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KA James

KA James

Don't Tell Anyone is my first full novel. I have always had a passion for writing and so have a few unfinished stories saved.

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About the author

I work in HR but have always wanted to write a book. I started writing Don't Tell Anyone in March 2022 but put it on hold whilst I moved house. I picked it up again in August 2022 and finished my first draft in October 2022.

I have found that although I have tried to write many genres, romance is the one I have managed to write with ease. I am currently working on a second book in a series I am calling 'Breaking the Rules'. This is the book of Alex and Sebastian who were in Don't Tell Anyone.
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Don't Tell Anyone

When you don't play by the rules you created...

Megan works for Cooper as his assistant, but that doesn't stop them from crossing the line at the Christmas Party. When they can't stay away from each other, rules are made...and broken.

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Megan -
Mr Cooper Jackson is my boss and my very indecent thoughts about him must stay just that, thoughts. I'm had a crush on my boss for the past eight months and no matter what I do, I can't get him out of mind. I can't stop thinking about what he would be like, if I could just spend one night with him.

I had quite a few drinks at the Christmas party and when I wake up in a bed that isn't my own, you can imagine my surprise when I turnover and find my boss next to me.

Cooper -
Megan Taylor is my Assistant. She's meek and mild and everything I usually shy away from in a woman, so why does she hold so much of my interest. I haven't been able to touch another woman, let alone look at another woman in the year that Megan has worked for me. When I see her at the Christmas party, and she kisses me I just can't stop us. Even though I know I should.

After one particularly eventful moment in the filing room we agree to some ground rules. Rule number one: Don't tell anyone...

This book is based in New York.

Megan Taylor is a 5ft 5' blonde haired, green-eyed beauty, who hides herself behind baggy clothes and a bare face. She has worked for Cooper Jackson, Managing Director at Jackson and Associates, for nearly two years and has a massive crush on him. Cooper is a 6ft 4' guy with light brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Because of her crush, Megan has a hard time looking Cooper directly in the eye.

Megan has been responsible for organising the Christmas party and completely forgot that she had drunkenly agreed for her friend, Alex, to choose her outfit. Alex dresses up Megan and she draws the attention of Cooper, although he's had his eye on her for a while. They end up hooking up at the Christmas party, although Megan doesn't remember all of the details, and she runs away in the early hours.

Come Monday, Cooper believes that Megan wants nothing to do with him after the Christmas party so continues to treat her as normal. That is until later that night when they are working alone in the office and he accidentally brushes her arm.

Megan got caught up in the moment and so runs from the office. Cooper comes to her apartment later that evening and they end up hooking up again. This time Cooper is the one to run. He tells Megan it is a mistake and that it can never happen again.

Over the weekend Megan's best friend comes to visit her and they go out and give Megan a makeover. On Monday morning, with Alex's pep talks fresh in her mind, Megan struts her stuff in the office and Cooper doesn't really like it. Men are flirting with her but she's his and so they should stay away. There is an eventful scene in the filing room that causes them to agree to some rules.

Rule number one - Don't tell anyone
Rule number two - Don't sleep with anyone else
Rule number three - If either of them meets someone, what they are doing ends, effective immediately
Rule number four - There are to be no dates
Rule number five - No intimacy at work
Rule number six - No sleepovers

Due to work they don't really see much of each other over the rest of the week and so when Megan goes out with Alex and see's Cooper with another woman touching him, she believes that he doesn't want her and so proceeds to have a good time.

That night she goes home with Cooper and ends up sleeping over most of the night. She doesn't run away this time but she isn't there in the morning as she had to get ready for work. He tells her to meet him at his apartment that night and proceeds to go to lunch with is mom. He starts to have doubts that he is good enough for Megan and so that night when she comes over she finds him in the shower and they make love.

The next day, Megan doesn't go to work as she received a devastating call from her dad about her mom. Cooper can't get to her until later in the evening and is worried about her all day. He is there for Megan that evening, making sure she eats and comforts her when she needs it. He takes her to the airport and waits with her until her plane is boarding.

While she is away, Megan learns that she is pregnant. Although she spoke to Cooper when she first left, after a while she didn't hear from him as much. She goes to see him once she has learnt the news but overhears him in his office with another person. Instead of confronting him, she runs away and moves back home, cutting off all contact from Cooper. Understandably, Cooper doesn't take this very well, he loves Megan but won't chase her down when she's been clear she wants nothing to do with him.

We pick up seven months later when Megan is walking down the street and sees Cooper. She thinks she is seeing things so goes into the shop she was heading to. Cooper follows her in, and confronts her, he thinks she's with someone else now.

Megan goes into labour and this worries Cooper. He tries to call her an ambulance but she won't let him, insisting that she will drive herself. He agrees to take her but when she won't tell him the name of her baby's father he demands to know. She reveals it is him.

Once the baby arrives, they go back to New York after Megan has agreed to move in (into the spare room) with Cooper. Cooper's feelings for Megan haven't changed and so he formulates a plan to win her around. He still hasn't explained the other woman to Megan, and so she is reluctant to let her walls down around him.

He teases her by walking around the apartment with no top on, doing small things for her and moving her into his room when she falls asleep on the sofa.

Eventually, Cooper decides to propose to Megan and so arranges a dress and accessories for her, sends her flowers, asks Alex to babysit and has a makeup artist and stylist go to the apartment to pamper her.

On the rooftop of the restaurant he has chosen, he explains about the misunderstanding and proposes to her. She accepts the proposal and the epilogue picks up one year later at their housewarming. They are married and expecting their second child.

The epilogue sets up the second book in the 'Breaking the Rules' series, which I am currently writing.

Sales arguments

  • I am an avid reader and am in many romance reading groups.
  • I am starting to build up my social media followers but as I post more content this is growing.
  • I have a beta group of 7 readers who are more than happy to share my book on social media.

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Chapter 1 – Megan

Rubbing my temples, I let out a low moan; I can feel the dull pain of a headache looming in the back of my eyes. I need to stop the mental images running through my mind if I am going to get this report completed on time. Pushing my glasses up my nose, I sit up straighter and stare at the screen in front of me. The numbers jumble on the spreadsheet as another image of sweaty and entangled bodies flash behind my closed eyes, I blink my eyes furiously to try and get rid of the images. Just the thought of him, naked and losing control has my panties soaked through, when I’m supposed to be working.

I mentally berate myself as I snap my eyes open. Coffee... I need coffee. I let out a sigh of frustration as I push my chair back from my desk. The man I am daydreaming about is sitting in the office behind me; I see him every weekday and occasionally on weekends. He isn’t my husband, boyfriend, or lover, but my boss. And he would never look at me with passion in his eyes, let alone get me naked and bless my body with the feel of him inside me or my ears with the sounds of his groans as he makes me see God.

Now of course, I have never slept with this man, but I just know it would be good. Hot. Steamy. Sensual. grab you by the throat and tell you that you’re his and only his. I have no doubt that he would have me screaming his name, forgetting anyone that came before him and comparing every man that comes after, to him. He exudes power and dominance; a lion if you will. Not just in the boardroom, I’m sure in the bedroom too. I, on the other hand, am a meek little mouse.

Today I am dressed in a pair of loose black pants, probably a size too big for me, a flowing black blouse, again a size too big, and my trusty cream cable knit cardigan. I’ll level with you; the cardigan has seen better days, but I seem to have an aversion to spending money on clothes. On my feet are a sensible pair of simple black pumps. I wear a simple chain necklace and my grandmother’s wristwatch for my jewellery.

I wear some variant of this outfit every day I am in the office. My natural beach curled, waist length, blonde hair is pulled back into a neat bun. Without a scrap of makeup on my face, my peaches and cream skin glows from the moisturiser I applied this morning. I opt to ‘dress down’ for work, and in general life; not because of the attention that tends to come with it. Not that I would get any, but I don’t want to be like all the women in the office. Those who, I think, wear too much make-up, dresses that cling to every curve and skyscraper heels. No, I much prefer to be inconspicuous. And anyways, the only person whose attention I want, I would never get.

Standing from my desk I pick up my mug and make my way down the corridor to the modern open area of the office that is home to the associates that work on this floor. The space is in the middle of the floor with one wall housing meeting rooms, while another wall gives a floor to ceiling view of Manhattan. The third wall has a bookshelf running the length filled with all kinds of books you could need as an associate, the final wall is blank but contains the door to the large kitchen area for this floor. The offices for Jackson and Associates in general are open plan, clean, white, and bright spaces. I’ve always thought it was almost clinical, but you definitely get the whole Suits vibe from it.

I make my way into the kitchen area, and go to the sink, where I rinse out my mug before making a cup of coffee from the Keurig. The kitchen on our floor is another modern room, with all the appliances you could possibly need. I go over to the pastries that have been brought in fresh today and help myself to a croissant. As I am going to leave, Lucy comes into the kitchen, she’s an associate on this floor and loves to gossip. Her make-up is like you might have done back in the 90’s, all eyeliner and electric blue eyeshadow. Too much, in my opinion, because she really doesn’t need it. Today she is wearing a little black dress, that I would say is inappropriate for the workplace, showing too much leg and cleavage, or maybe I’m just a prude. She doesn’t acknowledge me as she saunters into the kitchen and so I don’t acknowledge her on my way out. I make my way back to my desk, where I sit down and take a bite of my pastry and sip my coffee before I get back to work.

As I’m trying to get my eyes to focus and my mind to stop the constant scenes of sweaty sex from playing on repeat, the office door behind me opens. I stiffen as I wait for whatever orders are going to be barked at me. He isn’t usually so harsh, but we are on a tight deadline for a case so he can be a bit abrupt. When nothing is said, I slowly turn in my seat, my eyes staring at his shiny black Oxfords, travelling up the long solid legs encased in light grey suit pants. My eyes meet the impressive bulge hidden behind the zipper, causing my tongue to sweep across suddenly dry lips. My top teeth drag along my bottom lip, pulling it into my mouth; I bite down to keep myself from moaning. My eyes become heavy and now all I can think about is dropping to my knees and slowly unzipping his trousers, taking him into my mouth until he comes down my throat. Fuck!

“Are you done?”, a deep masculine voice asks me, I can hear the humour in his tone. I’m sure he finds it funny that his lowly assistant is checking him out, it must be hilarious for him. God’s gift to women that he is! Although I’ve never seen him with a woman, he gives off the energy of a player. I can feel the heat of my embarrassment, from having been caught ogling my boss, flush across my cheeks.

My eyes grow wide, flashing up to the devastatingly handsome face; with blue, all-seeing, ocean eyes, of Cooper Jackson. My God, he’s beautiful. He towers over my 5ft 5 frame at 6ft 4, and I struggle to maintain contact with his dazzling eyes. Even if I wanted to I can’t; I cower under his gaze. When under what feels like his microscopic gaze, I do what I always do when I become the focus of anyone’s attention, especially this man’s, and divert my eyes to the floor with a blush slowly creeping up my neck.

Mr. Jackson’s hair is light brown, with hints of natural blond highlights, is short on the sides and perfectly coiffed on top. It’s not loaded with product so he could run his fingers through it if he so desired. Or you know, I could. He has a slight five o’clock shadow, but otherwise his well defined jaw is clear and prominent.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jackson. Did you need something?”, I ask. I‘ve worked for Mr. Jackson for nearly 1 year, or 11 months and 18 days to be exact, as his assistant. For around 8 of those months, I have been in love with this man (or as my best friend Alexandria likes to say; in lust – she doesn’t believe in love). She thinks I should seduce him and then maybe I won’t be so hung up on him. She believes it would be as simple as that to get him out of my system, and that once he is out I can go on dates with other men and move on.

I’ll admit that while I haven’t had sex in over 10 months, because I’ve been obsessing over him, I just can’t seem to be interested in anyone else. He is one of the most respected lawyers in New York City and is the Managing Partner of Jackson and Associates, specialising in Family Law but over the floors of the offices they specialise in all areas of law. He dates supermodels for Christ’s sake, he is a very private man, but that part of his life is splashed all over the society pages and I can’t help but look. You’d think that would be enough for me to not be interested in him, but you’d be wrong.

“I need the file for the Walker case...’ he pauses, waiting for me to react before he adds, “”. One thing I’ve learnt in my time as Mr. Jackson’s assistant is that he will very rarely say please and thank you. It is one of his very few flaws, that I’m aware of anyway, but with a reputation like his, many people will do anything he asks, without the expected niceties.

“Of course, Mr. Jackson, I’ll go and get it for you.” I rise from my seat, my eyes still averted and scurry along to the file room. Once I enter the room, I close the door and lean back against it, dragging in deep breaths. I use my hands as fans in a vain attempt to get this stupid blush to go away. I press my cool hands to my heated cheeks and take in large gulps of air. Why do I always have to show my feelings on my face? And why on earth did I just check out my boss’s package?! I wouldn’t be surprised if I got fired by the end of the day.

Chapter 2 - Megan

It's finally Friday and after an embarrassing start to the week, by the grace of God, I managed to keep my job. I’m kept busy with work and the planning of the firm's Christmas party, which is going to be a masquerade ball theme - ball gowns are not required but masks are. It is my job to liaise with the party planners and ensure everything is perfect, heading up the committee of representatives from each department. As I am replying to an email from a prospective client wishing to make an appointment with Mr. Jackson, a text message pops up on my phone. I pick up my phone and read the text.

Alex: I have found the PERFECT dress for you for the party tonight! xx

I re-read it and let out a frustrated groan. Alexandria, or Alex as I call her, has been my best friend since we were five years old and is constantly trying to get me to step out of my comfort zone. She’s full of not so bright ideas and constantly suggests I wear clothes that I just wouldn’t normally. She thinks I should show off my figure and bask in the attention she seems to think that would get me. Alex is bold and not afraid to be her true self, I on the other hand, am the complete opposite, always worried about what others will think and how they might judge me. So you can imagine my horror when I read her text and remember the agreement I made with her.

For unknown reasons, one night we were having a cocktails and pamper night and I drunkenly agreed to let Alex pick my outfit for the Christmas party. In all honesty, that was six months ago and I had since forgotten about it. Or maybe I wished she had forgotten about it. I’m terrified it’s going to a sexy Mrs. Claus costume or something equally bad. One year, she tried to get me to dress as a sexy cat for Halloween...seriously, a cat is not sexy, it’s a damn household pet! Thankfully, I said no to that idea before she had a chance to buy the outfit but I have no doubt that if she had, I would have been forced into meowing at the halloween party.

Megan: Listen Alex, I think I will just wear my black dress tonight, it’s perfectly suitable for a work party. xx

The dress I'm referring to, is a calf length dress with long sleeves and a high neck, a perfectly suitable dress for a work function. It doesn’t reveal any part of my body except a slither of calf and calves aren’t sexy. Unless you think they are, in that case, you do you. No judgement here. I’ll pair it with some modest heels, some light make-up, (by which I mean a tinted moisturiser and some mascara), and maybe even wear my hair down. I know what you’re thinking…I’m really living on the edge here. It is a masquerade ball, afterall, so my face will be covered. I smile to myself as I get an image of my perfectly professional outfit in my mind. My satisfaction is disrupted by the sound of my cell vibrating on my desk.

Alex: NO!

Alex: You told me yourself that you want to get out of your comfort zone and that you would let me pick your outfit ☹ xx

Megan: I vaguely remember this conversation; you surely can’t hold it against me?

Megan: I was drunk, Alex! xx

Alex: I can, and I am! ☺ You are wearing the outfit I have chosen for you.

Alex: We will have shots before we leave, so you can be drunk enough not to care! xx

Tapping the side of my phone with my index finger, I take my time trying to think of a way to get Alex to let me off the hook. Normally, if I was having a conversation like this face-to-face with her, I’d pout and flutter my eyelashes until I got my way. I rack my brain for solutions to my predicament. Maybe I can get ready before she comes over...No that won’t work, we’ll probably leave work together and we live in the same building, so she will probably come straight to mine to get ready. Maybe I can pretend I’m sick and say I can’t go...No, that won’t work either, I’ve worked too hard on this, I need to show my face. Before I can come up with a reason as to why I can dress myself, Alex responds.
Alex: Got to go, you-know-who, is coming. See you in the lobby at 4 xx
Alex’s boss Belinda, or you-know-who, is a bitch, or so Alex says, and doesn’t tolerate cell phones being used during the workday. I release a sign, resigning myself to my fate, because let’s face it, this is Alex, she is as stubborn as they come and none of my tricks would have worked on her. I type out a reply to her, letting her know she will have no further arguments from me.

Megan: Fine, but there had better be enough shots to make me not care! See you then xx

Although I vaguely remember agreeing to let Alex pick my outfit, I know that once Alex gets something in her head there’s no going back. Even if I had the opportunity to see Alex face-to-face, my pleas would fall on deaf ears. Working for the same firm, doesn’t mean we get to see each other that much during the day. It’s usually if I have to take a file to Alex’s boss or Alex has a meeting on my floor, that we will briefly see each other and even those occasions are few and far between.

Luckily, Alex and I live in the same apartment block in Brooklyn; I have no doubt that Alex could move out and find a much better place closer to the city but if she did that, we wouldn’t see each other often, what with work and then living so far apart. Because of this we go to and leave work together, where work permits.

Putting down my cell, I get back to the email in front of me, with the worry of what Alex has picked out for me in the back of mind until the end of the day.


I’ve hardly seen Mr. Jackson all week, he’s been in and out of court, but comes strolling into the office a little before four. His navy-blue suit jacket is flung over one arm, with the other holding his briefcase. His white shirt is a stark contrast to his tanned skin tone, his burgundy tie has been tugged loose at his collar and the top button of his shirt has been undone. I swear to God, this man knows what he is doing. He could be a runway model with his good looks and style.

He is a beautiful man, a dusting of stubble is visible across his sharp, well-defined jaw; high cheekbones and a straight nose give him model-like features, with stunning blue eyes I could drown in. His hair is practically begging for my fingers to run through it; preferably when he is between my legs. I drop my gaze as he walks past my desk, completely ignoring my presence. That’s just typical of him. Not that I’m complaining, I’m sure I’d melt into a puddle if he focused his attention on me for longer than needed.

I finish up the report on Mr. Jackson’s billed hours for November and load it onto an email to send to the finance team to pick up on Monday; I’ve been working on it all afternoon. Shutting down my computer, I gather my belongings and make my way over to his door. I drag a deep, almost life sustaining, breath in before knocking lightly on the closed door. I am greeted with a muffled call to enter. As I open the door, I immediately divert my gaze to the floor, his woodsy, masculine scent assaults me and I try my hardest to keep my thoughts focused.

“I’m heading off now, Mr. Jackson. I’ll see you at the party.” The firm is finishing early today so that we can get ready for the party and really get into the festive mood, although the holidays aren’t for another two weeks so we will all be back come Monday. I have no doubt that Mr. Jackson will be here, beavering away, until the party is in full swing and then make a speedy exit after showing his face.

My statement is met with silence; begrudgingly, I bring my eyes up and am met with his cool blue eyes staring back at me. Studying me. He’s leaning back in his chair, his dark mahogany desk sitting between us, one elbow is resting on the arm of his chair, with his chin in its palm. A slight smirk falls on his full kissable lips causing my eyes to focus in on them and when he opens them to talk his straight white teeth glisten back at me.

“Yes, I will see you then.” He responds after a moment of us staring at each other. I’m not confident enough to hold his gaze for any longer than necessary, so I drop my eyes back to the floor and scurry out of his office, making my way to the lobby to meet Alex.

Chapter 3 - Cooper

The door clicks softly behind her as she leaves my office, I sit there for a moment and ask myself why she doesn’t look at me when we talk. It dawns on me in that moment, that I’ve started to stay quiet on purpose now. It’s become a game for me, to see how long it takes for her to divert her gaze once it’s landed on me.

I find her intoxicating but have no idea why. Ever since she started working for me there has been something about her but I just can’t pinpoint what it is. I haven’t been interested in anyone else since that day. It can’t be because of her body. I have no clue what that looks like, or even the shape. I don’t think it’s her beauty because she doesn’t flaunt it like other women do, even though she is beautiful. And I don’t think it’s her personality because she hardly speaks to me, aside from for work; but, for some reason I am pulled to this woman. I would move mountains for her but she has no idea of her effect on me.

I want to take her blonde hair, which I have no clue as to how long or short it is, out of the bun she scrapes it into and run my fingers through it. My mind is filled with images of me grabbing a handful as I angle her face to mine and devour her soft mouth. I imagine she’d taste sweet, that at first, she would be shy and reserved, before coming undone and giving as good as she got. I like to dominate in the bedroom, I take charge but always make sure that my partner is left satisfied, yet craving more.

Maybe it’s a good thing she doesn’t want to look at me; I’m not sure I could hold back again if she gave me more looks like the one from earlier in the week when I had caught her looking at my crotch. It was a miracle I managed to stay only semi-hard when she drew her plump bottom lip between her teeth and her gaze became heavy with lust. I imagined what her pillowy lips would look like wrapped around my cock. I wanted to lift her up, undress her from those awful clothes and fuck her senseless right there on her desk. Fuck, I’m getting hard just thinking about her! I. Can. Not. Sleep. With. My. Assistant. I mentally berate myself and force myself to think of anything else. An image of Judge Cornelias pops into my head and his old but happy face is more than enough to get my mind off of screwing my assistant.

I run a hand through my hair, and let out a frustrated breath, deciding I’m going to call Vivian, she’s usually available on a Friday and doesn’t require romancing. Vivian and I have an understanding that we will only see each other when we are both unattached and that we will never be more than a hookup to each other. I haven’t seen her in a year, even though I’ve been single. Before I call Vivian, I decide to call it a day; it’s been a hell of a week and I’m ready to relax this weekend; but, first I need to get through an hour or two of the firm's masquerade themed Christmas party. I’ll go home, shower, change and then head to the party; I’ll call Vivian after the party.

Opening the top drawer of my desk, I pull out the box containing my mask for the party tonight. Megan ordered it for me last week and when it arrived I put it in my desk drawer without looking at it and forgot about it. I open the box and peer at the plain black mask; it’s almost Zorro-like, just the sort of mask I can tolerate for an hour or so, because let’s face it, nobody is going to let loose when one of the big bosses is around.

Standing from my desk, I grab some files to work on over the weekend and make my way to the elevator, calling my driver Christopher, as I do. It’s Manhattan and nobody drives, so while you may think I’m fancy for having a driver, it is purely for practical purposes. I can get much more work done in the back of a car than on the subway.


This year we’ve rented out Passion, a club owned by my good friend Sebastian Worthington. He’s a self-made billionaire from England, with around 5 clubs in total, at the moment, around the world. He has one in London, Australia, Dubai and one in New York and one in LA. He’s also a massive playboy and has a new woman on his arm every day of the week. I’m surprised he hasn’t been through every woman in his social circle.

We have the club to ourselves until 11PM when it opens to the public. Normally the club would open at 10PM but Sebastian has agreed, for an exorbitant price I might add, to open an hour later. I get to the club at around 8PM; there are some people here already, mostly those that you know won’t be staying once the club opens. Making my way to the bar, I order a neat Macallan 18, surveying the club as I lean back against the bar. Christmas music plays from the speakers, with fairy lights strewn around, adding to the ambience, you can hear the light chatter of people mingling with the occasional bout of laughter.
“Cooper, it’s good to see you! How are you?” Sebastian calls as he comes to stand next to me, leaning back against the bar mirroring my stance.

“Sebastian, it’s good to see you too man. I’m good, how are you?” I reply, bringing my drink to my lips for a sip.

“Not too bad, business is booming…thanks to your booking.” he laughs, while I throw a glare in his direction. I’m fairly certain I didn’t get any discount for knowing him. He continues, “I won’t lie, I didn’t expect to see you here tonight. Thought it would be more of a ‘let the worker bees party without the boss’ kind of thing.”, he chuckles.

“I always show my face at work parties, but I won’t lie, I’d much rather be enjoying the company of a beautiful woman.” I respond, turning back to lean my elbows on the bar I signal to the bartender for another drink.

Sebastian and I chat for an hour, catching up since we haven’t seen each other for months, mostly due to him getting ready to open another bar. After a while, as more people have filtered in and the drinks have started to flow freely, I decide I should probably go and make the rounds of the party and check-in before it all gets too out of hand.

After making painful small talk, because let’s face it, nobody wants to let loose with the boss around, I make my way back to the bar, where Sebastian has been waiting. We chat for a moment, Sebastian asks me something about New York politics and I’m mid-way through responding when I see her come through the door; my heart skips a beat, my palms get sweaty and my mouth goes dry.

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    I hope you are well and having a good week so far. 

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