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Matthew Rouse

Matthew Rouse

Matt Rouse is a founder and SEO Lead for Hook SEO. Matt has been involved in computers since being a small child during the birth of the home computer. He has worked for several fortune 500 companies in several countries including Intel, Nike, and Shaw Communications. Matt has a knack for research and writing and spends his spare time researching SEO and Social Media after he does it at work all day. We are not sure if he ever sleeps.

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Scott Burson

Scott Burson is the managing partner and a founder of Hook SEO. He has a background in data center operations, application design, and payment solutions.

Ashley Wirthlin

Ashley Wirthlin is the Public Relations Manager of Hook SEO and manages the publishing division of the business.

Derek W Frost

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Update #5 - Home Stretch For Digital Downloads July 15, 2015

We are frantically writing and editing to make CRUSH SEO the best and most useful local search and marketing book ever! We've crammed in a ton of advice, links, resources, and how-to tips so that you can take control of your online marketing and CRUSH IT!

Our current estimate on a release date for Kindle devices is July 31st! Or in other words, only two and half weeks from today! From there we will determine how distribution will be handled for all platforms and we will begin getting the book ready for print!

It's been a long haul, but we wanted to deliver the best book possible. We are all very proud of it here, and our hope is that we will be providing you with valuable insight to grow your local business.

Ashley, Matt and Scott from Crush SEO