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Esther Nagle

Esther Nagle

Wales, United Kingdom

Esther Nagle has overcome grief through walking and addiction through yoga, and wants to share these gifts with a world in pain and disconnected from itself and nature.

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About the author

I  have practiced yoga for ten years,and has been teaching since September 2014, and have been a keen walker since 2006.

I write on my blog about yoga, recovery, walking and well-being on her website, and have written for Om Yoga Magazine, Soberistas, The Fix, I love Recovery Cafe and more. I have featured in articles in Good Housekeeping, Top Sante and Prima. 

I have appeared on Sky News's The Point, and been a guest on Chick Chat and The Art of Being Well on Radio Cardiff.

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Update #2 - Oh dear - I didn't send my launch update! May 23, 2017

I just came here to write another update, and realised I didn't send this one, that was entitled 

"EEEEEK!!!  I've only gone and done it! :)"

How embarassing!

This was the update.....

I just hit launch, and the campaign is live!  HOW EXCITING!!

I am feeling a mixture of excitement and terror right now, it is beyond exciting really, but scary as hell as well!  But scary is good, scary means you're doing something that will be awesome, doesn't it?  Jumping out of a plane was scary, but I LOVED that, this feels a bit like that!

I have to take the dog for a walk now, so have a lovely day, and please do share the campaign as much as you can, and please do preorder! :)

lots of love

Esther <3