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Penelope Silvers

Penelope Silvers

Florida, United States

Penelope has seen many miracles in her own life. She is passionate about sharing hope of God's love and leading hand.

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About the author

Penelope has been writing in earnest for over 12 years. She is author of eight books, fiction and non-fiction. Her first Christian romance novel, "Everlasting Love," was successfully crowdfunded on the former Pubslush. Her published books are as follows:

*  Everlasting Love – Changing Tides Series #1: Christian Romance Novels with Heart and a Little Slice of Heaven

*  You are a Winner! Inside Secrets and True Confessions of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic

*  Put the Pause in Your Menopause – A Sensible, No-Nonsense Approach to Relieving Your Symptoms

*  Skippy Dinosaur ABC Word Scramble Brain Games

*  Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Journey #1, 2 and 3.

*  Body Revolution Solution – My 30 Minute Journey Bundle of all 3 Books

Penelope loves to encourage others and inspire them to live at their full potential. She is a member of Jerry Jenkins' Writer's Guild, author of the runaway bestselling Left Behind Series of books and movies, and a student of best-selling author James Patterson's Masterclass. She recently completed Future Learn's Writing Fiction Course.

She is currently a full-time blogger, article and short story writer, and radio host. Her profiles are available for content writing on a variety of subjects on Contently and Constant Content.
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ExtraOrdinary Detour

True Stories of Life, Death and Miracles

A storm raged the day my husband died and went to heaven. God sent him back to care for me through cancer. Scary detours can be extraordinary miracles in disguise.

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Biography & Memoir Religious Inspirational
50,000 words
25% complete
3 publishers interested


Extraordinary detours happen to us all. Fork-in-the-road moments that send us off in crazy and unexpected directions.

Frequently, the moments happen without warning. We travel along life's road, chugging contentedly like a little train. Suddenly, the train jerks violently and veers off track. Of course, we're surprised and dismayed by being thrown off course, and we lose our footing on this difficult and rocky terrain. What occurs is shock, pain and anguish like you never knew existed. Many tears are shed along the way, but we have no choice but to buckle up for the ride of our lives.

At the present time, there's a sense of anxiety and hopelessness in our crazy, mixed-up world. Not surprisingly, many people are confused and need something true and genuine. They need to know God is real and working in their lives. 

Many years ago, my writing well had dried up and I prayed for a story. Take note to be careful what you pray for. God gave me a big one.  At the time, I wailed and railed against God, crying out, "Why? Why are you putting me through this? I feel so alone. I'm scared. I don't understand!" I prayed and cried and cried and prayed. And that was okay.

This is our story of an ExtraOrdinary Detour—the first of many. 

In addition to our story, you'll read about detours of several men and women of the Bible who also endured uncertainty and pain. Their stories are similar to ours in that God derailed their plans, upended their lives, and moved them in a different direction. Upon reflection, God was firmly in control and could still be trusted. 

With this in mind, ponder over your own life. Are you a spiritual seeker or a believer who has lost hope that God is faithful and truly cares for you? Think about how you would react if your worst fears actually happen? How will you handle it?

In conclusion, there are three encouraging takeaways I hope you get from reading the book. First, you'll sense the wonder and assurance of heaven. Second, you'll know God is on your side and can be trusted in your darkness and pain. Third, you can reflect on your own ExtraOrdinary Detour where you felt God's leading. It may have been a jolting and terrifying event threatening to derail your life, but was actually a blessing in the end.  A new journey—where God was right beside you in the deepest darkest valleys.


PART I - Ron's Extraordinary Detour

  1. Helicopter to Heaven
  2. Carnival Atmosphere
  3. A Stinking Mess
  4. An Ordinary Day
  5. Battle to Go
  6. Urgent Prayers
  7. Critical Time
  8. The Day Darkens
  9. Fantastical Journey
  10. The Brain Ward 
  11. War Room
  12. Miracle Walk
  13. Wernickie's Aphasia
  14. Lost at Home
  15. Black Book
  16. Abbott and Costello
  17. When Your World Falls Apart
  18. The Roman Road
  19. Ron's Memories of that Day

  • Leave Me Alone 
  • The Friend
  • Shands
  • The Trip Home
  • A New Normal
  • God Sees the Future
  • Horse in the Road
  • Update Today

PART II - Penelope's ExtraOrdinary Detour

  1. Newspaper Ad
  2. Hot Flash Study
  3. Pass or Fail
  4. Into the Abyss
  5. The Verdict
  6. Three Shooting Stars
  7. God Cares
  8. Publix Clears Out
  9. Mother/Daughter Reunion
  10. More Miracles
  11. Update Today

PART III - More ExtraOrdinary Detours

  1. Abraham
  2. Daniel
  3. Deborah
  4. The Disciples
  5. Elijah
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Eve
  8. Hannah - 
  9. The Israelites
  10. Jesus
  11. Job - In the belly of a Whale
  12. Jonah
  13. Joseph
  14. King Nebuchadnezzar
  15. Man with Donkey
  16. Mary Magdalene
  17. Mary Mother of Jesus
  18. Moses
  19. King David
  20. Mary
  21. Noah
  22. Paul
  23. Queen Esther
  24. Rahab
  25. Ruth
  26. Samaritan Woman
  27. Shadrach, Meschach & Abednego
  28. Zacchaeus

Part IV God's Extreme Faithfulness to His People

A Father/Son joyful reunion after 30 years on his birthday—and mine. His Father's Death

Part V Discover Your Past ExtraOrdinary Detours

Journal and reflect to discover your fork-in-the-road moments. Uncover the miracles in your past to discover God's plan and purpose for your extraordinary life.

Part VI Living A New and ExtraOrdinary Life

Set aside one month to steer your life in a new direction. Use this worksheet with simple questions. A mere 21 days is all it takes to find your joy and purpose through past detours.


In the first 11 months of 2017, religious books generated a whopping $416.4 million U.S. dollars in sales revenue, according to  This article from August, 2017, by The Association of American Publishers (AAP) announced that books with religious and inspirational themes, including memoirs, were among the best-selling books.

Religious presses focusing on religion, spirituality and faith, grew by 6.9% to $1.13 billion from 2015 to 2016. The area of growth? Inspirational and religious crossover books.

According to, 59% of the Christian non-fiction readers are female. My ideal reader would be about 45-65, with annual household income around $50,000. She is likely a baby boomer and possibly retired. Baby boomers, according to this article on ABC News, have led the search for spirituality. Boomers are trying to resolve the larger issues of life and death as they age, according to Martin Marty, professor emeritus of religion at the University of Chicago.

Spiritual seekers, both men and women of all ages, would be inspired by reading this book. Any person facing a life-threatening illness would also find comfort in these pages. The main readers would possibly be empty nesters, or children may be on the cusp of leaving home. Interests include Biblical or Spiritual reading, Christian music, inspirational TV and movies, and talk radio. 

In North America alone, according to Facebook targeted advertising, the number of readers in this demographic would be 3 million readers. This can be narrowed down further depending on the church demomination.

The men would not be the biggest readers of Christian inspirational non-fiction, but there is still a market. The numbers for men in this same age bracket in North America would be 1,400,000.


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10% of All Net Proceeds will go to this charity, to help women breast cancer survivors!

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When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence 

By Squire D. Rushnell

Thomas Nelson, Inc., September 1, 2006

Synopsis: Those extraordinary little events in your life happen for a reason. A coincidence--sometimes a silly little thing--changes the course of your day . . .or even your life. Is it chance, or is God communicating with you?

When God Winks at You is packed with true stories demonstrating that God does communicate with us, making incredible things happen in our lives every single day. As you read the riveting accounts of everyday and famous people-including Tim Conway, Rudolph Giuliani, Billy Graham, and Don Knotts, you will begin to recognize the godwinks in your own life, both past and present. Through these tangible signposts from God, we receive personalized messages that reassure us, stop us from worrying, chart our path in life, and help us keep the faith.

How the Author's Book Complements: Author Squire Rushnell's book is feel-good, and emphasizes the tiny moments when God may be speaking. Our books are similar in the way we both describe God's leading in our lives.

Unseen Footprints

By Sheridan Voysey

Discovery House, June 1, 2016

Synopsis: Simply by observing the world and the people in it, we may catch unexpected glimpses of the divine. Unseen Footprints is a reflective walk through pain, yearning, and doubt; a journey that highlights the ways God whispers to us through our surroundings. If you are searching for a deeper reality, follow Sheridan Voysey’s lead and “open your eyes” to the things that are right in front of you. You may just discover God was there all along.

How the Author's Book Complements: The author's own personal story, as well as several others, is detailed in the book. Author Sheridan Voysey author stresses more glimpses of God, than fork-in-the-road moments.

Finding God's Path Through Your Trials

By Elizabeth George

Harvest House Publishers, July 1, 2007

From bestselling author Elizabeth George (nearly 4 million books sold) comes a book born of her desire to help others through difficult times. Finding God's Path Through Your Trials acknowledges the hard times we all face and reveals how people can "count it all joy," including:

*  understanding trials are not punishment

*  realizing God's grace is sufficient to get them through trials

*  knowing the benefits brought by trials—patience, endurance, empathy

*  experiencing deeper faith as they depend on God through trials

*  trusting God to use everything for His glory

Emphasizing God is always with them and will help them every step of the way, Elizabeth reminds readers they will not be given trials they cannot bear without including a way of escape. She encourages people to turn to Jesus, where they will find hope, joy, and meaning in the journey, no matter how bumpy it seems.

How the Author's Book is Different: This book deals with helping people understand that trials are not punishments, and how to trust God through it all.

Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny

by Dr. Tony Evans

B & H Books, January 1, 2017

God has a plan for your life. 

More often than not, it’s a detour, one that can leave you feeling temporarily stalled and slowed down. Which nobody likes. But detours are necessary if any improvements are going to be made on the paths we travel. Or if any wreck is going to be cleaned up or a hazard avoided. Detours are designed for our own good, regardless of how we view or feel about them.

Detours are a good thing that often feels bad.

Tony knows a thing or two about detours, and one of the things he knows for certain is that God works through detours to bring about His blessing. To deliver you to the place He has created just for you. Yet what we often do is try as hard as we can to work our own way to the circumstances we believe are best for us. Using examples from the life of Joseph, Tony will leave readers with answers to the following questions:

* How do you find the destiny God has designed for your life?

* How can you make the most of the detours God has planned for you?

* Is there a way to shorten a detour and speed up your progression in life?

* What is the purpose of a detour?

How the author's book is different: This book is very similar in that Dr. Evans speaks of detours and what they might mean for us.

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering 

by Timothy Keller

Viking, October 1, 2013

New York Times bestselling author of The Prodigal Prophet Timothy Keller—whose books have sold millions of copies to both religious and secular readers—explores one of the most difficult questions we must answer in our lives: Why is there pain and suffering? Walking with God through Pain and Suffering is the definitive Christian book on why bad things happen and how we should respond to them. The question of why there is pain and suffering in the world has confounded every generation; yet there has not been a major book from a Christian perspective exploring why they exist for many years.The two classics in this area are When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, which was published more than thirty years ago, and C. S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain, published more than seventy years ago. The great secular book on the subject, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s On Death and Dying, was first published in 1969. It’s time for a new understanding and perspective, and who better to tackle this complex subject than Timothy Keller? As the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, Timothy Keller is known for the unique insights he shares, and his series of books has guided countless readers in their spiritual journeys. Walking with God through Pain and Suffering will bring a much-needed, fresh viewpoint on this important issue.

How the author's book is different: This book spends more time on suffering and pain and how to walk with God through it all.

3 publishers interested
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Chapter 1

Ron's Helicopter to Heaven

November 13, 2013, was an ordinary day. By noon, I was aboard an ambulance with sirens blaring.

The local hospital didn’t have facilities to handle a massive stroke, so five hours later I was airlifted to Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Six people shifted me from bed to gurney into an idling ambulance, where I was hustled down the street to a helicopter pad by Cooter Pond. A pilot and nurse awaited my arrival.

Meanwhile, a violent storm raged with gusting winds and slanting rain. As the storm rocked the tiny aircraft, the nurse fretted whether they’d be able to take flight. The pilot and nurse had a right to be concerned. I wasn't. 

Beside me, stood a friend. Soothingly, he assured the nurse that everything would be alright, and instructed her to get me to the hospital. 

My friend remained by my side as the helicopter lifted off. I rose from the bed, and he ushered me to the window.  "Look outside," he said. I peered into total blackness.

Suddenly, I heard vile and foul words coming from voices and faces I couldn't see.They ranted about hating God. Repulsed, a foul, smoky smell assaulted my nostrils.

With my friend still by my side, I returned to bed.

Quickly, the air trip was over. Through whipping winds, we arrived and landed on Shands’ rooftop. Without delay, several hands grabbed the gurney, hurried me out and downstairs to the emergency room. They knew there was little time to spare.

 After all, I was dying.

Instantly, my eyes opened and I was in the most breathtaking place I'd ever seen in my life. This definitely eclipsed all seven wonders of the world. Not only that, people were younger. The music out of this world. I’ve loved all types of music over the years, but never experienced any like this. In awe, my eyes delighted in wonder at sights I can't even describe. 

Straightaway, I was in heaven. Completely happy and totally at peace.

Scarcely a moment passed before God spoke to me. He said, “Ron, you can’t stay here. You have to go home.”

Of course I protested. "But God, this is the most blessed place I’ve ever seen. It's fantastic! Why can’t I stay? I don’t want to leave."

God said, “No, you must go back now.” He had a very good reason, but I didn’t understand at the time.

I was back in my body and my friend was gone. 

Chapter 2

Carnival Atmosphere

Two weeks prior, life was a struggle. Despite this, we did whatever it took to survive, pay the bills and put food on the table. We couldn’t find paid work despite sending resume after resume, and being called for a trickle of interviews that never panned out. Making a living in our small town was becoming increasingly difficult. The economy had tanked and Ron had been laid off since 2011. I (Penelope), hadn’t worked outside the home in years.

Thus, the month of May began the yard sales. Unemployment compensation had dried up. Temperatures inched up from the 80’s into 90’s, and humidity rolled in like a heavy wet blanket. Depending on how generous people were with their spending, some weeks we’d sell all week and need to extend sales on into the weekend. 

Every day followed the same strategy. Once blue tarps were pulled back from the tables and all merchandise was visible, Ron would toss signs into the back of our Blue Pacifica and drive off to post on several street corners. I knew the signs were up by the procession arriving; trucks, mini vans, economy cars and SUV’s, one after another, lining the streets and side of our yard, and people of all shapes, sizes and colors emerging to pick over stuff we’d displayed for sale. This relentless stream of bargain-hunting strangers walked up our driveway, trampled our lawn, and picked over small items, haggling over a few pennies or dollars. Many were lonely and stopped by to shoot the breeze, grateful for a listening ear. Many times I practically gave things away just to make sure we had enough for milk, bread, eggs or gas.

This scenario stretched on through the relentless Florida summer into June, July, and August. Our sales were not as frequent into September and October, as children had returned to school and parents were now putting their money towards sports equipment, books, and music lessons. This was fine with us.

Physically and mentally exhausted, the heat, humidity, bugs, bending, stretching, lifting and chatting up people for dollars had taken its toll on our aching bodies. We needed a break. Sales had been ongoing for several weeks, and during this time we’d forged new plans. 

We’d done research and decided we were no longer survival selling. We were selling out. We’d made the decision to make the move to South America for a fresh start—and lower cost of living.

Chapter 3

A Stinking Mess

November arrived, along with relief in the form of cooler winter weather. Pink and neon green signs continued to be posted, and processions still appeared. Our yard and driveway were dotted with tents and tables, giving the appearance of a carnival come to town.

The prior weekend had been sultry—just the right conditions for the emergence of lovebugs. Their name sounds so lovely, but imagine a swarm of any kind of bug. They emerge overnight and multiply like a plague. They stick on your car, and if you don’t clean them off, their bodily fluids eat the paint right off. A member of the family of march flies, it's also known as the honeymoon fly, kissing bug, or double-headed bug. We just call them extreme pests. The adult is a small, flying insect common to parts of Central America and the southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. During and after mating, adult pairs remain coupled, even in flight, for up to several days.

Heat we could deal with, but add in swarms of bugs and conditions for outdoor selling become even more miserable. We’re already wet and dripping from humidity, and thick swarms of bugs fly directly into our faces, stick in our hair and on our clothes, then finally breathe their last and die inside cups and on top of merchandise. Customers, irritated, had to part a sea of bugs to get a good look at intended purchases. By the time the swarm dwindled, dead, reeking black bugs were everywhere, leaving a disgusting mess. It looked like a massacre.

After any storm, there is a time of clean up. The store now had to be closed for bug patrol. Armed with a vacuum, we worked several hours delicately sucking up bugs so as not to squish their bodies. We blew them off the driveway and goods and swept them off the sidewalk. Just when you thought you’d finished, you’d find another bug inside a DVD or up a shirt sleeve.

Finally cleaned up after the bug fiasco, we planned to have one big blow-out sale, then close for the winter. The final sale would happen the weekend of November 16. After that time, unsold items would either be brought back inside the house or garage, donated or tossed. The merchandise was completely covered underneath a large blue tarp in the center of our yard, a small tent in the driveway, or several tables.

The week was ours to do with as we pleased. We had no hint of storm clouds brewing on the horizon.

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  • Barbara Demorest
    on Aug. 17, 2018, 4:19 p.m.

    Looking forward to reading your story. Thanks for supporting knitted knockers

  • Penelope Silvers
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    Thanks for contributing, Barb! So happy to be able to help. :)

  • Glenn Bartlett
    on Sept. 4, 2018, 5:06 p.m.

    I am really looking forward to the publishing of this book! Can't wait to get my copy! Thanks Penelope.

  • Penelope Silvers
    on Sept. 5, 2018, 12:45 a.m.

    Thanks for your support, Glenn! I know you will love our story. :)

  • Penelope Silvers
    on Sept. 10, 2018, 1:11 a.m.

    I appreciate your support, Shawn! I know you'll be blessed. :)

  • Judith Ford
    on Sept. 10, 2018, 10:30 a.m.

    Love you, my friend. Hope I can see you in late Nov when we're there.

  • Penelope Silvers
    on Sept. 10, 2018, 6:41 p.m.

    Wow, Hi Judy! Thanks for your support. Please keep me updated as to when you'll be here. It's a date! :)