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Oladimeji Olutimehin

Oladimeji Olutimehin

Akure, Nigeria

Oladimeji Olutimehin is the co-founder of Value Giver Coach where he coach employees to be emplopreneurs.

I published Salary Shift, One Minute Millionaire Employee, & Value Giver.

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About the author

As an employee, I developed the concept that allows an employee yo think and act like an entrepreneur and got results.

I developed a multi year coaching program based on this concept and I have seen results.

I and my team help employees to transition from being employees to acting like emplopreneurs.
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The rise of employees who think and act like entrepreneur to make the future of their employer bigger and better

The future of jobs and employment has changed. Emplopreneurism is rising. Employees will no longer depend on their employer for job security. They are free from entitlement & dependency Their job security is now in the ability to increase their capabilities, create value and collaborate with like-minded employees to expand the freedom of their employer and make the future bigger.

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Work has changed. Everything is changing in the future. As AI, network and IoT take over the workplace, millions of employees will find themselves not ready for the change that is happening. While this is happening, millions of employees will also be transitioning from economic childhood to economic adulthood. Employees will not take control; of the future and economic freed.

Today, most employees are dependent on their employer for everything and they continually seek for job security and leave their responsibilities of their personal economics to their employers. That is economic childhood. In economic adulthood, they enter into the Entitlement Free Zone and take responsibility for their economic security.

In Emplopreneur, Dimeji teaches the concepts and strategies he applied to move from an employee earning less that $2 a month to consulting for government and managing projects worth millions of dollars worth. Employees are beginning to realize there is more to work than just earning a paycheck.

Dimeji has coached employees to move to economic adulthood and has realized that what is stopping most employees from gaining freedom is their mindsets and capabilities. This book address this concern.

The future of work will see the rise of employees who will think and act like entrepreneurs. Their employer is their client. They leverage the system of their employer to create massive value for everyone. Their major motivation for work is freedom and not money. They achieve that by developing a multiplier mindsets and capabilities that enable them to collaborate with others to expand the freedom of their employer and everyone in the marketplace.

This book is structure in a way that will help employees who desire to make the transition do so. He wrote this book because he has seen and experience as both an employee and an employer. The future is all about creating value in the workplace and the marketplace. Emplopreneurs are employees who are constantly moving their employer from a lower level of value to a higher level of usefulness in the marketplace thereby expanding freedom and opportunities for everyone.

This book is structured around proven concepts and strategies to help you think and act like an entrepreneur in the workplace. They concepts are practical and a require a change in mindset.

Chapter One -Multiplier Mindset - Mindset is everything. It determines everything. The kind of mindset one has determine what ones sees, how he interprets things and what actions he takes. What differentiates employees from emplopreneur is their mindset. The vast majority of employees don’t see the connection between their mindset and their state. Emplopreneurs have multiplier mindsets that see the usefulness of every resources that is around them.
Chapter Two - No Limit Growth - Growth is the only guarantee that the future is going to be bigger and better than the past. The emplopreneur focuses on creating her future-based self, thereby actualize the kind of future she wants. The more she invests in her growth, the more she make her future bigger and better.
Chapter Three - Entitlement Free Zone - Research confirms that entitled employees feel they are more qualified than they are presently being paid, feel deserving of things they haven’t earned and even see their employer as manipulative and wicked. They are less satisfied with their jobs and are more likely to underarm. Emplopreneurs, on the other hand, have entered the Entitlement Free Zone the only expect something from their employer after they have created value.
Chapter Four - 10x Freedom Expander - Emplopreneurs are motivated to work for freedom while most employees work for a paycheck. Emplopreneurs understand that the best way to get what they really want is to first focus on help[ing their employer get what he wants. They employer wants freedom, so the focus and work of emplopreneurs is to expand the freedom of their employer.
Chapter Five - Escape The Commodity Trap - Most employees are only in a transactional relationship with their employers, but the emplopreneurs takes it to the next level and makes it transformation. That way they escape being commoditized like the employees. They escape the trap by differentiating themselves to give the kind of value that no one can produce for their employer and the marketplace.
Chapter Six - Be a Hero To Your Employer - Employees want their employers to become their heroes but emplopreneurs become their employers heroes. They take on their employers wants and challenges and solve it. They continually have conversations with their employers to know exactly what the employers want, so they can develop the right mindset, capability and team to help their employer.
Chapter Seven - Value Creation - Emplopreneurs continually create new forms of value for their employers that makes their employer more valuable and useful to the marketplace. They have the understand that their want (freedom, bigger and better future) is tied to creating a bigger and better future for their employer. They understand that if the future of their employer shrink, their’s too will. So they constantly expand their employer’s future by creating new forms of value.
Chapter Eight - Leverage Your Employer - While most employees are their employers leverage, emplopreneurs leverage the resources of their employer to create value. They create a company with the company they work for and form teams of people with similar mindset but different and complementary capabilities. They are the unofficial Chief Value Creating Officer.
Chapter Nine - Game Changer Monopoly - Emplopreneur move beyond meeting the expectations of their employer. They see their employer as a client, so they create a monopoly in the workplace around an experience that only they can create for their employer and for his clients. They are so good at what they do that they completely transform an entire industry and marketplace with the value and experience they only can create.
Chapter Ten - Take The Leap - The future of work will be a time when millions of employees will become catalyst in the workplace because their creativity will empower and challenge more employees to be creative. Millions of employees will be taking the leap from employees to emplopreneurs and this chapter will show them how to go about doing that.

Sales arguments

  • Emplopreneurs changes the way employees work. And most of those employees are on social media platforms like Linkedin where Dimeji has more than 12,000 people in his networks of both employees and business owners. Apart from that he has an active Facebook Page with over 2000 people with a potential to reach 10,000 and a Facebook Group with more than 900 followers. That is apart from Instagram and WhatsApp where he also active.
  • He has relationships with CEOs and business owners who can endorse the book, buy copies for their employees and clients as well as write a foreword. This will result in large orders and corporate sponsors. He presently runs coaching programs for Value Giver Coach
  • Also with a compelling bonus and video to join the book launch campaign, more people will be drawn to pre-order copies of the book. Dimeji’s speaking engagements and workshops, articles and online videos are the main platforms he plans to reach potential readers of this book.
  • Speaking November, 20th 2018, Business Conference- “Building a Great Business”. Nnewi Nigeria January 14th, 2019 - STEM Teachers Workshop. Nnewi Nigeria February 17th 2019 - STEM Teachers Workshop. Akure, Nigeria 2019. Monthly Entrepreneur Workshops. Nnewi, Nigeria 17th-23rd April, 2019, Tech Boot Camp. Nnewi & Akure Nigeria August 16th 2019, Youth Empowerment Program. Asaba Nigeria September 20th 2019, Women in Digital World Workshop. Akure Nigeria February 28th 2020. Catholic High School program. N

Similar titles

  • The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization By Jacob Morgan This book is about how employees of the future will work, how managers will lead and what organizations of the future will look like. Emplopreneur complements this book but goes further to show how employees need to think, who they have to become and what their daily focus will be in the workplace. This is the aim of Emplopreneur that no book really addressed.
  • The Future is Freelance: Discovering the Power and Possibilities of Flexible Working By Kirsty Hulse This book addresses the issue of freedom employees enjoy working from anywhere they want. Emplopreneur addresses who employees need to become, their focus, their capability, mindset and creativity by which can can gain more freedom from their employer. When every employee begins to think and act like an entrepreneur, the world of work would have been revolutionized and disrupted.
  • Reimagining Work: Strategies to Disrupt Talent, Lead Change, and Win with a Flexible Workforce By Rob Biederman, Pat Petitti, and Peter Maglathlin This book reveals how businesses can restructure their current work strategy that allows people to be flexible at work. It is top down. Emplopreneur is down-top approach. The employee is responsible for seeking his freedom as an entrepreneur will.


Any employee with a 20th century work mindset is doomed to fail in the 21st century. The way we work has changed as such we need to unlearn everything about work and relearn new work concepts and strategies. Employees who refuse to learn will find themselves in a workplace that no longer exist. This book is for the many who want to learn and change their mindset. According to research from Manpower, 46% of today’s global employers face difficulties filling jobs- the highest percentage in 12 years. Nearly 40% attribute this to lack of hard skills or experience; an additional 29% blame a lack of applicants. Also when Deloitte surveyed 2,000 global executives, they cited their top talent challenge as the “mismatch between current skill sets and those that will be needed in the future.” The skills needed in the future is the ability to create value. And that is what this book bring to the table. Workfront 2019 State of Work Report also has this stats to justify this book: 44% of Millennials say look forward to a day when they will no longer have to work to meet their basic needs because automation will do that for them. Emplopreneur teaches how they can take responsibility for their economic security and freedom. 72% of Millennials believe their productivity will improve if they had more time to think. Emplopreneur teaches how employees can gain the freedom of time to work when they want to and think when they want to. Thinking and work becomes different side of the coin. 66% of Millennials believe their team would be more successful if all employees were given 4 hours a week to focus entirely on innovation. Emplopreneur teaches how employees can build credibility with their employees and create a company within the company where they are the Chief Innovation Officer. 62% of Millennials believe they are so swamped with getting day-to-daywork done that they don’t have time to think beyond their daily to-do list. Emplopreneur teaches them how to gain freedom by focusing exclusively on expanding the freedom of their employer by doing only what they are passionate and good at. The target reader of this book will be millions of employees who are frustrated about working below their potential. They want to take responsibility for their results and economic security. They desire freedom to grow and produce their best work. One differentiating quality about the target reader of this book is that they recognize that the technology-empowered 21st century empowers them to take control of their future. They want to create value that change everything. Millennials work seek more freedom and control over what they produce in the workplace and this book is targeted at them. They want to do work that is significant, fulfilling and rewarding. They want to know that they are making contributions that helps others become more creative and productive. More employees are become uncertain about their job and the future and are desperately looking for ways that will help them take back control of their lives and future.

Advance praise

Gina, Joe Polish assistant, "Entrepreneur I know this is exactly what employees of Entrepreneurial organizations need to here. Joe calls it a meritocracy. I imagine your book could be a valuable part of an on-boarding or interviewing process for Entrepreneurial organizations."

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