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Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan


Career and Recruitment – something I have been involved with from a decade ago. Co-founded my first recruitment business at 26 and another in 2009. Exited from both. Ex-President of the Singapore Professional Recruitment Organisation and recipient of HR Entrepreneur of the Year award by SHRI in 2013.

Presently working on developing the business for and occasionally conduct career training for jobseekers. Loves to write about recruitment, productivity and entrepreneurship. You can find them on my personal blog -

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Entrepreneurs’ guide for newbies (Singapore Edition)

Simple steps on how to start, sustain, and staff your business.

Have you always wanted to start a business ,but you're not sure how? This Ebook will show you how to start, sustain and staff your business.

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Who is this book for?

This book is ideal for anybody who is keen to start their own business, looking for ways to gain more margin in their life (so they can do more with less), and anyone who wishes to learn how to recruit your next best talent. 

More importantly, this book is for people who have sat on the fence for far too long. 

There is an entrepreneur in every single one of us and I believe that we should let that out. Because you never know what you are capable of achieving until you are put to the test. The book is broken down into 11 individual chapters to help you zoom straight into what you need without the usual fluff.

Image: me featured in Business Times SME Inc.

As a taste of what's to come, check out my eBook on 19 productivity tools I am using to manage my time at business. These are tools that are industry neutral. Anyone can start using them. You will get it in your inbox after you submitted the subscription form to my blog -

Image: My HR Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Why you should read this? 

Entrepreneurship has been part of my life since I was 26. I co-founded by first recruitment business then. What should have been a 2 year experiment became an 11 year journey.

In between I started a search firm, won a HR entrepreneur award and sat as a the President to the association for professional recruitment agencies. Now, I am running my training business, and helping a startup to grow their business in the cloud recruitment platform space for tech talents.

In what I do, I get to meet many people who are also aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

And I often get asked the same set of questions every time:

  1. How do you get started in your businesses?
  2. How do you manage your time with multiple projects at the same time (+ I have 3 kids to handle)
  3. I can't hire anyone!

I try my best to answer these questions in my attempt to help. One day it just occur to me while running through somebody's FAQ page that I have my personal FAQ. And that personal FAQ started the idea of a book to provide my answers.

Here's What You Can Expect

Here's an outline of what I intend to write about:

1. Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

First time starting your own business and don't know where to begin? Learn what is your first steps and what else you need to do to get things going.

2. Myths About Entrepreneurship

We tend to read much about the glorified highlights of entrepreneurship. But given that only 10% of new business succeed, are you getting the full picture?

3. Government Funding Every Business Owner Should Tap On

The Singapore government is very supportive of new business owners financially. But they also make it very complicated with 1,000 grants and subsidies to choose from. Here are the key ones you need to know.

4. How To Build Your First Business Website With Less Than $500

With high internet penetration rate, having an online presence is a must for any new business. But so would everyone else. Learn how to get a professional website up and running with very little money, and stand out from your competitions.

5. HR Tools That All Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Need To Be Using

Managing people is important but it shouldn’t become your main core of focus.
Here are 24 HR tools that will help you be more efficient in managing your workforce
and allow you to spend more time tackling other business issues.

6. The Importance Of Employer Branding

Hiring would be a killer for any new business. That is why employer branding is a must from day one. You may not have the sexy pantry of Google, but what you do provide might appeal to some others. But you need to get the word out. Here's how.

7. Productivity Hacks To Gain Margins In Your Day

It is quite typical for any new business owners to be swamped by all the different requests coming in from a dozen directions all at the same time. Use these hacks to manage your time better and keep your sanity.

8. 19 Tech Tools To Boost Your Productivity

How you wish there are more hours per day. The only way to drive more results is to be more productive. And that calls for tools to give you more margin so you can focus on more important matters - like building your business.

9. How To Write A Magnetic Job Posting

Hiring is a matter of time and when you do, you want to make it as productive as possible. And that begins by writing a magnetic job posting that communicates what you could offer.

10. Make Social Recruiting Work For You

With millions of people on social media, it would be a huge mistake to ignore them. But this isn't just about putting up a status update. Here's the right strategy to make sure your social recruiting is effective.

11. Recruitment Hacks That Your Competitors Still Don't Know About

If active candidates are disappointing you, you need to go deep. Curated from my decade of headhunting experience, here are some easy way to uncover talents that would cost an arm and a leg if you uses recruitment agency.

To get more sense of my writings, you can check out these few sites where I guest write often:

Support my campaign and get this book in your hands faster!

I will commence work once I reach at least 100 pre-orders, which will allow me to reach out to more interested publishers who can help scale this book and get in your hands faster!

You can support this campaign simply by preordering the ebook and I'll send you the book when I launch it in April 2016. Or support this campaign as a sponsor and get your name in the book!

Thank you!

-Adrian Tan


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  • Update #1 - Thanks for the pre-order! April 20, 2016

    Hi backers

    Thanks for your support. Although the target was short but I won't be writing this book if I accept defeat that easily.

    So ...