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Tara Caffelle

Tara Caffelle

Kamloops, Canada

Tara Caffelle is a writer and coach who loves to explore the spaces between grief (from life, from death, from endings, in general) and somewhere-out-there joy.

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About the author

Tara Caffelle began as a writer and an aspiring actress, many moons ago, and landed, finally, as a certified life and relationship coach in 2008.  

She has coached hundreds of couples and individuals from a 'just fine' mediocrity to big lives full of heart and intimacy, bringing vulnerability and honesty to her work, while navigating her own divorce and subsequent stumbles of life-rebuilding. 

After losing four men from her life over the course of fourteen months, she turned to writing, once again, to heal and make sense of the deaths and in the process, found from others an unwillingness (and inability) to talk about death and grief and this is where her work turned to that realm. 

Tara created a new life after nothing remained of the old, and has taken on a mission to explore grief, from all of its various places, and gently bring it to our daily lives. Through her book, Grief: A Love Story and a podcast of the same name, she engages in brave conversations about the thing no one else wants to talk about with humility, compassion, and humour. 

Tara has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Today's Parent, Real Weddings, Wedding Bells, and Popsugar and on several news programs in Canada. She considers writing to be a food group, and has been crafting words since she learned to hold a pen. 

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Update #1 - Our last push + expectations June 4, 2018

Hello my Incredible Book Supporters!

First of all, where did June GO?!?

I think I (as usual) wildly overestimated the amount of time I would have this month to do all the things, like launch this book and, oh, get married. (I did that this past weekend in a quiet elopement!) I keep running out of time. 

Tonight, I wanted to circle back with a huge, huge, THANK YOU for your support. I have such a warm, gooey spot in my heart for all of you who keep sharing and sending messages and buying the book, that I will likely be adding all kinds of things to the bonuses already listed in the proposal. My cup runs over and over. 

I started all this with some grand hopes and ways I wanted it to look, and that keeps shifting as I go. I have 6 publishers interested in the book, and will be targeting a whole new section of audience in the last week of the campaign and I've also let go of how this will turn out. I was seeking for grief to be a conversation at the table, and to work with a heart-centred agent and publisher, and I think that will all happen in due time. I'm in for the long game. 

I will be in touch this week with some specific prompts for sharing this further, if you wish to, and until then, know I am toasting you and your big hearts tonight.