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Peter Bragino

Peter Bragino

Amityville, New York

At the age of 30, I almost lost everything to drug addiction. This book chronicles my pursuit to achieve my childhood dream of becoming an artist.

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About the author

Peter Bragino is a multi-discipline, mixed-media artist, designer, treasure hunter, and soul searcher. No matter the medium, his art has always been a manifestation of his personal spiritual journey and recovery. He shares his vision with the world in the hope of inspiring a deeper connection between you, the viewer, and your own life journey. He makes art to encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to appreciate this heavenly place called Earth.

After serving in the Marine Corps for five years, he began his artistic career as a freelance airbrush artist in California. He fell deeply in love with the process of creation and quickly moved on to painting on canvas and creating his own visions. Four years to the date of leaving the Marines, while deep in the throes of addiction--and experiencing recurrent suicidal ideations--he was arrested for drug possession and placed into a one-year court appointed rehabilitation program. Upon completion of the program he moved back to New York to study classical drawing and begin his career as a fine artist.

From the age of 30 on, he has spent well over 7,500 hours honing his craft, at least 5,000 of which were spent drawing the human figure from life. From this, he's created over 40 sketchbooks, thousands of drawings, and hundreds of paintings and three-dimensional works.
Message has always trumped medium. Whether through drawing, murals, sculpture, jewelry, or painting he wants the viewer to see through his eyes how beautiful he believes the world is: to appreciate the Sacred Mysteries of Life. He turned struggle into both art and music--both of which saved his life. Most of all he wants you to remember that dreams really can come true if you dedicate yourself fully to their pursuit and maintain the faith to allow them to be born.

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Update #2 - 2nd Milestone Reached 25% to funding!! Feb. 18, 2018

You guys are Seriously Rock!!

Another Milestone!! 

We've reached 25% of our intended funding goal. 

In order to reach full funding for an incredible publishing contract we need to reach 500 pre-orders - We're at 160 right now and we're coming close to halfway through the campaign.

Although the beginning of the campaign and end of the campaign are usually the times when most orders come through I'm looking for a sponsor to support this book in a major way. That's where I need your help..

Do you know of any major arts organizations that would be interested in donating to this campaign to bring books on for their students, libraries or communities? 

- Arts organizations
- Art Professors
- Art Therapists
- Art Foundations

If you have any insights into any of these please reach directly out to me and thank you again for backing this campaign. It means everything to me. 
Sharing this campaign on Social Media is a great way to support it as well. 

Blessings and love!!