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Karol Pittner

Karol Pittner

Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia

Author & Moderator who is the Mediator of Inspirational stories through his Books and Events moderation.

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About the author

I am an Author & Moderator that loves motivation and inspiration. Why? Because it saved my Life and showed me my passion and vision. I had ups and downs, but thanks to Motivational Movies/books/stories/videos I am here and ready spread the Motivation and Inspiration through my books and moderation. I am sth like a Facilitator/Mediator and give the answers to People's Life' questions.
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The Daughter he Never had Ebook

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The Daughter he Never had + The Mirror, the Path to Knowledge PAPERBACK + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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You want to become one of the partners. Special thanks on social medias, websites, e-mails & 1st page on my books. You will receive 2 signed book copies.

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You want to become one of the partners. Special thanks on social medias, websites, e-mails & 1st page on my books. You will receive 2 signed book copies.

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2 Inspirational Novels full of love, loss, inspired by true events, self-help, power above the people, manipulation.

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Motivation & Inspiration
50,000 words
100% complete
2 publishers interested


1. Both of my books have stories inspired by true events and people's stories.  They have included:

  • Emotional connection:  relatable characters and storylines that evoke strong emotions and inspire YOU. This emotional connection is more powerful than simply reading advice or tips in a self-help book.

  • Engaging storytelling:  more engaging and entertaining to read than a self-help book. This makes the reading experience more enjoyable and memorable.

  • Broadening perspectives: offer a broader perspective on life and the world around you. By immersing yourself in a story, you gain new insights into different experiences, cultures, and ways of thinking.
  • Inspiration in action:  characters who overcome obstacles, will pursue your dreams, and make positive changes in you life. These stories provide a more tangible source of inspiration and motivation for you than the general advice found in self-help books.

2. The solution for readers is very simple:

Those Novels have a stories that will show people the other way of how to overcome any obstacle by showing them that everything is possible. No matter how hard your story is, you can make and have happy life.

3. Why I wrote those books and looking for a publisher?

I struggled so many times in my life. I was looking for a way out of my life's challenges. After my ex-girlfriend was MURDERED in 2018, my life had changed a lot. I was thinking what to and what is my passion, what is my vision? Then during the Pandemic I was hit again. So I had to look for new way. And that is why I decided to write my 1st book called THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER HAD. I published it successfully in Slovak language thanks to Czech crowdfunding. A year after, in 2022 I successfully published the 2nd book in the Slovak language called THE MIRROR, THE PATH TO KNOWLEDGE. They are available in Slovakia to buy. But I want to enter English-speaking market and I am looking for help - how to make it happen. 

These books are full of love, loss, self-discovery and have the Power to change the World. They are inspired by my own experiences and the stories by the Others...

THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER HAD follows a story of Jess, young American woman living in San Diego whose life is turned upside down by her boyfriend's car accident. Single motther is now forced to discover personal growth from this tragedy. A heartwarming story of love, loss, and self-discovery inspired by true events.

THE MIRROR, THE PATH TO THE KNOWLEDGE is a thrilling tale of mystery and adventure that follows the journey of Kevin, a young American living in Prague. After discovering a mysterious antique shop, Kevin finds himself drawn into a world of mystery. A fascinating story about how the desire for knowledge and power can manipulate the human mind.

And now, I am looking for a help/publisher/investor to help me spread this books to the readers all over the World and inspire them. Thanks a lot. 

Sales arguments

  • My social medias and people I know in person
  • I am willing to use any other marketing support like bookstores or so
  • I am also willing to have it promoted with TV channels, social medias


Books are for men and women looking for a self-help books through reading Inspirational stories, readers: 18-65, 80% women, 20% men,

Advance praise

These are the review of my readers. I have sold over a 400 pieces in Slovakia and Czech republic:

1. THE MIRROR, THE PATH TO KNOWLEDGE is An amazing book. If you want to know somewhere in the depths of your soul what the real path to knowledge can be, then definitely read this book. A mirror is not only a thing we look into every day, but an approach to self-knowledge. (Viktoria Kubišová, Slovakia)

2. THE MIRROR, THE PATH TO KNOWLEDGE is a book with a very interesting story and a valuable message. Karol, you have great talent. Keep writing. (Jana, Slovakia)

3. THE MIRROR, THE PATH TO KNOWLEDGE - After a long time, a book that really absorbed me completely, tied me to itself and made me think about things that I had not thought about for a long time. A great story, an excellent read that awakened my book fantasy. I recommend reading this book. (Martin Vasko, Slovakia)

4. THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER HAD - I would recommend reading the book without hesitation to anyone who is going through or has gone through various unpredictable situations in life, who is lost in himself and looking for a way, so that he is not afraid to step into the unknown, not afraid of what others will say, to follow his own visions, feelings and thoughts because that's what matters. You have to follow your head and look for your inner peace and path. (Martina Vincencová, Slovakia)

5. THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER HAD -The book is written in a very easy-to-understand way, engaging, one is curious about what will happen next and how the plot will develop, progress.... It is inspired by a personal story, characters, which gives the book authenticity. The book is very inspiring and motivating. It is never too late to make that change and go towards new challenges .... I really liked the book and I will definitely recommend it to others to read it.(Monika Tuhá, Slovakia)

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My books are both currently in a Translation process from Slovak language to English. But I have some samples here:


Meanwhile, in Prague, Kevin enjoys a nice time with his new girlfriend and has no idea that someone is looking for him. As the two walk hand in hand towards the B metro station, the man spots several people dressed in black in a narrow alley. Instinctively, he grabs Martina around the waist and pulls her closer to him. He can smell potential trouble in the air, but never in his worst dreams would he have thought that these people were the ones trying to grab him.

"Honey, what's wrong? You know these men?" asked the girl, when they had both safely turned the corner and found themselves in a nice historic square.

"No, I didn't, but I felt like I'd seen one of them before somewhere. I'll have to ask Franco about it."

"Who is Franco? You never told me about him."

"Franco is my spiritual guru. He comes from Italy and since we have known each other he has become not only a great teacher but also a friend. From time to time I get in touch with him and he gives me advice," Kevin tries to wriggle out of this dialogue.


One evening Ben was returning home from work and a romantic dinner was waiting for him. Jess thought through the procedure in detail, how she was going to explain to him why she had been uncomfortable for the last few days and why they had almost had a bloody fight. "Are we celebrating something?" Ben asked in surprise. "No, darling. I just love you and I wanted to make you happy." "I love you too, you know that," Ben looked at her. "Come and sit at the table." 

Jess was quite nervous, afraid of Ben's reaction. "I want to tell you something. As we're living here, I remembered that I've shared a house once before. It was unique, but then Amy's father, Mike, died. I don't know if I mentioned all that to you." , "Yes love, you did," Ben interrupted her. "I want you to know that I love you very much, Ben. I have no idea why these feelings came up inside me, but I need to get it out of my system," she continued: "When I got pregnant a few years ago and was pregnant with Amy, I didn't really know what life was about and how I was going to cope. After giving birth, I was on my own. My parents stood by me and helped me through the difficult times. 

We are now starting a new stage of life. Amy loves you very much. I want all three of us to live in absolute harmony and enjoy every day. I care about the three of us, Ben." Jess got all of her feelings out.

The author hasn't added any updates, yet.

  • Anonymous
    on April 7, 2023, 1:14 p.m.

    You are such a dynamic storyteller, Karol! Can't wait to see these books published in English.

    • Karol Pittner
      on April 7, 2023, 3:21 p.m.

      Hello, thank you so much, I appreciate it. I am working on it. First, I need some financies to cover the translation costs and then the books be ready for Inspiring people all over the World :)