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Randall Dobbins

Randall Dobbins

Randall is the leading authority on how diverse businesses build capacity for big corporate contracts using strategic alliances for legacy business growth.

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Success! It Ain't All Rocket Science sold 3 pre-orders by Oct. 10, 2018, was pitched to 5 publishers, and is in discussions with publishers.

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It Ain't All Rocket Science

Current and Future Platforms for Business Growth

This book is for historically underutilized diverse suppliers looking for a competitive edge in quickly building sustainable legacy businesses through collaboration and strategic alliances.

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Business Leadership
Austin, Texas
60,000 words
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The time is now for women and minority suppliers to take their rightful place in the corporate boardrooms.

In It Ain't All Rocket Science, Randall Dobbins explains to readers why strategic partnerships will unleash innovation for the growth needs of today and tomorrow. 

Because we now live in “the partner economy” which is driven by speed and agility, it means that the old way of building and running a business by going it alone takes too long, costs too much and now has the highest chance of failure.

This book details how those companies that develop a scalable core business can successfully partner with key suppliers
and customers will maintain enduring market dominance driven by the ability to adapt and respond to quickly changing market and customer demands.

You'll learn:
1) The basics of building a scalable business that successfully lands corporate contracts

2) the elements of working with strategic partners while avoiding the traps responsible for 90% of partnership failures, and

3) How to develop the traits big corporate customers seek in the long term suppliers that have been responsible for relationships lasting decades.

This book, while useful to any manager, business owner and or entrepreneur, is geared to women and minority business owners around the world looking to build legacy businesses, whether they pursue Fortune 100 customer business or not.

The book is built around my highly successful experience as a supply chain expert for a Fortune 10 company, a strategic relationship manager for a major global supplier, a minority business owner and a 14 year veteran teaching women and minority business owners the inside tricks and tips on how to successfully land large corporate contracts using the strategic alliance process. Thank you for your consideration.

**This is the second in a series of books providing minority and women business owners tools and information on what it really takes to compete at the highest levels of contracting with the Fortune 500.  Our goal is to help historically disadvantaged business reach a share of corporate contracting commensurate with our share of the customer base.

We believe that the time is now for women and minority business owners to take their rightful places in the corporate boardroom.  We believe that strategic collaboration platforms will unleash unmatched and unparalleled innovation for the growth needs of today and tomorrow.


Minority and
Women business owner blueprint for building a legacy business that makes a
difference in your life, the life of your family and your community by
leveraging the footstep of large corporate contracts.


Outlines the
basics to compete in the B2B market. 
Specifically addresses corporate value and how to design your product
and service offer to effectively compete. 
Provides additional insight on how to build a compatible culture that
will survive and thrive in this B2B market along with specific tactical issues
from which to build and execute the business plan.


·       Current Competitive Landscape

·       The Strategic Framework

·       The First Corporate Contract

The key to success is understanding that we now are in a partner
economy.  Those companies designing
around going it alone will be left behind. 
The question now is not whether to partner but how to find the best
partner.  It now is possible to avoid the
partner disasters of the past. The Solution Partner blueprint provides step by
step direction on finding the perfect business partner. It centers around
strategic partners that provide 3-5 year long term business growth.

·       The Alliance Process - Part 1

·       The Alliance Process - Part 2

·       The Language Challenge

partnerships or alliances represent the height of the B2B game.  These are long-term committed relationships
they typify being the best in the game. 
This level of customer intimacy solidifies legacy building capacity for
a business.  This section outlines the
details on what large companies seek in these relationships and direction on
how to staff and configure your business to successfully compete.

·       Tell Me About Yourself

·       The Proof Is In The Pudding

·       Capacity Is King

·       Do It Right

·       Partner For Mutual Gain

·       The Customer Is King

·       The Need To Invest


Disadvantaged business owners looking to sell to the Fortune 500.  This varies per country so globally it is women and minority business owners.  It some countries it includes LGBT, Veteran and Disabled owned businesses.  In the US, minority includes African American/Black owned, Hispanic American owned, Asian American Owned, Indian American Owned and Native American owned.

Fortune 500 companies constantly seek qualified women and minority business owners to participate in the corporate contracting strategy.  Challenges however are substantial to both the corporations and the diverse supplier community.  Corporations currently struggle with finding qualified diverse suppliers that hit the ground running and perform at the very start.  Diverse suppliers struggle with adapting their products and services to the needs of today's supply chains along with the standard financing, capital, human resource and strategy issues common to growth businesses.  

This book address how strategic partnerships addresses the challenges for all involved.  It additionally addresses why this may be among the smartest options available.


Randall Dobbins is a Best Selling Author, Founder and Creator of the Business Partner Blueprint. For over 15 years Randall has trained hundreds of successful diverse companies in the art of landing large corporate contracts.  As a buyer, seller, and minority business owner, Randall has spent years perfecting processes for designing, creating, negotiating, implementing and managing strategic partnerships for the world's largest corporations, including Shell Oil Company, Westinghouse Electric Supply Company, and his own company Dobbins International.


We currently have regular postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We as well maintian an active blog.

Facebook - @BusinessPartnerBlueprint
Twitter - @RandallDobbins
Instagram - Randall.Dobbins
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Blob - 


This book is an end to end look at what's really required to compete for large corporate contracts.  It is organized as shown in the Proposal Outline above, as such competition shown below is listed based on the following 3 themes:

Landing Corporate Contracts blueprint - Competitors

Title:  "The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do about it"
Author: Michael Gerber
Publication Date: Oct 2004
Publisher: Harper Collins
Focus: Business success tips based upon working on your business rather than in your business.
Difference:  Our book is focused on what is specifically required to succeed in contracting with the largest companies in the world. It includes additional dimensions for long term business growth above the fundamentals covered in E-Myth  

Title:  Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't
Author: Verne Harnish
Publication Date: Oct 2014
Publisher: Gazelles Inc
Focus: Detailed outline of specific steps required to build a scalable business.
Difference:  Again, our book is focused on what is specifically required to succeed in contracting with the largest companies in the world. It includes additional dimensions surrounding the role of strategic suppliers and strategic customers  for long term business growth above the tactics outlined in Scaling Up.

Solution Partner blueprint - Competitors

Title:  Reengineering the Corporation: A manifesto for Business Revolution
Author: Michael Hammer and James Champy
Publication Date: Oct 2006
Publisher: HarperCollins
Focus: Steps for radical redesign of a company's processes, organization and culture to achieve huge gains in performance.
Difference:  This book focuses on to deconstruct and reconstruct existing businesses working from the inside out.  Our approach is focuses in recognizing that we are in a "partner economy" and that business winners will be those that go to market with the best partners.  Redesign of internal functions will be based purely on a competitive understanding of what is a core business that will succeed in the market place.

Customer Partner blueprint - Competitors

Title:  Strategic Partnerships - An Entrepreneur's Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances
Author: Robert L. Wallace
Publication Date: Sep 2004
Publisher: Dearborn Trade Publishing
Focus: The business case for partnering with big customers and how to go about it.
A few major differences we cover include the buyer psychology and decision making process large corporations use in choosing long term suppliers as well we address the role of strategic suppliers and a robust, scalable, competitive core business.  

Title:  Built to Lat: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
Author: Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras
Publication Date: Jun 2004
Publisher: Harper Collins
Focus: Case study of legacy business and the common practices that successfully guided them through each stage of the business life cycle from Phase I startup to Phase IV-V large corporations.
An excellent recap of what's worked in the past but does not address the demands of the current and forseeable nuances of the global, partner economy now driving strategic business growth.  The examples cited depict how large corporations are making the transition but does not address the blind side of large corporations that insurgents like small business owners and entrepreneurs exploit everyday in the process of overtaking big companies as is evident with GE being removed from the Dow Jones.  Our approach is to aid the insurgent strategy by showing how to address all three components of core business, strategic suppliers and strategic customers to ride the partner economy success wave.

Note: This book is intended for historically disadvantaged business owners where ever they may be around the globe.  it does not exclude other groups as the lessons, tools and principles are equally applicable. It is the unique insights and life experience of diverse communities that will drive the current and next round of strategic business growth, primarily due to the formal recognition of the importance of a diverse global consumer base.  It is to be expected that the demographics of corporate spend will ultimately align with the demographics of it's customer/consumer base.  This clearly means a huge opportunity for women owned businesses.


This is an excerpt from the training workbook.  The style is contemporary business to business speak rather than the conversational style of the the currently published book.  It is expected that this book will be written in contemporary business speak for the content, however more conversational for the accompanying anecdotal stories.

"Businesses have to honestly assess their product
or service offering’s ability to make a customer relatively better off than
they currently are.  Even more importantly,
businesses have to clearly articulate what value their product or service
offers.  This message has to be delivered
in an effective manner that clearly satisfies a customer need for an improved
situation.  Many businesses fail at
understanding the value  a customer
desires, and sufficiently describing the value of their offering.  Most often businesses will relish a
discussion on capabilities, features, technical descriptions and the like when
engaged in a customer dialogue.  These
items are not value.  Value is the
corresponding received from
the use of the offering.  It is commonly
said in the sales game that “features tell, benefits sell!”

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