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Reinhild Niebuhr

Reinhild Niebuhr

Pretoria, South Africa

Reinhild Niebuhr is a South African author, businesswoman and youth development specialist. She is also a trained Kinesiologist, with three decades of interest and experience in natural and integrated healthcare.

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About the author

Own challenges as a young adult during 1983-1995 in terms of developing a suitable career, managing weight and health issues, coping with failed relationships and the death of her father, being faced with questions about cultural identity and religious issues, and yearning for a sense of purpose, led to a lifelong quest by Reinhild Niebuhr to helping others - especially unemployed and orphaned youth - with the knowledge that she found and the life experiences that she had to go through.
After building a successful consulting business during the next decade, Reinhild and her husband, Nico den Oudsten, an architect employed in a senior government position responsible for public clinics and hospitals across South Africa, chose to give up their professional careers in 2005 in order to lead a struggling, deep rural, educational non-profit organisation. Here Reinhild focused on developing a youth leadership and entrepreneurship programme for unemployed youth, in order to test the basic principles that she had identified or learnt, as being helpful in shaping her own life, health and general wellbeing in a successful way. This work became a critical spiritual learning experience for Reinhild herself, causing her to understand the importance of spiritual growth as part of the overall success recipe for a life well-lived.
Since returning to city life again in 2013, Reinhild's focus has been placed on developing systems to share her knowledge and create opportunities for others to build successful enterprises, integrated, healthy and purposeful lives and communities.
In May 2019 Nico's life on earth unexpectedly ended, leaving Reinhild widowed at 55, with no own children and a hugely challenging business. This new situation allows Reinhild to apply all the lessons she has learnt in life, and all the knowledge she has been teaching others - to effectively put into practice, what she has been preaching - in continuing to live a life of health, abundance, happiness and peace, regardless of her circumstances.
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Hello Health

Learn To Live Life A Better Way

Hello Health is a way to live your life better simply by learning how to better take care of your body, handle your emotions, manage your mind, and grow spiritually.

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Mind & Body
60,000 words
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Humans across the world start life as young adults with three key questions: 1) Will I find a way to build a successful livelihood? 2) Will I find the love of my life? 3) Will I be a respected and valued member of my community? And then life happens and we suddenly find ourselves having to deal with body issues, struggles to stay focused, our emotions run in all directions, and most of us don't even have any awareness that there is also a critical spiritual dimension to life. We find ourselves in our 30s or 40s with a decade or more of disappointed dreams and debt, unfulfilled potential, broken relationships, weight or health issues and all kinds of other 'baggage'. In hindsight, we could have either avoided or better dealt with many of life's challenges. If only we had had some very basic and helpful guidance.

In Hello Health, Reinhild Niebuhr, a youth development specialist and trained Kinesiologiston, teaches us how to care for our bodies, how our minds and money work, how we can manage our emotions to build better relationships, and how t0 grow spiritually to lead more purposeful and fulfilled lives. Each one of us needs to learn how to manage all four these areas of our lives, in order to achieve an integrated state of health.

In an age of overwhelm, where we humans are faced with so much media influence, information and technology, and so many social challenges and global issues, Hello Health helps readers of all ages to go back to the basics of being human. It encourages readers to start living life consciously by sharing an understanding of how to bring about a balance between body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It describes how our environment and global realities affect our day-to-day living and how to make the critical choices in this 21st Century towards building our lives, relationships, communities and environment in a better, more integrated way.

As a young adult the author faced her own challenges and experiences which set her on a path to learn to manage her weight and health, cope with emotional stress, and build beautiful relationships. She learned the secrets to develop a successful career by trial and error, realised that material wealth is not the answer to happiness and learnt to find a lasting sense of fulfillment. All this knowledge has helped her ultimately to be healthy without any medication, to be happy regardless of any circumstances, to experience successful living both with and without financial wealth, and to have a deep sense of peace and purpose despite recent losses and setbacks.

In "Hello Health" Reinhild shares this key knowledge with readers, with the aim to inspire, encourage and strengthen anyone who is looking for a way to shape or reshape their life.

Sales arguments

  • "Hello Health" is a book that provides universal human answers to universal human questions - for the 21st Century human, in this day and age.
  • Multicultural society and globalisation have caused a very confusing system of knowledge for humans who are living at the intersection of an own culture and a 'global culture'. How to build a life in these confusing and uncertain times, where none of the old recipes apply any longer, is one of the key questions that youth across the world ask themselves.
  • But older generations also face this confusion and look for ways of making sense of life, coping with unemployment at a later stage in their career, and with health and weight issues, because of lack of knowledge and understanding of how modern dietary practices and lifestyles impact on their body.
  • It appears that there is an audience that appreciates my perspective on life. I have had 38.1k views and 292 upvotes on one of my answers on Quora:
  • Reinhild has an email list of over 5,000 customers of publishing products in South Africa and the United Kingdom to whom I could market this book.

Similar titles

  • Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit Kindle Edition by Judith Anne Desjardins. Spirit House Publishing (June 1, 2010) (January 3, 2019). - "Hello Health" also promotes an integrated approach to living, involving mind, body, spirit and emotions.
  • The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques: Simple Practices to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit Kindle Edition by Karen Frazier. Althea Press (August 6, 2019). - "Hello Health" also shares very simple, practical ways of optimising the condition of the body and managing energy levels.
  • Start the Revolution Within - A Journey Towards Vibrant Health & Weight Loss - Transforming your Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions by Brian M. Heater. 2012. - "Hello Health" also focuses on the transformative power of self-healing, as well as emphasizing the importance of an integrated approach to life.


For anyone who is looking for a way to shape or reshape their life in a better, healthier, financially more balanced and more joyful way.

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