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Jon Root

Jon Root

Mountain View, California

Stanford Olympic Gold medalist, U18 sports coach, 'metaphysical mechanic' dissecting performance and change. "Heart Sparking Performance" delves into the 5 key constructs shaping how we craft impact for action in the world, consciously.

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About the author

Jon Root is a 1988 Olympic gold medalist, 1986 World Champion, 2x European All Star in Serie A-1 professional volleyball league.  A product of Stanford University, Jon garnered All American honors 3 times while competing a dual degree in Economics and Political Science. 

A product of a difficult childhood, Jon ended up leaving home at a young age, carrying baggage that would eventually contribute to a path of deep personal development, elite athletic performance and a new found way of being successful in the world. 

His first novel, "Life, The Spiritual Sport" (Dancing Moon Press, 2014) received a 4 star Portland Book review. This novel, his 2nd, expands from where the first book closed. 

30 years blended experience, Sports and Spiritual practitioner, have created a different look at how we integrate consciousness practices leading to peak performance.  Jon is also the creator of "Sports Kitchen (TM)" (Where Fitness, Health and Wellness collide) currently being pitched to TV/Digital platforms. 

Jon's love of travel, exploring sacred traditions across different cultures has created a very unique development pedigree. Buddhist, Sufi, Hindu, Native American purification rituals, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quests, working with mediums, channels, healers. Sacrifice in Service is something the author describes as saving himself from himself. 

Continuously pushing his precepts into the young adult mind around sports performance, conscious living, Jon serves as Technical Director/Head Coach 17's for Encore Volleyball and Lemo Foundation in Redwood City. He is an advisor to those passionate about Sports, Energy and Consciousness. 

He currently resides in Mountain View, CA actively teaching, preaching and screeching. Jon is Father to a beautifully tall 13 year old student athlete, Ayden.
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Update #3 - Looking to finalize book and begin shipping Sept 1st June 28, 2019

Thank you for your pre-order support of Heart Sparking Performance. 

Sunbury Press, (Lawrence Knorr et al) have been great to work with. With their 6 publishing imprints, Sunbury Press has experienced quite a growth spurt and is excited about their upcoming releases.

Heart Sparking Performance is moving up in the production queue, entering layout, graphics and cover design phase.

As we get close to our official 'release' date, I will send along another update.

Hope your Summer has a few heart sparked creations!