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Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Grover Beach, California

I'm passionate to take my experiences over the past 40 years to empower married men and women to live life with passion and purpose through my books, courses, and webinars.

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I am passionate to take my experiences over the past 12 years and help married men and women live life with passion and purpose through my book, courses, and blogging. I see many men and women struggle every day to earn a living and provide for their families in a career that they love. It is my mission to empower them to discover their gifts talents and abilities and make a huge difference in the lives of the people they love, and people all over the world.
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Earning Money With Passion and Purpose

Learn how to turn your passion in to a career

In 2008 while working on computer telephone systems I had an epiphany that the work I was doing was not making a difference in people's lives. I realized I had to make a career change but I did not know-how. This book is my journey of discovering my passions and turning that into a career.

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Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
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Many people today have lost their passion for the work that they do and some hate their job but they stay at that job because they don't know what else to do or don't know that they have a choice to create their life they want it to be.

Starting a business is easy when you do at your own pace and have a guide to walk you through the process of doing it the right way.
I started a business and in 2010 without a plan, wasted so much money, fell into so many traps, and was forced to close my business in 2012.

I launched my current PC repair business in 2016 with a plan and a secret weapon and today my business is still going strong.
The purpose of my book is to save the reader time, money, and avoid all the mistakes most small businesses encounter when first starting up.

My book is a proven road map to follow if you have a desire to start your own business.

Here is what you will learn.
--How to create a road map that aligns with your goals, dreams, and values.
--How to overcome challenges as you build your business.
--How to attract your ideal client.
--Free resources available to help you start, grow, and scale your business, and much more.

Why support this book?

  • Your employees want to know how their work makes a difference in the lives of your customers
  • Do you know what your employees are passionate about?
  • The Gallup poll looked at 323,500 American adults and found most moms with kids under age 18 wish they could take care of their home and family instead of having to head to the office every day.
  • I worked in the the Communications and IT industry a combined 30 years and missed so many special events with family and friends due to my work schedule.

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This book is for married men and women who have always wanted to start their own business while they are working to be able to spend more time with their family in the future. The reader will learn practical ways to start their own business at their own pace and have the best of both worlds.

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