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Amy & Joe Rogan

Amy & Joe Rogan

Amy & Joe Rogan are a powerhouse couple balancing each other in every way. No matter what they keep on rolling, taking steps to alway move forward and grow.

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Amy & Joe Rogan are a powerhouse couple complimenting each other's artistic skills. Joe is the crazy visionary who designs the layouts and characters. Amy is the one who cleans up and adds the technical details. Together they make a great team using their strengths as authors/illustrators as well as creatively designing their life. Amy has a BFA in Fashion Design and has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years, working for companies such as QVC and Disney. Joe has a BFA degree in Traditional Animation and Computer Art. When Amy got sick during the first five years of their marriage, Joe gave up his career in the arts to work at UPS for ten years but never stopped dreaming and drawing. Once Amy got better, they both soon realized the corporate world was not for them. Life is short.

They found while working together and traveling the world they have a bigger mission to be a beacon of hope and inspiration. Now they are sharing their own story after illustrating for personal development books, including “Slap Yourself” by Josh Zepess and “I Am Great” by Milton Howard. This couple is a true inspiration with their story and artistic style while helping people realize their potential and purpose. Follow them at and on social media.
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Update #1 - Thank you for driving us! June 30, 2022


I’ll keep this short because, honestly, we have a LOT of work to do to finish this book!  We are even surprising ourselves how perfect it is turning out. Better than we could have imagined.

My side (Amy’s) is 90% complete. Hopefully, we can get the spot illustrations in the way we want them. It’s proving to be tricky since my side of the Adobe InDesign file (the software we are using to “build” the book.) is up-side-down.

Joe’s side of the book has proven to be a massive undertaking with 160 pages of full illustrations. I have stepped in to draw about 50% of the back grounds so Joe can focus on the characters and action. I’m so proud of how his artistic skills and confidence in himself has skyrocketed. 

Here are some milestones that may seem simple enough but were big steps towards our goal. 

1. We agreed on the font! Two creative minds butted heads a few times on this one. It has also been approved by our publisher for print quality.

2. Chapter 6 is complete and approved by our publisher. There is some adult content and we wanted to make sure it was tastefully done and followed MJPs guidelines. This chapter was also used to confirm the illustration style and design elements for printing.

3. Chapters 1 and 2 are almost complete and ready for upload to the final file. I have been “cleaning up” and doing the final touches to make sure it looks beautiful.

Thank you again for your support and being the first to reserve your copies. It mean a lot to us and adds a little extra needed pressure to deliver. ;) Our deadline is fast approaching and we are ready to be done!

Amy (& Joe) Rogan  aka the Rolling Rogans.