meditative practices, the health benefits that result from this ancient technique and how it can positively affect your life, your relationships and the world.


See below for books that are addressing similar topics and how Create Your Legacy With Mindfulness differs from them:

1. Eat, Pray, Love:  One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

My book is based on my own experiences as an individual facing situations that were life threatening and challenging, forcing a new way of life that opened the doors to expanded consciousness and sensual living.  It also provides in depth  approaches to managing stress, re-wiring thoughts and ways to maintain a positive perspective in every situation.

2. Broken Open:  How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lessor-from Amazon:  "NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - This inspiring guide to healing and growth illuminates the richness and potential of every life, even in the face of loss and adversity."

My book differs because it offers not only the stories of my journey to growth and discovering a new way to live, but also provides the readers with tools to manage fears and blocks.

3. When Things Fall Apart:  Heart Advice For Difficult Times by Pema Chodron-from Amazon:  "Pema Chödrön's perennially best-selling classic on overcoming life's difficulties cuts to the heart of spirituality and personal growth--now in a newly designed 20th-anniversary edition with a new afterword by Pema--makes for a perfect gift and addition to one's spiritual library."

My book differs because, again, it offers my personal near death experience and the way that it shifted my life.  As a survivor and someone that broke through the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.

4.  It's Not Supposed to Be This Way:  Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered by Lysa Terkeurst-from Amazon:  "New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst unveils her heart amid shattering circumstances and shows readers how to live assured when life doesn't turn out like they expected.  What do you do when God’s timing seems questionable, His lack of intervention hurtful, and His promises doubtful?"

Again, my book differs because it offers my personal near death experience and the way that it shifted my life.  As a survivor and someone that broke through the effects of post traumatic stress disorder,  Along with that, I share how my soul was reborn into my earth body to see things from a more enlightened and  spiritual perspective.  

5.  The Four Agreements:  A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz-from Amazon-"In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love."

Again, my book differs because it offers my personal near death experience and the way that it shifted my life.  As a survivor and someone that broke through the effects of post traumatic stress disorder,  Along with that, I share how my soul was reborn into my earth body to see things from a more enlightened and  spiritual perspective.  

6.  A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle-from Amazon-"Eckhart Tolle is a contemporary spiritual teacher who travels extensively taking his message throughout the world. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting. A New Earth is a profoundly spiritual manifesto for a better way of life and for building a better world."

My book aligns with the philosophy of how improving your own life can affect others perspectives and ultimately result in a better world.  Again, this book differs because it was created out of a total different perspective.  The concepts and tools presented are from a woman's viewpoint that had many unique challenges and obstacles to overcome, not only for herself, but all while raising 2 daughters as a single mother.  


Are you seeking something more?  Are you wondering who you are, why you are here and how you can make an lasting positive imprint on this planet?  

If you are compelled to make a difference, this  book speaks to and inspire those that are seeking to live a more purposeful life and spiritual existence.  

One of the most difficult achievements in a human being’s life is to find inner peace and knowing why you are who you are.  When you develop that purpose in every moment that you are living and breathing, even if the breath is the only thing present with you in a moment, it is within the breath that the ultimate purpose of a particular moment is found. 

I often share the story of my time working with the elderly in facilities. I had worked over the course of 2 years in different nursing homes, assisted living communities and other eldercare organizations training seniors how to meditate and be in the present moment.  This time was extremely gratifying to me because I would bring my very wise students to places where they could connect to times that were long gone for them.  

So many times, I would hear about beautiful moments in their lives .  For instance, when they were in a place of nature that they had completely forgotten about  they shared how they felt an extreme sense of inner peace, love and gratitude.  

It was during discussions about their experiences like that, I would see the essence of those aged human beings.  I would see the glow of life and light within them as they connected to those mindful moments that they were remembering.  

It was truly amazing to hear those statements of the joy of remembering.  I can recall one participant sharing about a trip she had gone on stating with much excitement, “I can’t believe I forgot about that beautiful place I had been…oh the colors that were surrounding me.", and then she asked with sadness in her voice, "How could I have forgotten a that experience?”, or another participant that remembered her love of gardening said, “I had so much love for those roses…I would work so hard on my gardens because I knew the enjoyment that I and other who saw my flowers would feel.”  Another participant shared how when fly fishing in the river was so therapeutic, inspiring and he would feel so connected to nature. 

People that were facing the endings of their stories would remember how those mindful moments in their life brought them great emotions such as joy, love and gratitude.  The power of those moments lived on within them just by placing themselves back in those very sensual and sensory experiences with thought alone. 

I would sometimes encounter those that felt they no longer had purpose here on earth.  Those feeling those emotions would sometimes express that to the group.  

When I would hear someone express, “Why am I still here when I am such a burden to others?”, I would tell them to look at a nearby plant or tree and to know that every breath they released was gift to those living organisms.  

To know that a purpose for all that we do might not have been apparent to them at that moment in time.   Understanding a mindfulness approach to exploring all of time and space in life can bring about a knowing  that with each breath we take,  we sustain much more life than just your own.

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