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Greta Solomon

Greta Solomon

London, United Kingdom

Greta Solomon is an author, creative writing coach and former journalist for British newspapers and magazines. She is the author of Just Write It! (McGraw-Hill, 2013).

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About the author

Greta Solomon is an author, creative writing coach and former journalist for British newspapers and magazines. She is a natural multi-passionate creative with a diverse career path.

After graduating in psychology from Warwick University, Greta started out as a journalist at women’s magazines in London, in the early 2000s. She worked at top-selling weekly, Woman, and freelanced for well-known publications including Now, My Weekly, Company, Daily Express, and BBC Good Homes. But although she was a successful journalist on the outside, she felt creatively blocked inside. So, Greta embarked on a journey of creative discovery. This saw her become a freelance travel writer, a published poet and songwriter, and a student of drama and lyrics.

Taking the lessons learned, she became an English tutor with a sold-out practice, and a director at a business-to-business PR consultancy. She then became a writing coach, trainer and international speaker. Her clients have included creatives, writers and tech start-ups through to the industry giants of Statoil, Wilhelmsen Ships Service and Schibsted Media Group.

Greta is the author of the book Just Write It! How to Develop Top-Class University Writing Skills. (McGraw-Hill, 2013). And her recent work has been published in The Huffington Post, Moon Magazine, The Numinous and The Introvert Effect. She speaks at leading industry events, such as Blogtacular and both hosts and appears on panel discussions.

Greta lives in South West London with her husband and daughter and continues to run creative writing workshops for bloggers and the business world in London, and beyond. She also coaches women to bring their own books to life.

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Update #5 - A few exciting updates Feb. 3, 2019

To my lovely pre-order supporters,

It’s been a while since I checked in here, so please excuse my silence. I hope you are doing well, and that you are having a great start to 2019. Behind the scenes, I have been beavering away. And the book you so generously invested is coming to life. So, here’s what’s new.

Finished manuscript

I delivered my final manuscript to my publisher just before Christmas. In between my daughter’s Christmas play, her epic Power Rangers themed birthday party, and eating far too many mince pies (as usual), the manuscript didn’t leave my side until it was preened and polished.  

Title change

The book you invested in was called Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life. The new title (which I absolutely love!) is Heart, Sass & Soul: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness. Rest assured, the content is the same, as promised.

Front cover

We now have a front cover, and it includes a hummingbird. As Big Magic author Elizabeth Gilbert said in a recent talk: “Hummingbirds move from tree to tree, field to field, and they cross pollinate wherever they go.” And that’s what journaling, writing and creativity is about – making sense of all the different parts of life and writing about them. This way, they have meaning. Things that need to be healed can heal. And you can make art along the way. I also recently found out that the hummingbird is the Jamaican national symbol (how could I not have known that)! And as my mother was from Jamaica, that makes it special too. See the Amazon link below to check out the cover.  

Amazon page

Here is the link for the Amazon page: If you have any friends or family you think would like a copy, send them here (the book is available for the public to pre-order now).

Beautiful endorsements

You haven’t read the content yet, but a dozen or so people in the wellness, writing and creativity fields have. And they have provided some lovely endorsements. For instance, Malcolm Stern, the co-founder of Alternatives, the UK's landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers, alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders and visionary thought provokers wrote: “A welcome and stylish exploration of writing as a way of uplifting your life. Sensitive, sassy and creative.” You can read the endorsements collected so far on the Amazon page.

Publication date

Heart, Sass & Soul will hit the shelves on 2 May 2019. You will get your copy (or copies) around that date, and I’ll of course be back in touch before I ship anything out.

That’s all for now, and I’ll update you when I have more things to share.

Best wishes,