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Nikolay Peev

Nikolay Peev


Lawyer by day, writer by night. The fun never ends when you love what you do, right?

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Front Cover for my criticaly acclaimed latest novel "The Interview", a modern thriller. Available only on Bulgarian language for now.

Front cover from my sci-fi action adventure "Day of the Invict"

Lawyer by day, writer by night. The fun never ends when you love what you do, right?

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After finishing law school, I've worked in several law fields such as law enforcement, government administration and Energetics. After hours I've often spent my time working on my debute novel - the sci-fi adventure "Day of the Invict". I finished the book in 2013, when I was 25 y.o., but it was published in the late 2016. The book immediately caught the interest of the audience and the critics and got a nomination for "Favourite book of Bulgaria for
2016" in the fiction genre.
Soon after that, "Day of the Invict" became the first translated Bulgarian science fiction book, available for publishing worldwide.

My second book (2018) is the critically acclaimed modern/dystopian thriller - "The Interview", which centers around the inclusion of Universal Basic Income and how it affects society. It is only available in Bulgarian language... for now. I'd like to see it translated and also published worldwide pretty soon.

Currently still balancing between the world of legal practice and writing a couple of surprises for my readers - all in different genres. We'll see how the scales of fate will decide about that.

I always appreciate feedback and stories from the readers.
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Day of the Invict

Silian returns to Old Earth, bent on unveiling one of the invicts’ best-kept secrets. However, on his arrival, a dangerous conspiracy draws him into an uneven fight for his life.

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Sci-Fi Adventure, YA, Action, Thriller
55,000 words
100% complete
4 publishers interested


Year 3367. Mankind has reached unprecedented heights.
Silian returns to Old Earth, bent on unveiling one of the invicts’ best-kept secrets. However, on his arrival, a dangerous conspiracy draws him into an uneven fight for his life.
Meanwhile, at the very end of the known space,
one warrior known only by the name of Wraith is after a device which could change human history forever.
Facing a mad race against time, Silian and Wraith soon find out that they might not survive long enough
to see the dawn of another day… the Day of the Invict.

With this book my goal was to write a balanced, dynamic and entertaining sci-fi/adventure story. It picks the best qualities of classic sci-fi novels with a modern, polished approach and philosophy. An easy read for people of any age.

I love fiction stories about space and through this book I want to share that loving experience with my readers. To show them that sci-fi really is an amazing and entertaining genre that deserves their time and attention...


The story follows the adventures of Silian and Wraith. Silian is stationed on Earth and Wraith - in the unknown far reaches of space. The story develops around these two main protagonists, but also expands with quite a few intense and intriguing secondary characters. 

The book is structured in 3 stages:

(Prologue with a retrospective)

Part 1: The harsh landing on Earth for Silian and the dangerous conspiracy he is involved in / The life of a lone outcast in space for Wraith;
Part 2: Meeting the most dangerous person in the universe for Silian / The assault on an unknown base in the far reaches of space for Wraith;
Part 3: The unexpected allies in the dangerous journey of Silian / The harsh consequences of battle for Wraith.



I strive towards versatile "simple but rich" writing style, understandable for any age and gender. However, people prefer different genres, so based on my promotions for events, book presentations and Facebook feedback (from the pages of my books), I can give you these basic statistics:

According to my statistics, the readers are about:

56 % women / 44 % men, with an average age of 20 - 45 y.o.

I believe that writing with passion and working with professional editors, correctors, visual artist and publishers provides the ultimate experience for my readers.

If the book is high quality read, it shows, and it attracts a lot of readers, even from different genres, which is one of my main goals when writing.


My book presentations and book signing events are always highly attended.

I have many positive reviews on Bulgarian critic blogs and vlogs,
which is updated and posted in the two Facebook pages of my books:



I constantly try to make meetings/reading events with my readers and find ways to expand my audience.

I have also quite a lot of interviews on TV, radio and press releases, such as Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian National Radio (I've already being guest in every major city in Bulgaria). 

Every attendance to public invitations attracts many more readers from different ages and cultures. The feedback is that they find mostly attractive and interesting the simple, yet rich and dynamic writing style of mine, and, of course, the stories themselves.  

I'll upload a few links from the most popular medias in Bulgaria:

1. My interview with the grandmaster of sci-fi - Joe Haldeman.

2. Interview in one of the most progressive medias in Bulgaria - LifeBites

3. "Day of the Invict" got the attention of all the medias in Bulgaria when it was released

4. On Bulgarian National Television - I start at the 26:00 minute

5. On Bulgarian National Radio - I've been their guest several times after that

And many, many more - interviews in papers, appearances on radio programs, as a guest on popular events, including the biggest literature convention in Bulgaria - LitCon - here's a link with a video:

6. LitCon - Bulgaria

In addition to all this, I'm considering a Youtube channel from which I can provide help and writing tips for beginners and even advanced writers. This project is in development.


I adore Joe Haldeman, Dan Simmons and Stephen King as writers and their writing styles.

I recently took and interview from Joe Haldeman, which I shared with all my readers via Bulgaria's biggest reader platform Az-Cheta /which means "I-read"/.

My interview with the grandmaster of sci-fi - Joe Haldeman.

I'm adding a link to it here, even though it's in Bulgarian language /I translated my interview with Joe for the audience/.

I love working with colleagues and receiving their feedback. It's priceless.

As for the examples: 

1. Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos) by Dan Simmons

Similarities: Strong, unique characters, the way of telling the story;

Differences: Dan Simmons is obviously a genius, but I like to write more clean, short if you wish, with fast-paced storytelling.

2. "The Forever war" by Joe Haldeman

Similarities: light, accessible writing style, dynamic storytelling, always something happens;

Differences: "The Forever war" is more military based, while "Day of the Invict" have more adventurous, YA appeal.

3. "Do Androids dream of electric sheep?" by Philip K. Dick

Similarities: futuristic cities, gray characters - both good and evil, depending on the situation;

Differences: Philip K. Dick's novel is pretty dark and set in the near future, also cyberpunk-ish, while "Day of the Invict" is promising a "bright" future and a lot of sci-fi adventures.

4. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Similarities: political intrigues in the background and surprising, backstabbing characters, also similar structure of chapters.

Differences: genre, obviously :)

I like to learn from the very best, even though in different genres. I consider these great writers my mentors (not competition) and I hold great respect for them all.

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Part I


Wraith - introduction of main characters


The doors slid open. A large man with a muscular frame stood at the entrance. He was more than two meters tall. One hand was on his hip,
the other was artistically reaching out to the command panel, as if awaiting applause. He kept the provoking stance for almost a minute.
His cauldron-black hair stuck out chaotically in all directions, giving the performer an even more fascinating appearance.

He took a grandiloquent step inside the cockpit. His bearded face nestled a wide shining smile. He had his pilot battle uniform up only up to the waist. The piece of clothing had the standard Air Caste shades of purple and silver. Its upper part dragged behind after every step with a muffled rasp.

“Magnificent, Electro! Simply magnificent! Explain this to me, how is it possible?! A work of millennia past burning up my passion just like it had done with people of ancient times!” He sighed. “Sadly, you will never know what poetry is and I am doomed to endure a stuck-up like you till the end of days. Come on, load already!”

The man reached the pilot console and kicked it. The strike sent tremors through the text holograms. One of them stretched into a vivid image similar to a space nebula. The artificial dashboard intellect (ADI) was an image coded centuries ago and could be broadcast in every corner of the ship.

The man did an agile jump over the console and sat in the pilot seat.

“Stop your whining or else next time you are in hibernation I will play you jingles, not operas.”

“Oh, so you do hear me! I’m glad you’re still functioning. Good
morning, Electro.”

“We are in space, Wraith. There is no good and no morning here.”


Kirin - the Earth governor - tension scene


Kirin hid his eyes with a palm as they got used to the afternoon sun. The strong cold wind chocked him. He looked around as he coughed. Nothing had changed since his last visit. The roof was even and visibly empty. Here and there on the surface there were dust whirls, which rose up to the sky like mythical ghosts. The guards had surrounded the lift. The two cyberguards stood tall over the group like numb titans of gleaming metal.

The High Administrator patted his robe angrily as it flapped in the wind. Dod neared him. He was awaiting orders. Kirin looked at him questioningly, raising his eyebrows. His face wrinkled and the rings embedded in his skin gleamed ominously under the bright sun.

“I hate tardiness!” he hissed through his teeth. “The day on Old Earth is a mere twenty-four hours! How much longer must I wait?”

“Squad, report!” barked the commander and the communication channel opened.


“Same here…”

“I don’t detect anything…”

All camouflaged guards gave their confirmations as well.

“I have arranged my troops along the length of the entire roof. The perimeter is covered and under control.”

“We will see. Do you know which ancient generals had used the same troop pattern, Commander?”

“Umm, no…?”

“Small children on birthday parties. Then they put burning candles on the honorary dish… and then they snuffed them with a single blow. Imagine that! The same pattern your squad uses.”

“My troops will eliminate anything that…”

“Do not underestimate the enemy, Commander! Unless your shots fly with the speed of thought, you are not safe!”

A few thick clouds covered the sun. Their shadow made the skin shiver.

Everybody’s attention was drawn to a sudden change in wind direction. Kirin squinted and covered his face with a hand to block the dust. Guards fell to one knee, ready to shoot. They aimed their weapons at different directions. Cyberguards activated their scan-rays.

The sky seemingly twisted and took an unnatural shape. Somewhere above them there was a loud crack.

“Shooters ready! We have contact!” shouted the commander. Kirin took a few cautious steps back.


Silian, the main protagonist meets the most dangerous person in the world - part of dialogue - exposition


“But they couldn’t break you?” Silian nervously scratched his neck.

“No. And you know why? Because to beat them, you need to know them. Their planet is beyond the most wonderful and vast nebula you could imagine. I didn’t even know that such places exist. The Earthlings call their home New Earth. They live in a real paradise, Silian! That’s why they’ve been hiding their planet for so long. It is ten times bigger than your overpraised Vita. New Earth is covered in vegetation, but you would never understand when you have passed the border between nature and technology. For intruders, however, their planet is a sadistic stepmother. Capsules of exiles and traitors are sprayed all around the jungles of this vast world. They push you inside one of those like in a prison cell. It’s so tight inside that you can barely fit both your body and your mind. They place a mask on you.” The man pointed at his nose and mouth, streaked with scars. “And then comes the worst. Month after month they send various substances through your body. They change you. I think they are looking for a way to make their warriors invincible. They experiment with people. Those who survive it physically go insane. After that they throw them away on the closest planet. But I survived, Silian... I won!”

As he was talking, the nameless one changed. His mocking smile disappeared. His movements became graceful despite still being twitchy. He told the story with a child’s enthusiasm as if nobody had ever heard it before.

Silian kept silent. He nodded thoughtfully, taking in every word. He was starting to understand why he couldn’t read the man’s thoughts. Something on New Earth had changed him too much.

The author hasn't added any updates, yet.