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Michaela Auguste

Michaela Auguste

New York, New York

Michaela is a wife and mother residing in New York City. Hot and Tasty: The First Course is her first book. Michaela discovered her love of writing stories as a child. She decided to reconnect with writing by publishing her first book, Hot and Tasty: The First Course after she temporarily left work in the auto industry to take care of her son. Michaela is currently completing Hot and Tasty: The Second Course. Her additional hobbies include learning international dance and reading.

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About the author

About the author

Michaela  is a wife and mother residing in New York City.  Hot and Tasty: The First Course is her first book. 

Michaela discovered her love of writing stories as a child. She decided to reconnect with writing by publishing her first book, Hot and Tasty: The First Course after she temporarily left work in the auto industry to take care of her son. 

Michaela is currently completing  Hot and Tasty: The Second Course.  Her additional hobbies include learning international dance and reading. 

She  has a facebook page:[1]... or 
Twitter: @michaelaauguste


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Hot and Tasty: The Second Course

The New York City catering trio returns in this spicy sequel with more love and family tribulations.

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Romantic Fiction Interracial/Multiracial Romance
60,000 words
75% complete
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Why think book should exist and why am I the best person to author it.

* If I didn't write this story I would explode. I love writing romance stories.I have a few more story ideas waiting to be written.
* I am one half of an interracial marriage . My life influences my work. 
* I hope readers will enjoy my work.  I try my best to create  complex and interesting stories. 
* When I finished my first book, I knew I chose the right time to start my writing career. 
* I love interacting with diverse people of all backgrounds. They have amazing experiences,food, and culture. I find love and beauty when I least expected it. It shows me life may be hard but there is still beauty in the world. 
* It's great to have a day job but I always wanted to make writing a career.


Synopsis for Hot and Tasty: The Second Course

      Julia and Michael are happily adjusting to their new life together and after he relocates to New Jersey from Toronto The last thing Julia expects is to be blindsided by his scheming mother who reveals the secrets in Michael’s past. 


     Sophia’s unwavering self confidence is put to the test when she is attacked by the public because Antonio Lioni's girlfriend does not conform to Westernized body ideals.  Their new landlord wreaks havoc on their business. If that is not enough, her estranged mother wants to reenter her life. 


      Carmen is a sassy Georgia native who brings her talent and love of cooking to Costes. This second installment includes  Carmen and Ethan's love story and how a past agreement could uproot their lives in the present.


     Antonio's father shady financial records cause him and his brother, Mario to dig deeper reveal a  shocking secret and a horrible incident which occurred when they were children. 

Chapter Outline

Chapter 1
Michael and Julia  live together in New Jersey.

Sophia and Carmen discuss the baby shower with Julia.

Carmen receives a call Ethan (her husband). Vernon Tisdale (her father-in- law) unexpectedly calls Ethan.  Vernon disowned Ethan after he married her.

Chapter 2
 Carmen Arnel (Tisdale) ...before New York City
21 year old Carmen lives in a small Georgia town. She is a waiter and creates food specials at the diner where she works.

Carmen applies to a few cooking schools one is the California Culinary Academy. She is on the waiting list for the CCA. Her second choice is International Culinary Center in New York City.

All the waitresses  talk about the rude (but good-looking) customer. He is gorgeous with striking blue eyes. He is only nice to Carmen.  Carmen knows little about him. His name is Ethan.

Ethan Tisdale is engaged to a beautiful model but he unhappy.

Ethan’s father, Vernon Tisdale is expecting their marriage to be a business deal with Janelle’s fiancé’s father who is an investor.

Randy, (Carmen’s boyfriend) becomes angry when she doesn’t give in to his advances.

Chapter 3
Sophia plans a trip to Panama City to see Antonio (Sophia’s boyfriend). She has to cancel because of a work event.  

 Antonio reschedules his plans to visit NYC.

Antonio plans to surprise Sophia since he cancels her visit. He refuses to tell her when he will visit.

Sophia reads online comments regarding her dating Antonio, against Carmen and Julia’s advice.

Leon (Sophia’s father) calls with news Sophia mother is in town.

Chapter 4
Julia’s baby shower takes place in her home.

Julia’s father visits from Nigeria.

 Sophia and Carmen cater the event. Monique Julia's younger sister) decorates.

Michael’s mother, Candace attends the shower. She is excited for the arrival of the baby.

Michael leaves early. Julia panics because she wonders where he went. He doesn’t answer his phone or return her calls.

Chapter 5
Carmen seeks revenge on Patricia (work colleague) .

Ethan asks Carmen for lunch one afternoon. 

The next time they meet on their first real date at the lake. They read literature to each other and enjoy lunch. It is a natural connection.

Chapter 6
Sophia meets with her mother at her father’s home. 

Sophia and Carmen hire an intern to show the ropes of the catering business. Chase will work in Julia's place during her maternity leave.

The intern’s name is Chase. He is quiet but is a great assistant in the kitchen.

Antonio returns and starts to film his interior renovation show with Mario. Costes caters the filming.

 Antonio, Mario and the filming crew suffer from food poisoning.

Chapter 7
Julia is nearing her due date. Candace secretly doesn’t like Julia. She is accustomed to Michael taking care of her financially.

Candace tells Michael in private that she thinks Julia may not be having his child.

Michael doesn’t tell Julia the truth about his “cousin” Naomi. 

Sophia and Carmen have a "farewell" lunch before Julia’s maternity leave starts.

Chapter 8
Carmen and Ethan go on another date.

Ethan tells her he has a fiancé.

Carmen confesses she had an on again off again boyfriend.

Carmen decides have dinner with Randy. He is back to his old ways.

Ethan takes her to his spectacular home.

Ethan asks Carmen for a favor.

Chapter 9
Sophia has issues with her body. 

Sophia and Carmen are offered a sum of money when the landlord dies by the son who now owns the building.

Sophia and Carmen receive a petition for non-payment eviction.

Antonio and Mario film two videos for their home improvement show.

Antonio’s father falls ill (heart attack).

Antonio and Mario are taking over affairs for at the company until their father returns for work.

Antonio discovers payments made to two women. Antonio and Mario decide whether to find who the accounts belong to. 

Chapter 10
The first stage of labor starts for Julia .

Candace wants Michael to go grocery shopping for her while Julia is in the hospital. 

Julia gives birth to Elisa Rose.

Julia and Michael are exhausted from late nights with Elisa . Candace constantly criticizes Julia’s mothering skills to Michael. Michael is annoyed because Julia has been nothing but a patient mother.

Candace crosses the line once again.

Chapter 11
Ethan confesses he wants to be to deflower  Carmen.

Ethan meets with his fiancé Janelle.

After a romantic dinner two nights later, their evening is interrupted by Vernon.

Ethan ceases all contact with Carmen, including drinking coffee at the diner.

Chapter 12
Antonio informs his father (David Lioni) and tells him what they discovered. David is relieved Antonio is dealing with the situation well.  Mario will need time.

Antonio and Mario are on a television morning show to promote the new You Tube home renovation show. 

The interviewer unexpectedly changes the subject to Antonio’s love life. Mario responds with a clever comment.

Chapter 13
Julia is at home alone with Elisa Rose. She is panicking because her fever will not break. She decides to take her to the hospital. She leaves a message on Michael’s voice mail. Julia receives an unexpected visit from Naomi. Julia tells Naomi about her current situation.

Naomi offers to drive her to hospital. Julia sits in the rear with Elisa Rose. 

Naomi tells Julia who she really is and how she met Michael.

Michael feels horrible for endangering Elisa Rose and Julia.

Chapter 14
Carmen is flourishing in NYC and cooking school. She lives in the school dorm in the Lower East Side. She attends school during the day and works in a restaurant kitchen evenings.

Carmen criticizes one of Sophia’s dishes.

Ethan comes to NYC to reconnect with Carmen. He tracks her down first at school. 

Ethan makes one last attempt by showing up to her dorm building.

 Chapter 15
Julia receives an unexpected visit from Candace.

Michael returns the following day to see Julia and Elisa. 

Michael briefly returns to Toronto. 

Naomi sees Michael at her law firm (in Toronto) . 

Candace receives a letter by email from Michael.

Chapter 16
Carmen and Ethan present day.

Vernon meets with Ethan at his company in midtown. Vernon states that he has a proposal and great financial opportunity.

Ethan is shocked by an exchange between Vernon and Carmen.

Ethan discusses his father's visit with Carmen.

Chapter 17
Sophia and Carmen try to be in good spirits due to their circumstances.  

Sophia is curious about a dark brown medicine bottle she finds in their office.

Sophia confronts the intern (Chase) with the school dean.

Sophia meets her mother (Valerie) before she returns to London.

Antonio and Mario meet with their Aunt Francine. She tells them why she and their mother (her sister) no longer speak.  

David Lioni (Antonio’s and Mario’s father) reunites with his true love.

Chapter 18
Ethan reviews the plans with Vernon’s project managers.

Ethan is confused because there is a village of people and endangered wildlife that live in the project area.

Ethan reaches out to government authorities.   

Michael and Julia marry at the Lioni estate in Florida
Ethan visits Central Africa.

Antonio and Sophia wonder when they should tell everyone their news.

Michael confronts Malcolm (Julia’s ex-husband).



Readers of contemporary , modern  romance stories ages 18 and over. Women (and men) who don't mind reading about  independent, opinionated and sometimes sensual women. 

Sophia, Julia and Carmen have different personalities, but they are all strong in their own ways.  Their men can be complicated at times, but they are well- men. Readers of interracial romance who like a mix of drama and romance.  


Marketing and promotion

I currently use all social media accounts to promote my work. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Write as many book bloggers about my latest release. Especially bloggers who review romance books. 

I  created a small Google advertising campaign to promote my first book. I will like to use Google, Amazon and Goodreads advertising platforms to promote my books. 

 I will like to hire a marketing and editing experts. Editing to review my completed manuscript before the release. Marketing to create innovative ways to promote my book .  

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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  • Update #1 - Editing April 7, 2016

    Currently reviewing and fine tuning, Hot and Tasty:The Second Course

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