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GuruMeher Khalsa

GuruMeher Khalsa

Los Angeles, California

GuruMeher spent 20 years working with clients as a yoga therapist and life coach and 40 years in personal meditation to discover the vital role emotions play in mental health.

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About the author

GuruMeher means compassionate teacher. For nearly 40 years he has studied, practiced, and taught innovative and effective techniques to help people find relief from their problems and reach greater mental and emotional health.As a professional Life Coach and Certified Yoga Therapisthe has taught people worldwide how resolve the issues that block their their success and happiness. He is the creator and author of Senses of the Soul, a system of self-therapy using heavy emotions mindfully as a source of intuitive guidance. He works privately with individuals and does workshops in the business and yogic communities. As a public speaker, he introduces larger audiences to the benefits of mind-body-spirit training in a genuine and passionate way.

His first book Senses of the Soul – Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance was published in 2014. It is a complete self-study training that has helped thousands of people cope with their emotions. The body of work grew out of classes and workshops designed to help people solve their own problems. GuruMeher continues to travel and teach workshops and leads a 9-month online training based on Senses of the Soul, called Emotional Liberation. Clients and therapists have asked for a “How To” guide to Emotional Liberation which is coming soon.
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Emotional Liberation

Life Beyond Triggers and Trauma

Emotional Liberation is the ability to feel better when triggered by everyday upsets or major trauma. A system to master the hurtful feelings that can be used to free you.

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Mind & Body Psychology Self-Help
75,000 words
25% complete
17 publishers interested


Emotional Liberation is freedom from negative, reactive behavior patterns using heavy emotions for personal growth and therapeutic healing. It is a method that recognizes and utilizes emotions as keys to our Psychological Immune System. 

Emotional dysfunction is rampant. From 10% US population with diagnosed Anxiety, global Despression described as epidemic; to the everyday suffering most people live with, there is an urgent need for an approach that goes beyond medication to truly resolving the underlying issues. This book presents the theory and practice to do so. 

Combining brain research discoveries with the techniques of somatic experiencing and mindfulness practices, the author discovered in working with clients that the very emotions that arise from trauma and continued to haunt us, are not weakness or additional problems to overcome and get rid of. Rather, by working WITH them as part of our system’s self-healing ability, issues are resolved at the deepest level.

This work will impact the fields of mental health/ emotional and psychological wellness and appeal to the personal improvement and yoga/meditation market, as well as to therapists and other professionals dealing with trauma recovery. Psychological terms and techniques are mainstreaming; this book joins and advances beyond self-help to self-therapy.

What the reader will get:

  • Compassionate recognition of their negative feelings and behaviors; everyone has them.
  • Understanding of how these patterns are formed, called trauma.
  • The possibility to use trauma as a catalyst for personal growth.
  • Hope that with information and effort anyone can recover and thrive.
  • A working knowledge of emotions as keys to healing trauma.
  • A complete therapeutic system for self-study and clinical application.


  • Simple, effective exercises to create the calm clarity required to work with emotions.
  • Direct experience of successful self-regulation; immediate and longterm improvement.
  • Specific information and techniques on each of 7 principal heavy emotions.


    Section 1:  Of Wounds and Resilience
    Chapter 1 – A Map of Emotional Liberation: Principles of Self-Therapy
    Chapter 2 – Patterns and Triggers: Everyday Issues and Polite Insanity
    Chapter 3 – Trauma: The Source of Pain, Patterns, and Transformation
    Chapter 4 – The Self-Sensory System: Your Tools for Recovery

    Section 2 – Emotions: Antibodies of The Psychological Immune System
    Chapter 5 – The Anatomy of Emotions: Purpose and Process
    Chapter 6 - Recovering Peace: Fear’s Purpose is Safety
    Chapter 7 - Recovering Dignity/ Honor: Anger’s Power is to Protect
    Chapter 8 - Recovering Love: Grief is the Mender of Hearts
    Chapter 9 - Recovering Joy: Desire’s Desire is to Fulfill Your Needs
    Chapter 10 - Recovering Hope: Depression is a Quitclaim for Change
    Chapter 11 - Recovering Innocence: Guilt is Your Guide to Truth
    Chapter 12 - Recovering Self: Shame Claims Compassion and Acceptance
    Chapter 13 - The Higher Emotions: Working with the Good Feelings
    Notes, References, List of Exercises, Index


  • Self-Improvement Readers People with anxiety, depression or any other emotional concerns who seek help through self-improvement.
  • Yoga/ Meditation, Healthy Lifestyle and Consciousness-raising people; Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners and users
  • Therapists and all caregiving professionals who often seek relief for themselves and new information to help others. 

These people are mostly educated women living or seeking healthy lifestyle and alternative methods of self-help, self-improvement for themselves and others. Psychology and brain science research are inreasingly discussed and used by these groups as evidenced by now common erms like activation, triggers, trauma and recovery.

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates 40 million Americans (18%) alone suffer from Anxiety Disorder, with up to 30% living with anxiety unwellness issues, many unaware of their condition. Persistent Depressive Disorder affected 7% of the US population in a 2012 study, and WHO estimates 350 million worldwide. The many societal effects of these and other mental/emotional disorders include crime, drug use, the opiod epidemic, domestic violence, self-harm, suicide and even oursocial/ political polarization.

Clinically, emotional conditions are treated with medication which helps but seldom resolves the condition. Talk therapy better gets to the root causes, but we have found that the ultimate clearing of chronic persistent emotions occurs most effectively through somato-emotional self-inquiry which will surely be the future savior of our mental health. 

What portion of these will seek self-help? reports that “the U.S. self-improvement market will grow 5.6% per year, from $9.9 billion in 2016 to $13.2 billion by 2022. This will increasingly be used via online courses which I will continue to offer with this second book.

Therapists and other mental health workers are well read and follow the trends in treatment theories and practices. Many of them are also CAM practitioners/ users and fare early adapters of cutting edge of new and effective thought and practices.


Emotional Liberation will tap into and expand the community established by my first book, Senses of the Soul, which follow me through my newsletter mailing list (4500 who have worked directly with me or my book); and on Facebook (3500); and Instagram (1,000). My website is I teach classes and workshops ranging from 1.5 hours to 6 days, averaging over 200 appearances per year, and lead 36-week online training yearly. Emotional Liberation will be sold at each of these classes and is required reading in the full training and for my therapy clients. My classes have primarily been offered in the US, secondarily in Canada and Mexico, but are currently scheduled for Europe, Australia, Singapore and Japan in the coming year.


In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness Sep 28, 2010) by Peter A. Levine and Gabor Mate, North Atlantic Books
Peter A. Levine draws on his broad experience as a clinician, a student of comparative brain research, a stress scientist and a keen observer of the naturalistic animal world to explain the nature and transformation of trauma in the body, brain and psyche. In an Unspoken Voice is based on the idea that trauma can be healed by engaging our innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions. Enriched with a coherent theoretical framework and compelling case examples, the book shows that when we bring together animal instinct and reason, we can become more whole human beings.
Emotional Liberation is a form of Somatic-experiencing, which has been shown by Peter Levine to be key to healing trauma, Is a key to the SOS Method in Emotional Liberation. Here we invoke the mindful state using powerful and quickly effective breathwork exercises, and guided (or self-guided) meditation to train the user to process instinct through intellect.

And by the same author:

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body, Peter A. Levine, Sounds True, Oct 1, 2008

-The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Penguin Books, Sep 2015
A pioneering researcher transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing. Trauma is a fact of life. In The Body Keeps the Score, he explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity.
This book offers many clinical studies of trauma recovery using a variety of “alternative” techniques, with scientific background for why they work. Emotional Liberation utilizes a synergistic blend of several of these techniques, and refers to his work rather than attempting reproduce it or explain in as much detail.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, September 25, 2006

This leading-edge book will help you understand what emotions are, what each of them means, and how to effectively utilize your new awareness of them.

This is one of the first popular books to teach the positive use of emotion by allowing oneself to fully feel. My book goes further to show how predictably systematic emotions are, give a therapeutic model, and specific exercises for each of 7 principal heavy emotions.

-Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan David, Penguin, Sep 6, 2016

Emotional agility is a revolutionary, science-based approach that allows us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind. Renowned psychologist Susan David developed this concept after studying emotions, happiness, and achievement for more than twenty years. She found that no matter how intelligent or creative people are, or what type of personality they have, it is how they navigate their inner world—their thoughts, feelings, and self-talk—that ultimately determines how successful they will become.

Susan David brings scientific support to her discoveries of the importance of emotional skills. "Navigating the inner world" is precisely what Emotional Liberation teaches, but in greater, step-by-step and emotion-by-emotion detail. The reader is given practical exercises to learn and build these skills.

- No Hard Feelings: Emotions at Work (and How They Help Us Succeed). To be Released Jan 22, 2019 by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy

I include this here to demonstrate that this positive approach to “negative emotions is a growing trend that will be widely mainstreamed in the next 5 to 10 years. Emotional Liberation contributes to this advancing knowledge and skill.

17 publishers interested Express interest
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Introduction and Invitation to Healthcare Professionals

As a yoga therapist, I have spent four decades practicing, teaching and applying Kundalini meditation techniques to nurture self-inquiry and self-healing among thousands of students and clients. 

The cumulative results of my work, which emanate from the ancient system of yogic psychology yet are based on what Western science calls empirical and evidence-based research, support a remarkable discovery.  And that is that difficult emotions, as we know them, are not the bothersome and dysfunctional -often unbearable - sensations that drive human beings to crimes of passion and endless suffering and are better avoided, repressed and overcome. 

On the contrary, I have found difficult emotions to be integral to a system of inner guidance and a key to psychological health.  Building upon the foundation of my own experience with the Kundalini yoga system, I have learned to trust emotions to lead reliably to self-healing for countless clients. I call the work of freeing oneself from pain, past, and present, Emotional Liberation.  

It is my hope that teachers and healthcare professionals will do this self-healing work with emotions to benefit personally and in turn, use it to augment their ability to help others.  In this way, the standard of human happiness and wellbeing can quickly be raised.

In the 40 years that I've been in practice, I have watched the esoteric become popular, the fringe become mainstream, physical and mental health modalities embrace ancient practices, and science-based research prove the efficacy of body/mind practices which many early-adapters have known by their direct experience: these body/mind/ spirit practices work wonders. As our knowledge of mental/emotional health continues to grow, the levels of suffering so common today will be viewed sympathetically in just a few decades that we are now living in the dark ages of psychological well-being. Let us be the pioneers and benefactors of this trend.

In this work, we approach traumaas something normal to the human condition, while recognizing that it occurs on a broad spectrum. My work has been primarily with those suffering from repetitive, developmental, and intergenerational forms of trauma. Those of you suffering from and working with acute and complex trauma will find great help from Emotional Liberation using your special trauma-sensitive training. I invite you to adapt this work in your practice to discover its effectiveness in dealing with the immensespectrum of sources and symptoms you are dealing with.

Due to our widespread personal and cultural misunderstanding that emotions are exclusively a crippling disability, there is often an initial apprehension to dive into them. However, rest assured there is built-in safety to this work in that the client/patient does the work and therefore retains control. You, equipped with the guidance of this book, canserveto assist their process of self-therapy. Since a client/patient will not venture far into voluntarily recalling an emotional experience in which they don't feel safe, the process is self-regulating. Your job is to be the trusted guide – much as a skilled scuba dive-master, who can expertlynavigate deep water, introduces the novice diver to the wonders of this liquid world. Like that dive-master, your assignment is to first explore your own emotional depths and learn to navigate them safely. 

You must be able to understand and work with your emotions. This cannot be accomplished by reading alone but by the direct, personal experience we call “doing the work” This direct learning enables you to develop trust in the pattern of natural emotional responses, emotions' purpose and their ability to bring relief and healing.  

Healer, heal thyself, for all the benefits it will bring to your life and to the lives of your clients.


Chapter 1 – A Map of Emotional Liberation: Principles of Self-Therapy

You have been hurt; we all have. Your pain took away part of you, diminished your innocence, confidence or joy. You can recover; we are built to do so. Self-healing is our birthright, to become stronger from our emotional pain. Emotions are here to help you.Learn to let them. The same emotions that arose instantly when you were hurt and recur when things upset you now are doorways of freedom. Your instinctual reactions, when interpreted through the brain’s higher cognitive function, reveal the wisdom, answers, and actions to move beyond the past and its limiting patterns. This book offers the theory and practice to heal yourself from all types of psychological wounds,, and to help others do the same.First, a story that exemplifies every sentence in this statement.

Alice sat with me for a session, curious how my Emotional Liberation program might add to her work as a psychologist to better help people. When I asked how I might help her she didn't have any particular issues to talk about. Moreover, she added that she didn't usually have much emotion and made it clear that she certainly did not want to feel or deal with any in this session. 

After a bit of discussion, I invited her to close her eyes, breathe slowly and pay attention to her body and how she felt. When she was calm and secure, I began to ask her questions about what she was feeling. Before long she shared a big problem with her mother that had been troubling her since she was a child. She cried. I invited her to stay present with me and her breath while allowing herself to feel the uncomfortable feelings of sadness without trying to stop them. Slowly she calmed and became quiet as I asked her what the sadness showed her. She spoke clearly and confidently about what was upsetting her and what she needed to know and to do to resolve her problem. I simply wrote down her exact words.Twenty minutes had passed since she closed her eyes.

As she opened her eyes she looked at me and said, "That was amazing. How did you do that?" I told her that I simply know how emotions work and had helped her to work withthem. Her willingness to feel while remaining steady and clear led her to see and understand the situation and know the way out of the trouble. She was now quite certain what she needed to do and felt so much better, encouraged and hopeful. Her assignment now was to return home and act on the realizations that had become apparent to her

Stories of self-realization and inner guidance like this come out of nearly every therapy session I give. It’s not that I am so clever; I simply discovered that everyone has the answers to their troubling issues. They may need some initial support:

•  To discover the wisdom they hold but haven’t realized. 

•  To get to the source of what is troubling them

•  To trust themselves to say and do what is needed to resolve, to heal, to feel better. 

We all have this ability, built in. Each of us is doing our best to navigate our way through life often without all the available tools and training. You have a Psychological Immune System that detects disturbances to your peace and sends powerful resources to your aid. It’s only that you need to recognize them. Now is the time to come to know yourself and get what you need to be safe and happy. Reclaim the inner guidance that your caregivers failed to encourage – or worse – beat out of you due to the wounds they suffered and could not heal.

We are all recovering from something. The first step must be to recover our ability to recover. Fortunately, all the necessary equipment is with you ready to be brought online:

·     self-awareness is #1

·     the ability to tune in to bodily sensations - somatic experiencing

·     the ability to observe your own thoughts

·     the ability to feel your feelings 

·     the accurate instincts of your reptilian brain

·     the powerfully motivating emotions of your mammalian brain

·     the commanding leadership of your analytical brain

These are some faculties which work together to form your “sensory system” of personal protection and wisdom.  If the use of any of these was lost in the storms of your difficult experiences, they are all lying in wait to be discovered like treasure from the bottom of the sea. Your skills are there to be reclaimed. You have the ability to create safety for yourself.To grow strong, calm and clear.  To weave instinct and intellect together so you may enjoy the accurate guidance of your intuition. 

Your ability to navigate through life’s challenges and always know how to find safe harbor evolved right along with your body. If I could sit with you now I could likely have you doing all this quite soon, as I do with clients and students every day. But you would still need to practice the ability to do it for yourself. This book can provide you with the means by which to familiarize yourself with your inner guidance and a pathway to improve your skills. I will lay down a simple theory and practice to grow from trauma, learn from reactive patterns, and heal old wounds and thebehaviors spawned by them. We will use simple self-directed exercises drawn from time-tested techniques of breathing and mindfulness practices. 

Brain science is helping us understand and validate the great benefits of yoga and meditation along with newer techniques like EMDR and somatic experiencing. We will call on the work of Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk and others who are bringing neurobiology and clinical research to enhance our understanding of how the brain absorbs harm and responds for healing. Emotional Liberation is part of the next wave, which adds the healing power of yogic kriya (footnote, definition or glossary reference here) and emotions to this mix.

Five Facts of Harm and Healing

Because we all want to be happy, we are built to overcome adversity and be free of suffering. Emotions are key to this inborn ability. Let me explain with four key points that form the conceptual structure and outline of this book. 

1) We All Have Patterns

A behavioral pattern is a stimulus-and-response sequence that recurs over and over again. It includes the troubling thoughts we dislike but can’t stop, the heavy emotions that take over and feel bad, and the unproductive or destructive behaviors we can’t control. The thing that activates a pattern is called a trigger. Triggers initiate automatic reactions in which we lose control of our words and actions. We can use these triggers as clues to better understand what is really happening inside ourselves and address it. In chapter 2 we will explore how patterns and triggers work, and how to be free from them.

2) We All Have (Suffered) Trauma

Trauma is an event that “hits”you. It leaves a mark, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually – and usually it affects all four. Trauma is not just the product of rape and war. Whether mild, medium or extreme, trauma touches us all.  It may be one intense, life-threatening moment. It may also be quieter and subtler conditions and communications repeated over time. It may be a direct assault or the absence of care and safety. Objective and compassionate understanding of what has affected you (the traumas) and how they changed you (the patterns) are helpful, if not essential, to overcome both. In chapter 4 we will safely explore trauma and how it touched you personally. 

3) We Are Built for Recovery (Self-Therapy)

Life can be rough for us, but imagine the millions of years humans lived among beasts with only sticks to defend themselves. We evolved with trauma. Right along with it, we evolved the ability to recover from any trauma we survive. Life moves on and so can we. It’s time we tap into our naturally endowed psychological self-healing abilities. In chapter 3 we will identify some essential self-sensory tools we all posses with the goal of making them fully online and available. In chapter 3 (or 4) we will use a powerful model of using traumatic experiences for personal growth

4) Emotions Are Keys to Recovery

The emotions we inherit from our animal ancestors evolved to help us survive. But escaping harm is just the beginning of their usefulness. The emotions that arise to protect also persist until we learn to better avoid similar future harm. The recurring emotions common to all traumas are attempting to complete the job of full recovery. Emotions are the antibodies of your Psychological Immune System. They detect and remove whatever is blocking your wellbeing. The heavy emotions are uncomfortable and hard to manage, so we try to avoid, repress or disassociate from them; we refuse the medicine because it is bitter. However, the best way out of hard emotion is to let it complete its healing purpose: to work with it. Chapter 5 introduces emotions as allies in our psychological healing. I call emotions the senses of the soul, in part because they function within your body yet contain deep and subtle wisdom beyond what physical senses can access. The remainder of the book will detail their use to build emotional mastery, which brings us to the fifth principle.

5) Experience is the Teacher

These four ideas can be life-changing, but they must be put into practice. I have seen and therefore claim that great results can be achieved, not by reading and thinking alone, but by putting these ideas into practice. Believe nothing, but try.Have your own experience and discover these valuable truths for yourself.

What is Emotional Liberation?

 As mentioned earlier, trauma touches us all. The word trauma describes both the initial harmful event as well as the lasting effect that remains with us. Similarly, “Emotional Liberation” describes both the process of utilizing emotions for psychological self-healing, as well as the resulting condition of freedom from trauma’s negative effects.

Emotions, as a path to that freedom, are surely a double-edged sword. For example, Anger can make us lose control or give us the power to take control. As such, they can either bind us to a painful past or be the impetus grow past it.

Instead of permanent residents in our bodies and remnants of our history, emotions have the power to heal us from the traumas that muddy our past, haunt the present and cloud the future.  

Emotional Liberation is not freedom from emotions.They are as important and essential as your heartbeat. Emotional Liberation is freedom from negative, reactive behavior patterns. You cannot rid yourself of feeling, nor would you want to, for they are the carriers of love and peace as well. Being emotionally liberated is to live fully withyour feelings, working intelligently to let them serve you to enjoy the highs and gracefully move through the low points in life. When emotionally liberated you keep your cool when others are losing theirs. When emotionally agile you can properly feel strong emotions without being stuck in them as they help you deal with the situations that provoke them. When emotionally skillful you understand what others are feeling and can help them rather than react. 

You can learn to work with your emotions to recover from traumatic events and their ensuing reactive behaviors so that, eventually, nothing can disturb your inner peace. It is to act from this stable center of your being rather than reacting to situations – to be free of traumas and triggers. Emotional Liberation is to safely feel emotions as they naturally arise and to utilize them to move through all challenges and reach peace.

Higher Standard of Emotional Wellbeing: A Personal and Global Possibility

Emotional Liberation is also a therapeutic method utilizing consciously processed emotions to heal and grow from life’s everyday troubles and deeper traumas. 

Imagine that whenever you “feel bad”you could quickly know why you feel that way, what you need to feel better, and know how to do that. You could navigate life by solving, recovering, achieving, and spending more time being happy. I want to remind you that WE ALL HAVE THE BUILT-IN ABILITY TO DO THIS! The emotions that let you know you are not happy, that something is blocking the flow of your peace, bring with them the information and energy to remove that obstacle. Now imagine every human using their ability to detect and correct their upsets. We’d still have conflicts as neighbors and nations, but we’d have the tools to actually know what we are fighting about and begin addressing and solving the underlying issues. 

It starts with you, raising the quality of your own mental/ emotional health. As you would spend time in any endeavor for personal improvement – from moneymaking job skills to sports – it takes time and training. My invitation is to spend some time “working out” in the gym of your own private inner world of thoughts and feelings. Try on these ideas and try out these techniques. If they work for you, as they have reliably worked for so many, teach them to anyone willing to learn - your kids, students, patients, and clients. Emotional Liberation is available to everyone willing to take it on.

A Simple Goal

At the core of this Emotional Liberation work is a simple vision I hold for humanity. I encourage every individual to set this goal for themselves:

Whenever you feel bad:

1.     Know WHAT you are feeling,

2.     Know WHY you are feeling it,

3.     Know WHAT YOU NEED to feel better

4.     ACT on this knowledge until you feel better

The goal is not to feel good all the time. The goal is to be responsive to the natural ups and downs of life without being stuck and be able to move through them, resiliently rising from every impact and using it to reach greater heights of happiness. You must master the ability to withstand the pressure of the times if you want not just to survive but thrive. Imagine with me this capability as the normal human capacity. Doesn’t it seem obvious that we would all possess the self-awareness and self-control? It is rather primitive, sad, and even tragic that this skill goes mostly unused in the present civilization we consider advanced?

Now imagine every person using their ability to self-soothe after every wound, to take care of their needs and live with contentment. Imagine decision-makers, power-holders, and leaders who control and affect laws and others’ lives with this level of emotional processing. Imagine you and your closest loved ones moving quickly and satisfyingly through the issues that arise. I see a healthy world in this vision and is well within your individual power and reach. 

Emotional Wellbeing is Trending

Humans are rapidly learning about mental/ emotional health both on the scientific front and in popular awareness. While suffering seems to be swelling everywhere, it is followed by increasing awareness and tools. History shows that we have long suffered from troubled states of mind and emotion as seen through the stories of those waging and suffering from war and aggression, whether on the scale of conquering empires or individual domestic abusers In our own time, psychological dysfunction is reaching epidemic proportions. YetI believe that we are in an emergent Psychological Revolution, a large-scale advancement in our ability to manage our inner resources of thought and feeling to achieve advanced levels of well-balanced ease and harmony.

Those of us focused on the work of well-being, from brain scientists to therapists and meditation teachers, are seeing the beginnings of such a revolution. We are working, each in our own way, to optimize its progression. And this movement transcends the professional fields. Knowledge and techniques once known to and administered only by highly trained professionals are now widely embracedby an increasingly educated and self-aware population of early adapters. Mindfulness training, 12-Step programs, books and courses for self-improvement follow the flourishing of knowledge in physical health, nutrition, and exercise gained over the last 50 years.

Years ago, no one talked about depression. When did you first hear the terms trauma, triggers, activation or recovery? As these terms and concepts come into our vocabulary, they mark advancing awareness and skills we are all developing. You who are reading this now are part of this much-needed next step in wellness.

The Future of Therapy is Self-Therapy

You are a self-contained unit. Life’s challenges, problems, and breakdowns are all yours to handle, and you have all you need to do so. Surely you require help and support, but ultimately taking care of yourself remains your responsibility. We are in times of tremendously growing independence, self-sufficiency and personal freedom to live and act as we wish. Those who until recently had no voice or power can now be heard and effect change for themselves and others. Historically, women had to have men protect them, hold land and position and even vote for them. Religious people had to go to the priest to appeal to God for them. Citizens had access only to the truths governments wanted them to hear. We the unknowing went to the knowers to tell us what to do. That is all changing.

Personal empowerment is flourishing and power is democratizing. To wage war was once available to only a few; now a single individual can do great harm with a homemade bomb or personal computer. Likewise, health was a mystery and healing was the work of only the few learned and revered specialists. But as the body has become better understood, choices in diet and daily habits give each of us tremendous control over our health. A doctor’s primary role can be to maintain good health rather than repair it when lost.

And so it is becoming with mental health. As brain and behavior become better understood, we are able to effectively work with ourselves to manage mind, mood and the behaviors that determine our quality of life.Therapists and mental healthcare providers are still needed, but their job is changing from fixers to teachers, training their clients and patients how to “fix’ themselves. Within this framework, the teacher no longer gives the answers but shows us how to find our answers within. “Self-help” will no longer be a type of book with dubious credibility as every individual has the privilege and power of "self-help".  Knowledge of and for the self shall come from the self. After all, as a complete autonomous being, how can anyone know better than yourself what you need to know and do to be happy?

Self-Therapy – A Few Guidelines to Get Started

You have been doing self-therapy all your life. You may not remember the early desperate needs to be warm and fed as a newborn, but your on-going adjustment to life on Earth was not easy and it’s been challenging even in the best of cases. Many of us had the worst of situations to deal with. Through it all, you have been adapting and evolving to meet these situations in attempts – sometimes successful and other times not – to at least survive and at best to be happy. It has been a slow learning process throughout history. Today, challenge and change are too swift and constant. We can no longer afford to repeat the unconscious patterns we inherit, to suffer many broken relationships in order to learn how to communicate. We are experiencing an evolutionary pressure to learn from every pain how to avoid pain, from every fall how to rise, from every wound how we can heal ourselves. Let’s get really good at this!

This book describes a system and offers a process that leads to psychological healing. You are encouraged to go beyond readingand embark on the journey of growth, healing, and change offered to you and those you may serve. If you are game, here are some basic truths to know and use in this work.

- Safety First!

Self-therapy is self-regulated; you control it. You go only as deep, far or fast as you wish and feel you can handle.  Just as mountain climbing is made safer with ropes, your self-healing process has internal safety mechanisms. Your explorations will be regulated by how safe you feel.  You are always in charge and have the choice to go ahead, pull back or go a different direction. How will you create that for yourself? From my side, I will be suggesting things and using techniques that have a strong track record to help without harm.

- It’s All You

Self-therapy is by you, for you, and utilizes your own inner resources. You might find something surprising, previously unknown, and uncomfortable inside your body, your thoughts, and feelings, but nothing that will hurt you. Mental/ emotional pain is a result of some harm and serves as a clue to healing it. You will learn by experiment and experience to trust all that is within you and even find it to be quite beautiful in there.

- Some Guidance is Good

Having a map makes a trip much easier.Consider this book your map as everything described has been practiced for many years –in some cases thousands of years – and by many people of all types and backgrounds. It will enable you to find your own inner guidance.

- Go Within for the Gold

You may have heard that “the kingdom of heaven is within”.It means that you have all you need to handle any situation in life. However, from birth when we can not survive without help we develop the belief and habit to look outside ourselves for hope, and then to try to control the world around us. While succeeding this way enough to reinforce the belief, we end up frustrated and confused by why unwanted things are “happening to me”. Our approach is that, as discovered and suggested by the great yogis and so-called “spiritual” explorers, it is our inner world which we can learn to control.The interface between an external stimulus and internal response is our fulcrum of power. To enjoy that internal control we must be willing to sit down and work things out within ourselves in order to meet outside forces in a clear and unified way.

- Experience is the Teacher

All wise and wonderful truths can be written and spoken but until you experience them for yourself it difficult to live them. Your personal experience is the best and most reliable teacher. Your inner voice and vision is the ultimate change agent. Information can lead you to experience, but as that horse led to water, you have to drink it in. This means personal effort, practice, experimentation, and correction.  

- Support

While this work requires a shift in thinking from “needing help” to “self-help”, you do need back-up. Mountain climbers have a team back at base camp. It is best to have a person or group who understands and supports your efforts, someone to share your experiences with and get perspective, someone who walked that path before you. This can be equally effective in person or virtual and at a distance. You may want to be working fully with a therapist, psychologist or counselor to have them assist your self-inquiry process. 

A Simple Model for the Practice of Self-Therapy

Here’s a way to think about this process. A skilled medical doctor begins by identifying your symptoms, the pain, and dysfunction. She uses her knowledge of how the body works to locate the source – what is not working and what caused health to go awry.She then prescribes a treatment, designed to help the body return to health  You will follow these same steps to your own Emotional Liberation:

Self-Examination > Self-Diagnosis > Self- Treatment

Start with the current symptoms. 

You will identify the painful thoughts and feelings, the dysfunctional behaviors and their consequences, the unwanted situations and interactions you find yourself in. They’re easy to identify as they organically recur over and over again to help you clearly see them. These are your Patterns and their Triggers. The repetition normalizes them, which can make them invisible to you. But by focusing your attention on them and identifying the many elements of these automatic reactions the mystery of why you act counter to your interests begins to become clear. And from that, comes the ability to choose and to change.

As awareness of your self and your situations increases, you begin to gain control over misery-making subconscious behaviors and make conscious decisions that promote your wellbeing. Identifying your patterns and triggers is the first step. Whether you already know yours or they take some time to recognize, it will be of great value to go through the self-analysis process in chapter 2.

Summary of Principles

1)We Have All Experienced Trauma

2)We All Have PatternsResulting from Our Trauma

3) We Are Built for Recovery – We Can Self-Heal

4) Emotions Are Keys to Recovery – the Antibodies of our Psychological Immune System

5) Emotional Liberation is both the process of utilizing emotions for psychological self-healing and the outcome of being free of trauma’s negative effects.

Now, to begin the work...

  • Update #2 - Emotional Liberation Update Sept. 11, 2019

    Hey Folks,

    It's been nearly a year since you graciously pre-ordered by book. Thanks for your patience. My travel schedule left me less time ...

  • Update #1 - I am grateful for your support Oct. 8, 2018

    Greetings to all of you who pre-ordered Emotional Liberation. You helped me exceed my goals and further validate the importance I feel for the self-healing ...

  • karen meddour
    on Sept. 5, 2018, 12:29 p.m.

    Your work is so meaningful that you need to be able to share it more widely !

  • Anna Gratzl
    on Sept. 6, 2018, 6:59 p.m.

    Love your work, GuruMeher! Thank you for sharing this!!

  • Solveig K. Jensen
    on Sept. 6, 2018, 8:44 p.m.

    I have your first book and also audio - It so inspiring - looking forward to the next 🙏💚

  • Gloria Overcash
    on Sept. 7, 2018, 8:48 p.m.

    So excited for our Emotional Liberation Workshop in Bozeman, Montana this November!

  • Phillip Broussard Jr
    on Sept. 7, 2018, 10:19 p.m.

    Looking forward to your new work! Thank you for doing it and sharing with us.

  • Kerry Wingo
    on Sept. 7, 2018, 11:23 p.m.

    Good luck! Can't wait to read new book!

  • Heidi Bone
    on Sept. 8, 2018, 10:48 a.m.

    Sat Nam GuruMeher, looking forward to the new book and your visit here in Australia very soon.
    blessings Siri Shakti

  • Lisa Davidowitz
    on Sept. 8, 2018, 4:52 p.m.

    Your first book continues to impact my life! I am so excited for the next.

  • Siri Atma Khalsa
    on Sept. 8, 2018, 8:56 p.m.

    So grateful that this is happening! I can't wait to read and share it. I'm so proud of what you're brining to the world. Your life's work.

  • Madelaine Clarke
    on Sept. 9, 2018, 4:27 p.m.

    Thank you so much for fulfilling your destiny! Your service to humanity is exemplary.

  • Nels Arnold
    on Sept. 11, 2018, 12:07 a.m.

    Thank you so much for all the life-changing help I got from your first book. Can't wait for this next one!

  • Agnieszka Dorota Wojtyra
    on Sept. 12, 2018, 2:18 a.m.

    I'm happy that I could help and I'm looking forward to read a book. I'm healthy, happy and alive, I am lucky. I was close to death several times, I deal with trauma over 30 years. I agree that trauma is a catalyst for personal growth, it is for me. There is a power. I remember, that I need to find a way and different perspective, everything or nothing. To be, to be, to be.

    Sat Nam,
    Agnieszka Wojtyra


  • Milcah Hawk
    on Sept. 17, 2018, 3:31 a.m.

    Exciting GuruMeher! Wahe Guru! Milcah

  • Sandra Vanatko
    on Sept. 17, 2018, 11:55 a.m.

    Indra's Grace looks forward to having you come out to Texas!

  • Ceslie Rossi
    on Sept. 18, 2018, 3:58 p.m.

    I look forward to reading it and am very pleased to be able to support you in reaching your goal, I know the information and tecniques you share will help us all🙏🏻

  • Guy Vincent
    on Sept. 18, 2018, 6:14 p.m.

    I'm excited to read this, GuruMeher!

  • Betty Mattiotti
    on Sept. 19, 2018, 3:48 p.m.

    Senses of the Soul was powerful.
    Thank you GuruMeher.
    Love and gratitude.
    Kalyani Mattiotti.

  • Navjit Kaur Sidhu
    on Sept. 20, 2018, 1:27 p.m.

    Waheguru! By Guru's grace you are doing the work of the divine to help us move towards a universal truth that YB set up for us - to be happy, healthy and holy! Love you and all the best with this awesome campaign idea :)

  • Savitree Kaur Doppelt
    on Sept. 21, 2018, 9:17 p.m.

    YEEEEEESSSSSS! EMOTIONAL LIBERATION!!!! Can't wait to share this with others.

  • Rebecca Ephraim
    on Sept. 22, 2018, 4:18 p.m.

    GuruMeher presents an evolutionary, cutting edge approach to healing from trauma and triggers.

  • Laureen Nowlan Card
    on Sept. 22, 2018, 7:45 p.m.

    Sat Nam my dear emotional teacher. I know your new book will create peace in those who use it and in the world generally. I’m eternally grateful!

  • Anne Bramhall
    on Sept. 24, 2018, 6:32 p.m.

    Good Luck and Keep Up the Great Work that you do!

  • HariKirin Khalsa
    on Sept. 26, 2018, 5:45 p.m.

    We are honored to participate in bringing this important work into the world for healing

  • Madonna Noble
    on Sept. 27, 2018, 1:43 p.m.

    Thank you for advancing the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan in this very needed form. It’s special destiny work.

  • Jamie Luber
    on Sept. 27, 2018, 5:52 p.m.

    Looking forward to your new book. Your work is a huge part of my teaching and personal practice. Much Love, Sunder

  • Anna Penenberg
    on Sept. 28, 2018, 7:45 p.m.

    Congratulations on this new work! It is such a needed contribution to our well-being in these times.
    Blessings on your new book and all who are helped.

  • Linnéa Ekman
    on Sept. 28, 2018, 8:41 p.m.

    Thank you for the beautiful and very very important work you do! I feel so grateful for the possibility to read the books you write and experience your yoga classes. :) Can’t wait until I will be able to read your new book! Until it’s done I will continue to read Senses of the Soul. Take care, Love and light!

  • Jodie Sheridan
    on Sept. 28, 2018, 9:20 p.m.

    Thank you! I would have loved to donate more . Many blessings x

  • Kelly Burns
    on Sept. 29, 2018, 3:28 p.m.

    Congratulations, GuruMeher!
    Very excited to read your new take on this invaluable information regarding emotions.

  • SatSundri Khalsa
    on Sept. 29, 2018, 3:36 p.m.

    Looking forward to it; important work to help many. Blessings for continued success. Wahe Guru!

  • Charlotte Van Noordt
    on Sept. 29, 2018, 5:06 p.m.

    Sat Nam GuruMeher. I really enjoyed learning from you in our L2 M&M course and still use your last book. I am excited to dive into this one. Congrats and Blessings! Charlotte Van Noordt

  • Angela Custer
    on Sept. 29, 2018, 11:10 p.m.

    Sat Nam Brother,
    I look forward to my journey this year with you and am excited to become your soul sister in helping others as a yoga therapist and life coach.

  • Helen Arpin
    on Sept. 30, 2018, 3:58 p.m.

    Congratulations GuruMeher, I'm excited to get your book. Can you give me an approx time line of when you will mail out the books? I will be picking them up at our closest USA border which is about 90 minutes away so it would be helpful to know when it might arrive. Thank you for all the great work you do for the world. Blessings Helen Arpin

  • Tosh Hatch
    on Oct. 1, 2018, 3:28 a.m.

    Your class at summer solstice this year was in Divine Alignment for me. I had some big grief that I needed to release and understand. Thank you for these valuable tools and sharing your knowledge