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Morris Ferrari

Morris Ferrari

Boston, Massachusetts

Morris Ferrari:
"It is impossible to spend an entire life on Earth without talking about violence against women and children."

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About the author

Morris Ferrari is a writer focused on current and extremely important topics such as: 
- Discrimination and abuses against women, showed in the tale "Cruelly Abused Women" published in Portuguese and English; 
- Refugees and illegal immigrants in the United States, discussed in the book "Pizza de Natal" published in Portuguese; and, 
- Terrorism, chemical and biological weapons attacks with the book "Immortal Brigade" published in Portuguese. 
The barbarities, cruelties and genocide committed against the peoples of all nations are unacceptable. Such acts worsen even more when practiced against those most vulnerable, such as women and children. The monsters who practice these deplorable deeds need to be detained urgently and the first step to be worked on and encouraged is denunciation. 
Information dissemination and active education should also be encouraged so that everyone, especially the most stricken, is aware of their rights and how they can and should defend themselves. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to show those who commit such atrocities, or even to future floggers, how they may be punished for their cowardly and infamous acts.
"Cruelly Abused Women," a small story illustrated with real HD photos and 3D characters, shows in a simple way some of the cruelties, sexual abuse, exploitation, slavery, torture and mutilation committed against humans in the 21st century. This tale is presented as a comic book so it can be better understood by children and adults with the least formal education. 
Morris Ferrari has a dream: to see this little story, a tale of fiction, but that discusses a cruel reality that repeats itself every day in dozens of nations scattered around the world, be translated into many languages and disseminated through all electronic devices and if possible, free of charge or at an extremely low cost.
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Cruelly Abused Women

Illustrated Digital Book. A Little Tale in Comic Style

War–Corruption–Religious Extremism. Women and children are most vulnerable. Abused continuously. Paying with their bodies. They are enslaved, raped, barbarized and beaten.They are the endless and silent victims forced to serve...

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YA Fiction short story illustrated for teens and adults Comic Book style
10,000 words
100% complete
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Every day thousands of: women, youth and children have their human rights violated in Africa, Asia, Europe, America  and the Middle East. Innocent and defenseless people are abused, raped, enslaved, tortured, beaten, injured or killed. What do you think about that? You agree that it is time to end this forever

                   Cruelly Abused Women, By Morris Ferrari

Nations commanded by bloody dictators, their territories divided and dominated by local warlords, and their dehumanizing militias carry devastating weapons to mutilate, extort, and enslave all citizens., Demanding by any means a share of the extorted people's properties.
Those ones who don’t pay in cash, pay with flesh.
Young people, instead of sowing the soil to produce food and stop the hunger, become mercenaries, propagating hate, death, and destruction. They lose their humanity creating their own branches of the inferno.
Women and children are most vulnerable.  Abused continuously. Paying with their bodies. They are enslaved, raped, barbarized and beaten.  They are the endless and silent victims  forced to serve the shameful warlords and militias. Isolated and abandoned.
David, an American, in a dream or vision, is led to this Inferno, a dry and desolate land, an immense desert, lawless, where the control comes from dictators and the warlords.
He finds a young lady, dying of dehydration and starvation. Her body and soul devastated from the abuse of the her captors, a local warlord and his mercenary militia.
She escaped after an aerial attack from allied forces, only to perish in a sizzling desert. A dead end of one of the many branches of inferno.
David and Sofia’s epic story has begun with their first encounter. He makes an unbelievable effort to save Sofia, however, in order to do so he needs a miracle, water and food.  Otherwise Sara may die.
Carrying Sofia in his arms, he crosses the barren land, climbs mountains and dunes, crosses a savannah, only to find no food and not a single drop of water.
"Cruelly Abused Women" is both a fantastic and shocking story, which leads to a startling conclusion.  Inferno is right here on Earth. A quick read with life altering truths exposed, your life will not be the same!



Cruelly Abused Women is a tale, so it is not formally structured in chapters, but intuitively the following structure can be observed:

Presentation of the storyteller - narrator:
                     - Image of the storyteller and definition of the context of the narrative - first, nuances of the story of the tale are shown and where it is left to the reader's imagination if this narrative can be a dream, a vision and even a preconception. The answer will only be known at the end of the story.

David arrives at the "Valley of Death":

                    - David finds himself in a hell on earth, an incandescent furnace. Adults and children dying of hunger and thirst, mothers looking like zombies crawling back and forth with children in their arms. Everyone with a high degree of malnutrition, thirsty, like skeletons: fragile bones and skin only, with a known future - the slow and cruel death of hunger and thirst.

 The meeting:

                  - David finds the young woman dying, leaning on the rock completely bandaged and forgotten by all. He sympathizes with her degrading state and decides to save her anyway, even if the price of this desperate rescue was his own life. The saga of David in hell on earth begins.

Knowing Yourself:

                  - In a short pause to rest on a shade in the middle of the savanna, the young woman awoke for a few minutes. Both introduced themselves and he asked her to tell her story and was terrified by the saga of the young Sofia, a refugee from the Lebanese. Sofia had been enslaved, barbarized and abused continuously by dozens of militiamen, who were drug and arms traffickers, women and children explorers, a bunch of vipers who lived from cave to cave in search of their victims. The victims had to pay for "protection," and those who could not pay in cash had to pay with their bodies and their slavery.

The Rain Dance:

                    - A mighty lightning cut through the sky., David is sure that the rain was finally coming to soften the heat that dominated that savanna and that he had succeeded in saving Sofia. She seemed to be fainting, being gently carried by him in his arms. Finally, his saga in the branch of hell on earth was over.


The target audience of the tale "Cruelly Abused Women" is fantastic and gigantic covering diverse interests such as:
- Abuse against women and children;
- Refugees and Immigration;
- Wars and genocides;
- Droughts, devastation, degradation of the environment;
- Clean and renewable energies (Wind and Solar); and,
- Religious conflicts.
Very easily, this tale can be disseminated in various groups (woman and child protection groups, environment protection groups, etc.) since this tale raises topics such as social, human and ecological degradation, clean energy generation and renewable alternatives. This tale also discusses religious topics, political and migratory conflicts.
Morris Ferrari also hopes, in view of the social/educational nature of his work, to sell the tale in financially favored countries and do a free distribution in regions where the conflicts are occurring, and where abuses and cruelties are being committed.
This tale has great social and economic/commercial potential, difficult to be measured due to its incredible educational aspect. A powerful social marketing tool for any group.


Undoubtedly the greatest current tool for the promotion of an author and his books is through Social Media, even more with the Organic Social Media - not paid, which is the most important. But to enjoy the benefits of social networks, much work and considerable investment is necessary to obtain good visibility for the author.
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Cruelly Abused Women is a short story about religious persecution against ethical minorities and human rights abuses , reaching directly women and children (always the most vulnerable in any situation whether it be wars or violent and cruel ethnic cleansing or religious). These cruelties have been carried out against various peoples in recent decades, and in the last two decades are happening especially in the Middle East and Africa and has killed, mutilated and displaced millions of innocents.

In the 1930s and 1940s the most barbarized people were the Jews, during the Holocaust: the Nazi’s “ethnic cleansing” annihilation of some 6 million European Jews. Very little was done to stop the genocide perpetuated by the Nazis, millions of Jews were executed in the gas chambers in concentration camps, summarily shot, displaced from their countries and stacked like garbage and held prisoners in ghettos disgusting or even used as guinea pigs in crazy and senseless scientific experiments. Until almost the end of World War II the world watched the Nazis insensibly carrying out their evil plan of genocide to extinguish once and for all the face of the Earth the Jewish People.
Another difficult period of humanity happened more than two thousand years ago, was the relentless persecution of the Roman empire to new Christians, just after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the rise of Christianity. Thousands of Christians were executed in cruelest possible ways or served as actors forced to perform in sinister spectacles in the arenas, being torn apart by beasts or gladiators, to amuse insane audiences.
Today other holocausts are also being carried out, and as in the 1930s and 1940s, very little is done to prevent them. Millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East spreading around the world, have been fleeing from cruel executioner, which wants to kill them, barbarize them, enslave them, exploit them. Women and children continue to be cruelly abused because they are always the most vulnerable and the easiest to achieve.
Cruelly abused women shows a saga of a young woman named Sofia, a Christian minority Lebanese woman who with her family runs away from her homeland, seeking shelter in the distant mountains. She and her family are captured by militiamen traffickers of weapons and humans. They had to pay for "protection", but when the money ends, they tried to escape. Unfortunately, there were easily reach by them, and then they had to pay with their "flesh." Sofia’s family was slaughtered and killed in front of her. Sofia was a sex slave of the gang leader and had to serve also all the other militiamen, suffering repeated collective rapes.  
Since the Jewish “ethnic cleansing” in World War II, it is possible to highlight many books showing some aspects of the Holocaust, like: The Diary of Anne Frank and Tales from Secret Annex both by Anne Frank; Number the Stars by Lois Lowry; A Girl Called Renee by Ruth Uzrad and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.
Equally, Cruelly Abused Women discuss: bravery, friendship, fears and determination of young people in a situation of relentless persecution, cruelty, enslavement and terrible abuses perpetuated by mad leaders and executed by merciless and irrational arms.
As differences, besides the time of the happened, would be the literary style, the way of telling the story of Cruelly Abused Women, that is a small fable - few text and many images. Cruelly Abused Women is based on the concept that an image counts much more of history that a thousand words.
Another story about the period of persecution of the new Christians that can highlighted is in the Ben-Hur book: A Tale of Christ by Lew Wallace, which shows among other things the divine intervention in certain moments of history that people are subjected to great scourges. Cruelly Abused Women also show this, the sky interacting with an everyday life of the people of the Earth.

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                       Cruelly Abused Women       
The Incredible and Dramatic Journey of Sofia – A Refugee from Lebanon
…. While David walked around, he saw mothers, who begged for bread and water.  They were holding their children, only skin and bones, passed out, or deceased. It was cruel and terrifying to look at these people dying slowly, crying out for mercy.
David continued to walk, he found himself in a desolated place, with dry ground, rocks and withered vegetation typical of a savanna. 
At this place, a little further away and somewhat off, David saw a young lady that caught his eyes. She was so undernourished it was impossible to figure out her age. She did not fit into any young women’s category.
She was leaning on a rock, without the strength to stand up, and could barely raise her hand to catch David’s attention. She whispered to him a few words, mere grunts. The sound was weak, she seemed to have no more energy to talk.
David facing this grotesque scene cried.
young woman:
“I’m hungry and thirsty!”
“I have no water or food, I don't know what to do to help you.”
“My dear, how can I do something for you? I’m powerless... 
I need a miracle. We need a huge miracle!”
“Oh Heavens, the hearts of these corrupt and insensitive politicians must be opened!  Stop robbing the nations and their people!  Help and care for the unassisted ones!”
“Dear one, I’ll take you away from here!”
“Where is your mother? Your father?”
Her mouth opened, with struggle, she seemed to say:
“All my family members died.”
Her face showed she had cried, but drops no longer felled.  There was not one more drop of water in her body that could be wasted on tears.
Carrying the young woman in his arms David began walking fast. Then started to run passing endless terrain with the same characteristics; a deadly dryness caused by a shortage of water.
Sofia overwhelmed with desperation started to cry. 
“Be calm Dear, don’t panic. Please tell me your story.”
young woman - Sofia:
“I used to live in Lebanon, on the board of Syria and Turkey, right in the Middle East, in a tribe of an ethnic minority, Lebanese Christians. My mother was Christian and my father Muslim.”
“My family always lived happily, in a harmonious house.”
“It was like that until a year ago.  Starting in Africa and the Middle East an inhuman and merciless persecution began.  The scope never seen before, one affecting all of us, Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people.” 
“My father gathered our family and we ran away to the furthest mountains in Africa.”
“We didn't get too far. The militiamen chased us.  Found our trace and hunted my family until they caught us.”
“My dad and mom were tortured barbarously to death in front of me.”
“The militiamen’ leaderdecided to enslave me.  Saying he would give me as a present to the rebels leader. I was pretty and would make him very happy. Until then, however, I would be his private slave.”
“Days passed when the militiamen attacked a village that had not paid the ‘protection fee’ they killed everyone. The leader kidnapped a poor girl. I think she was not even eleven years old.”
“He exchanged me for her and and put me to serve his group, a set of ten mem.  It was not even possible to count.”
“They used me in all the ways possible and beat me aggressively.”
“I begged the heavens to die all the time.”
“It was unimaginable what I needed to do to get a few pitiful sips of water and a piece of bread. It was merciless what they used to do with me.”
Sara broke down into a compulsive, violent cry and suddenly was in shock, unresponsive.
“I have to run away from here. I have to be extremely fast and find help.  Or I’ll lose you, my dear!”
“Lord, why this?”
“There is only dead scrub, sizzling rocks and sand.”
    “This looks like a brazier cooking our mind and bodies!”
“Vultures patrol the sky, I hear the hyenas grunt, this is a bad omen, they think we are already carcasses.  They are wrong!  We will survive!” 
“This smell of death is horrible.  It makes me sick. There must be so many remains around here.  In this darkness, nothing can be seen!” 
“If there is an inferno, definitely this is one of its many branches!”……
2015© Mauricio Sousa Leite –  All Rights Reserved

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