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Bako Ibrahim

Bako Ibrahim

Jigawa, Nigeria

Bako Ibrahim is a lawyer and human rights activist. He's a young journalist and emerging writer with an emphasis on human psychology.

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About the author

Ibrahim Bako is a talented young writer from Africa. He earned his LL.B at Usmanu Danfodiyo University in Sokoto, Nigeria, one of the most peaceful universities in the country. His enthusiasm for writing and journalism made him pursue another degree in Mass Communications-Journalism at the most renowned university in the ancient city of Kano (Bayero University, Kano).

The versed experiences he had in life are one of the major reasons why he feels it is worthy to share with the world his understanding of human beings' behaviors and moods. He then set to writing his book, "Human Notion" which will help the readers understand much more about human behaviors and human life from different angles.

Ibrahim Bako is currently writing a number of books ranging from fiction and non-fiction books. He is also a Starywriting writer and a Starywriting business counsellor. He is the author of "The Heart and The Mind", a StaryWriting Romance story, available on the DREAME reading platform.
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Human Notion

The Human Notion focuses solely on analyzing human moods and behaviors. The purpose of the book is to equip the readers with a better understanding of human beings' lives, characters and behaviors.

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Every human being has his obstacles; success, failures, good moments, bad moments, what he likes and what he hates. Above all, have a distinctive personality and a way of life. Many people around the globe tend to fall into depression, loss of hope, mood fluctuations, short-lived emotional responses to challenges, anger or even loss of their own life simply because they have encountered some life obstacles, betrayal from loved ones, or failure to succeed their desire ambitions.
Human Notion as a psychological non-fiction book tends to offer the readers a better understanding of human beings and their behaviors, moods, reasoning, and thoughts and the reasons for human survival in this biosphere.
The book, however, gives an analysis of human beings as general and as specific by examining stages of human lives and death, human notions and intelligence, societal and social influence on human beings' lives and so on.
This is for the reason to equip the readers with a clue on how to handle life obstacles, betrayal or failure without being depressed—and to inspire and give new hope in life to the people with depression, short-lived emotional responses and failures--by motivating them and making them realize how to overcome their obstacles.
It, however, offers the readers a clarification as to why are our moods and characters at variance, why are we here in the universe, What are the purposes of our lives, the meaning of this life and what is it all about? These are all factors which the book makes the reader understand. The essence of this clarification is to equip the reader with a better understanding of human beings—so that at minimum, betrayal of other human beings will not make him (the reader) lose hope in life
The uniqueness of The Human Notion composition will pique readers' interest in grabbing the book and keeping it in their library shelf and enjoying the book without regretting having it in their shelf. This is for the reason that many aspects concerning the life of human beings were covered.
The way the book was composed and presented to the readers is quite distinctive and catchy, and can easily win the reader's mind to develop an interest in reading the book--as the book encompasses a lot which will equip a reader with a better understanding of the psychological attitudes of human beings.

Sales arguments

  • According to the World Health Organization, globally, it is estimated that 5% of young adults and over 7% of adults above 60 years suffer from depressional disorder and other related mental disorders which cause over 700,000 people to die every year.
  • However, 75% of people with depressional disorder in low-income countries have received no treatment or any material support for depression and other related mental psychological disorders, while those in developed countries receive improper treatment and diagnoses
  • Human Notion as a psychological book tends to support people with depression, anger and other related mental disorders to realize the beauty of life and understand how to single-handed their problems and heal from depression and other related mental psychological disorders.

Similar titles

  • Every Time I found the Meaning of Life they Change it by Daniel Klien NEw York Best Seling boo--Human Notion went on to explain more on why Daniel Klein went on to assert the name of his book and clarify why The meaning of life is subjected to change.
  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell: Human Notion also is adding more on human thinking beyond the way Malcolm Gladwell express in his famous book Blink


Adult, Young and children both male and female are the targeted audience

Advance praise

"The book "Human Notion" By Ibrahim Bako is an exceptionally written piece that everyone who has so many questions about the dynamics of life must read. It is well written in a simple manner and can easily be understood. Kudos to Bako for his novel idea and for touching on a rare topic and an important aspect of human life." Humaira Bello Esq. Barrister and solicitor of the supreme Court of Nigeria
Isah Fateema Esq. ( LLB (ABU) BL Abuja)

"Ibrahim Bako's book "Human Notion" enunciates human behavior, rationale and perceptions, it also examines the causes of mood changes and how human reacts to such changes in their mood. Concreteness and flexibility in the notion of the “human person” appear to be most appropriate for the accounting of various features of the human individual, which are approached from different perspectives. All points referred to in the book are effort of the author as he conducted an empirical research methods. The book is indeed a guide to understanding the Human Notion"

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As a young human being, sometimes I feel changing my mood.
Sometimes I feel awkward, sometimes boring, sometimes angry, sometimes happy, sometimes trickery, sometimes helpful and sometimes unmindful of what I am supposed to be doing. Sometimes it happens to me with a cause, sometimes with no cause.
The questions I always raise to myself are; why are these happening to me? Does this happen to every human being? Was this part of a human being or was it a human system error on me alone?
These questions made me to observed and surveyed other reasonable gentlemen whether they too are feeling such awkwardness mood sometimes or not? The answer I usually received from almost all the people I surveyed was a positive ye! It happens to them sometimes with a cause, and sometimes with no cause.

As a man with keen and enthusiasm for studying human nature and feelings, I feel how can I know more about why human being suddenly changes their moods; and how can I distinguish changing in human mood from a cause and changing of human mood with no cause?

In another view of point, I usually asked myself why some other human beings act or behave the way they behave, why our character differs and why our understandings are at variance despite the strict parental guidance, cultural influences, and societal similarity,vbut yet, we perceived things inversely.

Also, with what is happening in the global villages, I was so confused with what my ancestors are telling me about what is moral and what is immoral, what is good and what is evil as I observed what is moral to me is surely immoral to another person, what are evils in my society is normal and good in other society.

I couldn’t differentiate what is moral, immoral, good, and bad. My worries go deep as I keep wandering in search of understanding life and how human beings act and behave; so that at least I can leave peacefully in my society and any global villages I may find myself without criticizing or misunderstanding their way of life.

As a person with a keen enthusiastic behaviour to learn about humans’ notions, I asked one of my tutors; a specialist and expert in psychological behaviours of human being beings can spare some of his time and arranged a special period for me in which we may be discussing the human nature and his notions as general and as a special knowledge conferred to me among his students.

My tutor smiled and asked me if I can be meeting him each Sunday of the week in his garden there, he would be tutoring me about human notions, as this was something very serious and interesting, which he appreciated.


On day one of my lecture on humans’ notions, I dressed decently and then put my laptop; my persona jotter and voice recorder into my briefcase, and then kick my scooter’s engine to my tutor's garden for a lesson one.

As I reached my tutor’s garden, I found the garden very quiet and silent, and fascinatingly arranged with beautiful flowers in different colours and roses which smelled an admirable natural fragrance.

In the middle of the garden, there was a chair and mattress with plates full of fruits.

I couldn’t see anyone sitting on the chair as I couldn’t see my tutor. I keep standing in the mid of the garden and start wiggling my head from left to right looking at where I can see my tutor.

A few minutes after standing, I saw my tutor coming out of one small beautiful cabin. With smiles, I walked on to him and collected his luggage, thereby, we went directly to the chair and mattress there he sat on the chair and I sat on the ground.

After a few, minutes of interminable silence; my tutor was trying to open his luggage, likewise, I opened mine and brought out my laptop, jotter and my voice recorder for the lesson.

He interrupted the interminable silence by offering me to take the fruit if I can eat it. I suddenly took the apple and he also asked me to give him one.

As we are eating the fruit, he asked why I have an interest in understanding human being and their notions? My answer was because I won't t leave peacefully in this world as I don’t want to go against any person's personal belief, culture and way of life and also, I won't understand what is good for all human beings and what is bad. How do human beings perceive things and in brief what is a human being in general?

As I finished answering his question, he suddenly smiles and stood up and hold my hand; as I also raised it.

He put his hands on my shoulder and asked me whether we may trek down to the garden so that I can see much more beauty of the garden. As we are trekking down the garden, I saw so many attention-grabbing flowers, roses, beautiful flora and fauna and even abundant drupes.

While we are trekking, my tutor asked me how beautiful I saw the garden? And my answer was it was a beautiful world in itself where it makes the owner and visitor feel happiness and less worriedness. less worriedness Its beauty can never be described or expressed in any word but rather with feelings of joy showing in the faces of anyone inside the garden...



As earlier as 10 o'clock morning, I was already in my tutor's garden, and as usual, I sat on the mattress waiting for my tutor to arrive for the lesson.

When my tutor arrived, he offered me fruit but this time an unveiled coconut and asked me to veil the coconut cover. As there was no hammer or something heavy and solid around, I couldn’t break the coconut and as such, I let my tutor know that I couldn’t unveil the fruit from its cover. He smiled and then offers me a banana and asked me to unveil it. I easily unveil the fruit and he asked me to eat it.

After I finished taking the banana, he asked me how do you find unveiling the two fruits?

I responded that that first one was hard to the extent that I couldn’t unveil it as there was nothing heavy that I can use to break it. I said; while the other fruit is so simple to the extent that I didn’t mind anystress while unveiling it.

He smiled and responded: that is how life is, sometime you may find it as hard as coconut back; difficult to comprehend and sometimes, as easy as unveiling the banana; but the most important thing you should bear on your mind is that; at any moment your life may change from simple to hard and sometimes from hard to simple. This is one of the reasons why some days you may feel awkward and angry and somedays inverse. Indeed, sometimes it was because life is full of stress and hard to the extent that you feel just the way you feel. But the most important thing you should bear in mind is that; no matter how stressful life is; it is not its end you must continue with it until you fulfilled your goals…

He then paused and take his cup of coffee and sip, and then asked me whether we are good to go for the lesson which is the meaning of life and I affirmed by nodding my head.

He removed his medical spec and then starts the lesson by asking me what’s life and what it means? I couldn’t answer the question as I don’t know how to start answering the questions, I just start wiggling my eyes and head and started abracadabra to respond to the questions. My tutor smiled, and then, stop me by raising his hand as a sign to stop...


On week three of my lesson, and as usual, I met my tutor in his garden and we are all set for the matter of the day.

My tutor then asked me these questions: “do you ever raise a question to yourself about why you shall exist, What the life all about to the extent you shall exist? and What are the purposes of life to the extent that you shall exist? And what are the essences of this life itself?”

I nodded my head negatively as I had never in my life thought to ask myself those questions.

My tutor smiled and took his hot cup of tea and sip it for about a minute, then drop the cup of the tea and then started answering the question he raised for me.

Why shall we exist in this world?

The existence of human beings is one of the key factors and the most important aspect of human life. It is part and parcel of understanding the meaning of life itself. It’s from human survival we would understand what life means for us.

Every human being was destined to go through something in his life. Those things may be fortune, fortune, difficulties, and pleasure or displeasure. Those things which we must go through are what we called life destiny. And it’s from our destiny we would understand best the meaning of our life and why we shall exist in this world...

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  • Anonymous
    on Aug. 1, 2022, 9:22 a.m.

    I was opportune to perused through the book, its actually interesting.

    • Anonymous
      on Aug. 1, 2022, 9:34 a.m.

      Yeah, and hope you can preorder your own copy as I believed you will not regret having one in your shelf