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Rotimi Kehinde

Rotimi Kehinde

Chicago, Illinois

Rotimi Kehinde is a budding author with a knack for writing riveting stories using captivating imagery. His first book, The Valley of Dead Dreams, continues to empower people in different countries to pursue their God-given dreams. He has so far been building a name for himself in the Christian Fantasy genre.

An ardent Frank Perreti and Ted Dekker fan, Rotimi delves into areas of the Christian faith that most would dare not venture into. He has been called a creative storyteller and a global thinker with a heart for this generation.

Rotimi and his wife currently live in Chicago, USA.

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Father of Spirits

The Book of Origins

Everything was peaceful in heaven until one angel began a secret mission to take the throne of God and rule for all eternity.

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Literary Fiction
79,543 words
100% complete
7 publishers interested


Everything was peaceful in heaven, the city of God, until one angel began a grave mission to take the throne of God and rule for all eternity. The stage is set for the biggest showdown in the history of the entire universe. Set before the creation of the earth and mankind, God’s divine agenda is challenged by the rebelling angels with epic repercussions.
Father of Spirits takes you back in history to the beginning before the beginning, to a world of beauty and majesty, lights and myriads of dazzling colors. Experience expanses of astounding heavenly cities and step into the darker realms of the deep. Discover a world of angels who serve God in splendor and wealth and see the birth of humanity.
With stunning imagery, the conflict of ages is presented with a focus on detail and truth. See the birth of the universe, the galaxies and the supernatural and natural worlds. Step into a war that has shaped human history and an explosive ongoing battle between good and evil that will shake everything you have ever believed in. 

“The writing has enormous energy, and the messages being taught are profound. The idea of telling the biblical story from the war in heaven through the fall of humans and the redemption in Christ is powerful. There are excellent moments in the story, like Zuriel’s discovery of Hades and the fallen angels’ transformation into demons. There’s a lot of great movement during the war in heaven, and it stays in my mind.”
- Karen Lee-Thorp (Substantive Editor of Father of Spirits)
(Editor of Tosca Lee’s Demon: A Memoir, which was a Gold Medallion finalist with the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association)

Father of Spirits begins with the making and commissioning of the angels, the initial expansion of the heavenly city to the corruption started by Satan, to creation and the fall of man, to the demise of the watcher angels.

This book was born out of searching for the truth about the origins of the universe- multiple and vast galaxies arrayed in might and splendor; fiery, gigantic balls of gas, light, rock, planets, the milky way and the entire cosmos. My heart has been heavy with finding the truth about the source of all things - our origin. I wanted to know how it all began. I wanted to find meaning by searching the past and drawing a trail from yesterday to today. 

I have not found a lot of materials or books on the events that happened before the book of Genesis in the Bible, but I realized there were a few exciting pointers in the Bible. A lot of what I have written is purely the artistic work of a creative mind given to lavish expression with creative freedom. My vision is that people who are not familiar with the Bible will find a compelling read that would set them on a path to finding truth. For those who are familiar, however, I believe the book will strengthen their faith.

Using creative license, I have made up some fictitious names, events, and places while striving to stay true to biblical facts. I have searched and studied multiple texts outside the canonized scriptures drawing diverse conclusions based on the Bible, the original Greek and Hebrew texts, documented historical facts, scientific studies, and diverse blogs and articles on the subject matter.

I drew my boundaries by focusing first on the blueprint of God's Word and then asking myself how these events would impact people today. I also watched videos, documentaries, and many other controversial films on the matter. I have delved far and wide in my research to have a strong understanding of the concepts I present. I believe this book is an answer to many who are confused about God, the trinity, love, heaven, hell, redemption, salvation, and many other topics that are commonly debated amongst people.

It has been a spiritual journey for me, terrifying and exciting altogether. For our action-craving, thriller-breathing generation, this book will be an exciting page-turner capturing both a churched and un-churched generation. For people of faith, it will be an inspired work of revelatory truth that will bring many to know God's eternal and unrelenting love.


Chapter 1 – Seeds
Zuriel welcomes Lucifer to his tower for a meeting. He realizes the conspiracy to take the throne of heaven is real and how critical his role would be for Lucifer to be successful in the rebellion.

Chapter 2 – Salem

A flashback to the creation of the angels, the assignments of tasks and roles, the first expansion of the heavenly city, and when Lucifer was created.

Chapter 3 – The Gathering
Lucifer calls a special meeting amongst heaven's various faction leaders, while Zuriel learns the full extent of the plans for takeover.

Chapter 4 - Harbingers of Doom
Lucifer’s strategy comes into full effect, as he uses rumors to spread the word of the rebellion. In response, Zuriel seeks counsel from Raphael and Michael as the rebellion gathers momentum. 

Chapter 5 – The Song of the Cherubs
Zuriel helps a wounded angel sought by Lucifer into the city of heralds. In this is the novel's first encounter with heavenly music as the cherubims write a song of worship. 

Chapter 6 – Collision
Gabriel and Lucifer have a face-off outside the gates of heaven. Baeshedith, Lucifer's aide, tries to convince Myesmoth to begin making weapons of war. Meanwhile, Zuriel stalks Gabriel and the building angels, as they build a mysterious dungeon far from the  boundaries of heaven.

Chapter 7 – Hades 
Zuriel is trapped in Hades and meets Lurerdeth. Gabriel and the building angels make the prisons in the lower regions of Hades. Michael begins a secret counter-effort to have weapons made for the angels loyal to God. Lucifer finally reveals his plans to Michael.

Chapter 8 – Michael
Michael discovers the weapons being forged in the fiery mountains and finds an unlikely ally. Zuriel escapes from Hades.

Chapter 9 – War
War breaks out in heaven. Gabriel realizes that high-ranking angels among the heralds have been corrupted. Raphael and his forces fight valiantly to protect the center of the city and delay a seemingly inevitable attack on the sanctuary of God. 

Chapter 10 – Choices
The warring angels are faced with different tests of loyalty and Gabriel is thrust into a pre-planned scheme.

Chapter 11 – Captive
Enemy angels capture Gabriel through treachery and Michael does the unthinkable.

Chapter 12 – Siege of Heaven 
Michael and Lucifer fight as Raphael’s defenses cave in. Lemuel struggles to protect the throne room when the outer court gate is opened. 

Chapter 13 – Requiem 
Lucifer and his rebelling forces are cast out of heaven. Fighting breaks out between the demons outside the gates of Hades. Lucifer and Mealiel join forces.

Chapter 14 – Creator 
God creates the heavens and the earth as the angels watch. The demon factions continue to fight in the third heavens.

Chapter 15 – Adam
God makes the man and woman, Adam and Eve. Satan’s spies report back to him on the new creatures.

Chapter 16 – Eternal Conspiracy 
Satan and Mealiel study Adam and Eve seeking a way to corrupt them. 

Chapter 17 – Sin 
The serpent tempts Eve. Adam and Eve are cast out of the garden as dominion is ceded from the man to Satan.

Chapter 18 – Chaos 
Satan begins to gather the demon factions to his rule. The gates of Hades are opened to both angels and demons. Michael has a brief face off with Satan. Lurerdeth returns with Michael to heaven.

Chapter 19 – The Watchers 
Zuriel and his watcher angels are stationed on Mount Hermon. 

Chapter 20 – Enoch 
Giants are born when the watcher angels marry women, while a man named Enoch sees visions of heaven. Michael and the warring angels bring God’s judgment to the watcher angels who are put in chains in the lower regions of Hades. 

Chapter 21 – The Curse 
Bael tells the Zuriel, now bound in Hades, about the flood and other epic events on the earth. The watchers release their dominions to the demons.

Chapter 22 – Babel 
Noah and Shem seek an audience with Ham, who is estranged from his father after being cursed. The people begin to build a tower that will touch the heavens but God changes their language and the project is abandoned.

Chapter 23 – The Angel of the Lord
Myesmoth announces the age of dominion to Zuriel and the watcher angels held in captivity. The angels begin building the city called New Jerusalem. The Angel of the Lord begins his initial appearances and missions on the earth. Zuriel reminisces on all the epic events that led to his current demise.


Father of Spirits (Book 2) - The Book of Dominion

Father of Spirits (Book 3) - The Book of Eternity


Rotimi is the founder and chief executive officer of GodKulture, an organization that builds creative platforms to engage and empower individuals, organizations and businesses through an integration of creative expression and art.

Rotimi has worked on hundreds of visual design projects and over forty book design and development projects for clients over four years through his creative agency. His first book, The Valley of Dead Dreams, continues to be in high demand.

He hosts a monthly creative workshop called Advance and mentors many creators and innovators in the city of Chicago on their purpose-fulfillment journeys. Rotimi also convenes an annual conference called FireStorm that attracts hundreds of attendees every year. He is also a leader at ReNew Phila, a church in Andersonville, Illinois.

Rotimi and his wife, Aramide, currently live in Chicago, Illinois.


Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness
This Present Darkness is a Christian novel by Frank E. Peretti. Published in 1986 by Crossway Books, This Present Darkness was Peretti's first published novel for adults and shows contemporary views on angels, demons, prayer, and spiritual warfare as demons and angels interact and struggle for control of the citizens of the small town of Ashton. It is critical of Eastern and New Age spiritual practices, portraying meditation as a means of demonic possession. (Wikipedia)

Frank Peretti’s book was published in 1986 and may not be as popular today as was then. It showcases the world of angels and the ongoing spiritual war going on behind the scenes in the human realm. 

The key difference is that Father of Spirits goes to the very origins of the making of the angels and the rebellion that started the war in the first place.

Wendy Alec’s Fall of Lucifer (Chronicles of Brothers Book 1)
The book focuses on three archangels who are brothers, one of them being Lucifer, who becomes evil and wages war over the race of men. Published in 2012, the book has attracted both commendations and criticism. Based on my research, readers say a good portion of the book is spent describing the heavenly scenes, which quickly became monotonous. Also, there are different concepts in the book that stray from biblical truth.
In Father of Spirits, I have done my best to stay true to biblical truths while using creative freedom.


Father of Spirits will be an entertaining and educational read. My vision is that the book will be a fan-favorite or cult-classic like Harry potter. With action-packed chapters of war and strategy, and the guile and tact of the antagonist, the events of the book will present a relishing experience for teens that enjoy exploring the fictional fantasy genre.

Young Adults / Seeker Generation
In Father of Spirits, I also write with deliberate intention to provide answers to young adults, especially those who question everything. For a seeker generation, the book will be more than a fiction but a guidebook connecting readers to secrets in our universe. 

The Church
Father of Spirits authoritatively, through creative freedom, inspires today’s church to use creativity to share the truth about the church’s spiritual history and indeed that of all mankind. Historically, the church has been a pioneer of artistic expression but nowadays, many in the church have seceded hallowed ground by attempting to stay safe. Telling a story of God, creation or mankind, and starting from the beginning before the beginning is certainly touching on the edge of what many in the church would call ‘safe’.

Leadership and Government

Father of Spirits  presents a view of God's perfect plan of leadership. Likewise, it unveils His purpose to create a world filled with love, joy, and peace. This book, filled conflict between good and evil, will speak to those who are in the throws of leading in our present times, where peace can be thought of as a fool's dream. The book highlights a period where it appears that evil is gaining ground, only to be exposed and repelled for what it truly is at the end of the day. 

Everyone else

Father of Spirits will certainly appeal to literary heads, whether Christian or not. Based on feedback from sampled readers and critics, the book is simply entertaining and has mass appeal. Through this book, I’m changing the outreach method while staying true to the message. My team and I have received feedback, stating that the book “satisfies the imaginative mind with vivid depictions of heaven and heavenly beings.” I believe strongly that this will be a major cross-over book.


A. Social Platforms

Father of Spirits will be marketed through it’s website:, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I have a combined followership of 4,700. I am also part of the Christian Writers and Authors Facebook group with over 16,000 members.

B. Speaking Engagements & Events
The book will be showcased through launch events in different cities in the US, book signings, and video adverts displayed during events hosted by affiliate organizations. It will be featured at a monthly creative workshop that I host in Chicago called ADVANCE ( It will be showcased at GodKulture’s annual conference called FireStorm.

C. Organizational Affiliations

1. GodKulture Global Network (Founder & President)

2. GodKulture Events

3. FireStorm Conferences and Concerts (100’s of attendees every year)2. 

4. Networks of churches in the Chicago area that have a national reach


The Valley of Dead Dreams 535+ copies sold. 


7 publishers interested
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