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Nitin Chawla

Nitin Chawla

New Delhi, India

Nitin is a contributor to different academic and corporate magazines. He is an avid reader of science fiction and follower of latest scientific discoveries.

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About the author

Nitin is a passionate writer and active contributor to different academic and corporate magazines. An engineer by education, he is an avid reader of science fiction and follower of latest scientific discoveries. 

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How Human Lived Forever

A sudden discovery of two new immortal species helping humans to defeat their oldest enemy: death.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy
60,000 words
100% complete
4 publishers interested


"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying”.
-          Woody Allen

Scientists all over the earth have been relentlessly working to achieve biological immortality, yet they are unaware about the two species Walds and Bamoons, which have been biologically immortal since ages. For thousands of years, two species not only survived but thrived in Amaca, a place completely unknown to humans and isolated from human world through a narrow bed of rocks beneath the Pacific Ocean. Both species live on their side of the world, on a symbiotic code which has always kept them together for mutual benefits. Free from the fears of old age and death, theirs is what seems a perfect society.

All good things must come to an end. Today in year 2086, it is the time for order in their perfect world to be disrupted. A Bamoon named Buhan accidentally crosses over to the human side of the ocean. He is chased by a Wald named Waliri to stop him from drifting away. Yet, none of them returns back and they enter into the human world. Little do they know that the human world can open a new chapter in the lives of all Bamoons & Walds; and at the same time, it is no less of a fortune for humans, as they meet the only biologically immortal species on the planet.

In the new side of the world, fate takes them to Malena, a dutiful soldier, and to an influential professor, Lox, who believes that the timing of new species discovery is more than just a coincidence, but a unique opportunity for him to move forward his five-phase research program to become immortal. The opportunity brings new challenges and have Malena & Lox backs against the wall where they have to choose between immortality and humanity.

Why would someone buy this book:

  • It explains why humans couldn't do significant progress in the field of immortality despite unprecedented scientific developments.

  • It explains how over the next few decades, we will overcome challenges that has long denied immortality.

  • The book is a journey of our learning from two less known species that guides us to a better future.

  • It's a story that traverses through the paths one needs to ultimately feel the bliss of immortality.


The book is structured by 11 Chapters.

Chapter 1 - Earth from the moon
Mars School of Space Studies, sends two of his students to the moon to study earth’s history by using a new, space-time continuum technology, which can decipher the history of any space coordinate.

Chapter 2- Two Species
Students find out a place on earth where two species, Wald and Bamoon, have been living for millions of years. They have been in complete isolation from human and other inhabitants of the earth and are biologically immortal.

Chapter 3- The Interrogation
Buhan and Waliri cross over to the human side of the world, where they are captured by a dutiful human officer, Malena, who perceives them as a potential opportunity to human’s immortality dream.

Chapter 4- Elemental Immortality
Every human wishes to be remembered after death. This wishful thinking without actually being present after death, is the most elementary and foolish sense of immortality one can have while he or she is still alive.

Chapter 5- Digital Immortality
Scientific and technological developments made possible the first way to have continued physical presence after death; that is moving on to digital life.

Chapter 6- Flash Back to Old World
Almost three decades before the adventure of Wald and Bamoon to human side of the world, there has been a significant demographic change on earth, leading to extinction of 99% of humans, leaving behind a mere hundred million, the chosen ones.

Chapter 7- Many Purposes. One Destination
In a sudden turn of events Malena, Buhan, and Waliri set out on a voyage to meet Professor Lox, architect of new demographic and social changes in the world.

Chapter 8- Preparation for the War
Back at the mysterious home, Walds worries for the safety of Waliri. With the fear that contact with the outside world will bring them misfortunes and conflicts, they will begin to prepare for any eventuality.  

Chapter 9- Biological Immortality
Digital version of immortality is widely in use among humans. Conscious immortality has also been experienced by a few ones, yet the one thing most people crave for, is biological immortality.

Chapter 10- Breaking the Buhan Code
Preliminary examination of Buhan, reveals some astonishing facts about him. He has been living for more than a hundred thousand years, i.e. when humans were Neanderthal.
Professor Lox is dedicated to decode the fundamental biological traits that provide Buhan the unique abilities he has.

Chapter 11- The Far Side of the Moon
It all started with moon, earth’s constant companion since the known beginnings. Lunar, with the help of two students, connives to take control of Professor’s research as he sees him deciphering the Buhan code and the paths to seize Biological Immortality.


Sci-fi has got a very diverse readership. Men, women, young, old; anybody can be a science fiction reader. However, there are still certain common things among people who like the genre more than others. One presumption is that Sci-Fi followers are probably of above-average intelligence, since the interest in the subject is because of their curious brain. Another noticeable thing about the people of this genre is, their belief that the world is full of amazing possibilities.

Mark Niemann-Ross, a Portland-based writer of hard science-fiction had conducted a survey in Nov 2013 and had found the following insights about the people who read science fiction:

  • 21% of the US population answered “Yes” to the question, “Do you read science fiction?
  • Sci-Fi is a common interest at all ages, except from ages forty-five to sixty-five. Those ages drop their interest in science fiction by almost 10%. After sixty-five, interest levels rise back to match the general population.
  • There’s another unusual trend about science fiction readers. Survey indicates science fiction readers are wealthier: 72% make more than $50,000.

Based on the above details, the Sci-Fi readers are the following:

     - People from developed and developing countries like USA, India, Australia and cities in Europe.
     - Young readers who have a flavour for science. In the age bracket of 18-45 years old.
     - Readers whose annual income is above average.


Video marketing through WhatsApp explaining a short story of why the book has been written.

Email list of colleagues, friends and relatives: 800+

Attend various literary events and promote the book in New Dehli.

Promotion on social marketing Facebook and LinkedIn.

Posts to various science fiction blogs.


A space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke, Published by Hutchinson (1968)

A space Odyssey science fiction novel is an unforgettable trip to the mysteries of the universe. This subversive, mind boggling tale encompasses human evolution, the perils of technology, and the magnitude of the universe. It builds on human’s exploration of universe and how universe react to the humanity.

Immortics takes the human imagination into a future where man has accomplished all possible scientific achievements it can think today except immortality. Immortics is a journey to this oldest dream of mankind.

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, Published by William Morrow (May 19, 2015)

Seveneves tells the efforts to preserve human society in the wake of apocalyptic events on earth, following a disintegration of the Moon in seven parts. It builds on novel ideas to save & nurtures humanity and pictures seven different and new forms of humans lives in a ring around earth.

Like Seveneves, Immortics is a-driven science fiction book with new ideas in biological & technological breakthroughs that forms the basis of man’s ambitious plans and nasty impacts that comes along.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter H Diamandis & Steven Kotler, Published by Free Press (Feb 21, 2012)

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, is a non-fiction book about an optimistic future where nine billion people have access to clean water, food, energy, health care, education, and everything else that is necessary for a first world standard of living. This all is possible because of technological innovations

It covers how technology has improved people’s lives on earth as compared to the past centuries and how it’s going to do the good in future too.

Unlike "Abundance", Immortics is a fiction book that envisions the same basic theme on how humans with the help of technology will overcome the challenges in the world and will make a transformed planet that lives on the new principles of cooperation.

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, Published by Chatto & Windus (1932)

Brave New World proposes that stability is the ultimate need of civilization, and the World State of the novel is peaceful. All needs are met, and everyone is happy. Yet it is a world in which children are not born but decanted, and everyone is assigned at birth to a place within society that permanently limits what they can do or where they can live. There is no unhappiness.

Into this perfectly ordered society is introduced John the Savage, who was born in a reservation outside the reach of the state and thus, has none of the conditioning of every other citizen. By the end of the book we have to choose between the artificial happiness of the controlled state, or the unhappiness of the natural state: a choice that is harder than you might imagine.

Immortics talks about how humans imagined and strove for the perfect world order that can fulfill their oldest desire of not dying. It's a transformation journey to the new world.

4 publishers interested
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Chapter 1.1: Day One

A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions.

  • Marcus Aurelius

Today, 23rd Apr 2086, Mars School of Spatial History

"When I was a kid, I used to think, I was born to do great things and I was a crucial part of an important plan in the world. My family, friends, teachers and everybody I knew, had some role in the plan. The humbling thought of being a minuscule part of the gigantic universe was far away from my tiny brain that was always full of dreams and ambitions. In some of my dreams, the world literally revolved around me fueling my thoughts that I am different from everybody who has ever lived on earth before me.

I was from a middle-class family but the vision of being the wealthiest person in the country wasn't very unrealistic for me. It's not that I wanted to be richest for money, but my knowledge of being greatest was being richest. However, in school I was taught otherwise. My teacher used to say that there is no better use of a life than dedicating it for the nation's service. Patriotic lessons in the class had limited my thoughts to the boundaries of the country. I was so naive that if somewhere I heard the word, "mother earth", I used to take it as my mother country, my nation. I didn't know anything about the other countries except the names of their capital cities which I had learned while preparing for school exams. I was too young to know that my country is no different from the hundreds of others out there.

With time, my dream kept changing but the innocent wish to become greatest remained always there. My elder sister used to tell me stories in which kings fought other kings and won battles or died. Normal people died too in the battles though that was hardly of any significance ever. She said that everyone would die one day including my relatives and family members. I will die too. I personally had never seen anybody dying and my knowledge was limited to stories and TV serials, yet thought of death and end of my role in that important plan of the world used to give me a feeling of fear and panic. How is it possible that after my death, the world will keep going unperturbed? Am I not important enough for the world to stop its normal functioning? In those moments, an unreasonable hope that I was destined to lead a different path used to relax me out of the horror. I hoped there would be new inventions and discoveries in the future to help me skip death.

Today, when I look back, those incidents of fear of death were not much different from that decisive moment for Lord Buddha when he realized that suffering and death are an integral part of life. However, unlike Buddha, I had never accepted death as a reality; rather I used to take support from the hope of a changed future in which I live for forever.

There were other stories, in which God was personified into different human and superhuman forms. I was told that people had never seen God. God is the answer to every mystery in the world including that of life, death, ghosts, and aliens. Inspired with stories, I wanted to be the discoverer of the Almighty. I was aware that many learned people had died in search of God, but the fact wasn't enough to dissuade my silly wish. I don't remember what my age was when I questioned the meaning of worship to God. A prayer consists of essentially our gratitude and praise for Him. Why would somebody who is most powerful and who has created Universe will need praise from us? Wouldn't that be selfish of Him? Wouldn't being selfish is ungodly. Unless the truth is that He seeks praise, we had been a fool to worship Him.

I remember a small incident when I was eight years old. A team of an NGO came to my school and spoke about things which were beyond me to understand then. They spoke of education and its benefits. How anything in the world can be achieved with education and knowledge. Though I don't agree with them now, I understand that whatever they had said then, said because they wanted to promote education and dissuade young students from dropping out of school. One of the NGO people asked individual kids about their dreams and then explained how each one's dream could be achieved with education.

"What's your dream?" He asked me, as I was one among the random students.

"Who is the most key person in the country?" was my counter question.

"President. He is the first citizen", he said with a little smile.

"I want to be the president," I said.

His smile broadened and turned into a big laugh. Another schoolteacher standing adjacent to him laughed too. Seeing them, other teachers started laughing too and in no time, the whole school was laughing. Even a kid standing last in the farthest row, who didn't have any clue of what had happened was laughing at me. As the atmosphere calmed down, nobody cared except me. Questioner moved on to the next student but I never moved on. I kept the dream closer to me. At various levels of life - high school, graduation, job, marriage, kids, I kept on realizing how far I have come from that dream. Even many years after the incident, I had a subdued wish that I could go back to my school and tell everyone that I have become what I had said. I used to look for those slightest rays of hope, which could tell me that there is still a path, which could help me to become president of the country.

However, the bitter truth is something else. Over the years, many times, I have seen myself becoming the part of the school crowd laughing at the young kid; and a part of me suggests being practical and coming to peace with the world and its reality. We don't get everything we seek.

Today with this offer in hand, I have that feeling of childhood again. I know that I am not everything but I am something and will do my best to prove my place in the honored team of space captains. Of all my desires, it has always been the dearest to me and today it is the first thing to put me on a path that I will walk forever. Thank you" says John on his first day in Mars School of Spatial History. A school situated on a spaceship around 800,000 km away from the earth.

Audience present through video conference claps.

"Let me welcome John Temper, our final member of this year's course to the 14th space captain's program." Announces Rebecca, chief professor. She offers John, a seat among the five other participants already seated.

"We have a history of making significant contributions to space research. I am sure this year's participants will continue the tradition. Thanks to all of you for your time." She bows down slightly to the viewers on video conferencing and concludes the opening day ceremony.

She waits for all viewers to go offline and then gets down from the stage. "Let me take you to your classroom." She signals participants to follow.

"You have been divided into three groups. Each group has a dedicated mentor, who will be with you during your whole tenure to guide you." She speaks as she leads them into an alley ending at the lecture hall.

"That's your lecture hall." She waves to Professor Lamington, who is taking a class in the adjacent room.

"That's the place, you have to be tomorrow morning, sharp at 8. "You can go to your hostel and rest for the day. Let's meet in the morning."

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