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Rita Berg

Rita Berg

Kihei, Hawaii

Rita Berg, Esq., created the Radiant Success System™. She implemented her stellar Sparkle strategies to attract her first 5-figure client within 90 days, inspire her clients, and manifest magic.

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About the author

Rita Berg, Esq., CBC, shines light on what saps women entrepreneur's strength and dims their sparkle. Straight out of law school, she went rogue and launched an unconventional law practice. That's when she started to experience firsthand that it's a choice: Struggle or Sparkle? Her words span across domains in life. She shares her simple and proven business strategies to create a peaceful sanctuary, and attract dream clients who you are delighted to serve while skillfully steering away from bullies and blasting aside blocks with brilliance. She shares her own health and relationship journeys to go deep into why we women entrepreneurs sometimes cannot seem to generate enough energy for our effervescent endeavors. The Sparkle Author skillfully builds an iridescent rainbow bridge from Struggle to Sparkle, and inspires her stellar soul sisters to dance along it in delight.
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You will receive a heartfelt expression memorializing how magnificent you are for pre-ordering Grow Your Professional Practice. I'll include incandescent intentions for your radiant success in business and life, infuse my expressions with a Joy Supernova, and send it soaring to you, shining star!

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90-minute group coaching video call with Rita Berg. We'll work on sensational ways to get unstuck and shine to create your incandescent impact.

Bring what you'd love to shine light on about your business.

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You'll receive a heartfelt expression memorializing how magnificent you are for pre-ordering Grow Your Professional Practice. I'll include incandescent intentions for your radiant success in business and life, infuse my expressions with a Joy Supernova, and send it soaring to you, shining star!

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Comprehensive Shine Session to explore any energy or belief blocks to your expressions from your blazing bright spirit. This is a powerful conversation to remove the Pressure Points from your professional practice, starting with what is in your inner space so you can expand out and play as the limitless business creator you are.

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Professional Playshop in Paradise for Women Entrepreneurs

January 5-14, 2018

Release your professional practice and retreat to magical Maui to spend ten days digging deep with gifted heart healer, Certified Bulletproof Coach, sparkle detective, and love advocate Rita Berg.

We will engage in an effervescent exploration into what is sapping your strength and dimming your light, so you can free yourself up to dance in delight through your life. You will have the opportunity to engage with Rita for one-on-one clearing and clarity sessions to release emotions that keep you stuck, and reprogram your mind so your head serves your soul.

This is a co-creative retreat. Activities will align with what best serves the beautiful women entrepreneurs coming together to celebrate their sparkle, and return to the effervescence from when they emanated, and delight in stellar synergy sessions with their blazing bright business soul sisters.

Includes beautiful accommodations near gorgeous hikes, glorious waterfalls, stunning beaches, and all the serenity you seek from a Radiant Maui Retreat. Nourishing meals and sensational snacks provided.

* Airfare and transportation to the retreat sanctuary not included.

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Grow Your Professional Practice

A Woman Entrepreneur's Guide to Making Money by Manifesting Magic

Simple, stellar, proven Radiant Success System™. Express your entrepreneurial endeavor from your effervescent spirit. Create a sanctuary for your radiant clients and you to shine. Make money by manifesting magic.

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Business Memoir
30,000 words
100% complete
9 publishers interested


My premiere passion is to build an iridescent rainbow bridge across domains so we professional women can dance in delight from Struggle to Sparkle. I wrote the blazing bright business book I wish had been available to hand to my beloved soul sisters who struggled to grow their professional practices while I sparkled! We need not suffer to co-create our incandescent impact on this precious planet. 

The Radiant Success System™ I share is a simple, stellar, and proven approach to using four synergistic pillars to shine at full power: True Self Service, Authentic Alignment, Conscious Connection, and Effortless Expansion. 

Even as a new lawyer, and a young female lawyer in the Good Old Boys Club's epicenter, the Radiant Success System™ worked wonders to create a peaceful sanctuary for my clients and I to co-create extraordinary outcomes. Learn how to blaze your bright brand to build buzz. Focus on true self service. Relish rave client reviews. Blast aside the conventional bully clobber culture. Choose conscious compassion to clear confusion. Create the affinity group you seek for stellar support.

Grow Your Professional Practice is a deeply personal look at how to disrupt the predominant professional practice model to prosper by making pure magic.


Radiant Success

Unless we have stellar clarity on what radiant success means for us, we may reach what we Think will make us Feel Full, and realize this head-based dream only to discover it feels empty. Our eyes lose their shine. This is a beautiful way to root into your true self, and start your business exploration expressing from spirit!

Perform on Purpose

Learn how to ditch any default role that holds you back. Show up and perform on purpose. Discover how to honor your inner guidance as an entrepreneur.

True North

Face the Fraud Fear to free you up to construct what will be a sanctuary for you and your clients. We all want to enter the elusive flow state where super creators bridge worlds. This chapter demonstrates how to stay in a productive state to make focused progress growing your professional practice.

Very Incandescent Powerhouse

Discover how to generate the energy to power your effervescent endeavors. Your shine power intensifies with practice using the pointers in this chapter.

Glow State

In this chapter, I share a funny story about a woman who yearned to connect with her clients, and kept escaping elsewhere to her "Happy Place." Shine with me as I coach Leslie back into our stellar shared reality so she can enjoy true connection.

The Radiant Shift

In this chapter, I share how to rethink the stormy seas that might seem too scary to venture into, and instead anchor you and your professional practice in a placid lagoon. Create a compassionate relationship between your greatest business champion (your higher self) and you.

Brand You

I share some funny pirate tales about the criminal defenders I encountered in professional practice. Learn how to do a radiant reframe. Spin the ways you stand out from the others in your practice into your greatest competitive advantages.

Hang Up on Sexism

I share how I handled when sexism showed up as I entered the professional practice seas as young and female, and shattered the conventional way things were done in my practice area.

Go Rogue

Learn how to expand your perspective to better understand how others show up in your practice area. I share a funny story about going straight into the Good Old Boys' Clubhouse at a Christmas party, and how I used this eye-opening, objectifying experience to learn about how to better serve my own female clients. 

Conscious Creation

I share the six-step Manifest Magic Method for priming the universe to bring in what will accelerate your progress and amplify your efforts to grow your professional practice. Witness how the stellar synchronicity that unfolds benefits all the precious parties involved in the conscious co-creation.

Serene Sanctuary

Sure, you are a powerhouse woman and divine Being. You can handle venturing out into the stormy seas and swashbuckling with pirates. But it's much more fun to stay anchored in the placid lagoon and dance on the decks in delight with your radiant clients. Learn how to protect your practice from the pirates out at sea. Argh!

Radiant Comedy

In this chapter, I invite you to lighten up the standard American dim (SAD) struggle you may witness by seeing it as dramatic comedy. Pirates gave me unsolicited advice on how to grow my business. I spit shined their pearls, and added to this treasure the gleaming gems gleaned from the Type A Plus Perfectionist commentary so common in professional practice. Lighten up, and enjoy a radiant comedy routine.  

Champion Relationships

Naysayers love to send the message that you're doomed to fail at your endeavor. When you love your inner critic into serenity, you are ready to release all your critics and fill your world with champions. 

The Champion Ask

You're limitless. So why limit your endeavor's potential to grow by restricting your resources in any way? Go beyond your own skills and experience by cultivating meaningful relationships with gleaming champions. Learn how to ask for what you seek to better serve your radiant clients.

Power Network

Learn how to mind shift from a scarcity to abundance mentality. Follow 7 glittery guidelines to make an incandescent impression.

Rave Client Reviews

Discover where to focus your energy and attention so everything falls into place. In this chapter, I share my Rave Client Review Roadmap. When you adhere to these magnificent mile markers, and do your due diligence along the way, you know when you ask for a candid review it will positively sing.

Misfit Clients

If you need any encouragement to steer straight on the Rave Client Review Roadmap, you'll love my Misfit Client Story. Learn why it's best to use the strategies I share to attract in your radiant right-fit clients, and release misfit clients. You'll see why it is so tempting to take on a misfit client - until you witness the potential impact on your incandescence. Rather than accepting misfits, focus all your effervescent energy on clients who are a stellar fit for your professional practice - and Sparkle!


Primary audience: Professional women entrepreneurs, especially female attorneys. They are brilliant, and often do not learn how to use their heads to serve their soul in professional school. This radiant readership benefits from discovering how to integrate into incandescence, and express their entrepreneurial spirits through their blazing bright business endeavors.


I love marketing! The marketing efforts I have planned are to promote a Grow Your Professional Practice Program that aligns with my business book on Facebook, send personalized emails to my 1,500+ connections, pick up the phone and have hundreds of engaging conversations about co-creating this heartfelt, strategic, and paradigm-shifting business book.

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Wearing my shiny captain’s hat as a new lawyer, I prepared to embark into the entrepreneurial sea, leaving behind the familiar harbor of what I’d known as a student prosecutor to venture into the unknown of what I’d become—a criminal defender in solo practice. Placing my marine binoculars at eye level, I could only see so far. 

What I saw in the distance terrified me! Vessels saturated the stormy sea. They appeared much larger than my own ship, even from a distance. And yet I took a deep breath, lowered my binoculars, transferred from the dock to my ship’s deck, hoisted billowing teal sails, and embarked. 

Within me resided a call to adventure, the drive to make a difference, and a commitment to discover the answer to this powerful question: What if? Not willing to wait for the elusive Someday that tends to never turn into Today, I launched my own paradisiacal professional practice, and made it easy for my radiant clients to find me.

During my first year in practice, I handled serious felonies, and obtained outcomes for my clients that traditional criminal defenders thought were impossible. After analyzing what worked to give me success right out of law school, I offer you a way to grow your business that is rooted in practice: the Radiant Success System™, presented in four parts that work together synergistically:

  1. True Self Service

  2. Authentic Alignment

  3. Conscious Connection

  4. Effortless Expansion

Part I, True Self Service, delves into the inner life of an entrepreneur. I share how I rooted deeply into the driving force behind my endeavors, my true self, to claim my rightful place at the captain’s wheel. 

Part II, Authentic Alignment, shows you how to stand out from the other guys. Go rogue. I illustrate how I used my standout strengths to claim my successful niche.

In Part III, Conscious Connection, I dash the myth that papering networking events with your business card, The Butterfly Effect, is the best way to magnetize your radiant clients. Discover how to infuse interactions with your effervescent essence to make networking natural, and manifest magnificent champions who are excited to help you grow your business.

Part IV, Glow, reveals my gleaming client service gems as the Rave Client Review Roadmap. Implement it to transition potential dream clients into current radiant clients, and then happy former clients who rave about you and your business. 

Any time is good to apply the Radiant Success System, but here is the best one: early on, when your business exists as the imagined vision that you yearn to bring to life. Start to build shining champion connections around this budding business dream. You cannot have too many investors in your success, too soon.

And yet it is never too late to use the Radiant Success System to transform your business. Maybe you’ve taken on clients, but your dream clients are scarce. Or perhaps things are booming, but you have a nagging feeling that makes you connect with Grow Your Professional Practice. In some way, your business is not true to who you are.

Wherever you are in the process, I ask that you please have an open mind on our voyage together, and a willingness to rethink yourself and your business. What are you waiting for to live out your dreams? Someday is today. You have everything you need within you to set sail. 

Enjoy your entrepreneurial adventure!

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