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Adam Dark

Adam Dark

Dayton, Ohio

Adam Dark is a new, rising star in the horror genre. His nightmares have haunted him long enough. He now wants to share his demons with you.

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About the author

My name is Adam Dark.

I write horror and paranormal stories based on my vivid dreams. It’s the best way that I know of to get the demons out and onto paper. I hope they haunt you and leave your heart pumping like they do me.

I established my first LLC. when I was ten years old. My friends were my first employees. Other than sharing my stories with others, I love making videos on YouTube. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. I’ve directed two movies so far. You can find them on YouTube at Super Plush toys.

Outside of writing, I spend most of my time playing guitar or golf. Travel is also high on my list of leisure activities. I’ve been to seven countries within Europe and plan to visit many more in the years to come. The richness of other cultures is thrilling!

I have a pet tarantula named Venom; a dog named Emma; and cat named Ellie. They are my secret confidants to the mysterious worlds I create. I have both an American and Danish passport. Feel free to ask me more about my Danish heritage or anything else you may be curious about.

Some other things I enjoy are rock n’ roll, public speaking, broccoli (I know, isn’t that weird!), school, and heart-wrenching horror movies that leave me clinging to the seat. While I love learning, I dislike homework, disrespectful and rude people, senseless drama, and bullies. There is no room for hatred. We only have one life to live; let’s do it to the best that we can and treat everyone with love and kindness.

Want to know more about me? Shoot me an email at I’d be happy to connect with you!
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Matthew Thrush

Matthew Thrush is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of more than 23 novels with over 12+ years experience writing Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, and Self-Help. His latest post-apocalyptic novel has surpassed one million reads.

He's been writing professionally since 2005. Over the last twelve years, his quest has taken him on various adventures. From working as an Arabic Linguist & Intelligence Analyst for the United States Navy (and NSA indirectly) to writing articles for online blogs like Storychick that focuses on love, sex, and relationships with adult women, to articles and essays on dentistry, business, IT, and healthy & wellness.

After the Navy, he transitioned to the corporate world through copywriting, technical writing, and editing. This took him into various industries like relationships, dating, college entry essays, essential oils and physical fitness, to technical documentation for one of biggest web hosting IT software designers in the world.

His work has been published in multiple literary magazines from school papers, to the Sam Houston State Review, to online magazines. Five of his articles were listed as Editor's Pick of the Week on Storychick, and his work in the Navy as a linguist awarded he and his team an exemplary recognition coin from the President of the United States.

Outside of the corporate world, his love has been with creating fictional stories. He's been blessed to find great success here and to be able to connect with so many readers and other authors. Some of his recent accomplishments have been:

- #1 Amazon bestseller status
- #2 in Science Fiction for my 2136 novel
- Accruing nearly 54,000 avid followers
- Featured Author on Wattpad and part of their Futures Program
- Accruing over one million reads for my debut post-apocalyptic novel - 2136
- Selected by AMC to use my novel, 2136, to promote Season 8 of The Walking Dead
- Top 35 for TNT's horror writing contest (the winner had their story adapted to film)
- Ghostwritten twelve novels (and have contracts with long-term clients to continue)
- Published eleven of my own novels
- Top 10% in fiction writing (on another freelance marketplace)
- Top Rated status (on another freelance marketplace)
- Top 20% in U.S. Proofreading (on another freelance marketplace)
- Top 30% in U.S. Spelling (on another freelance marketplace)
- Started a publishing company - Thrush Productions, LLC.

He's written in numerous forms over the years but his specialty lies with Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Thriller, Action & Adventure, and Self-Help.





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Knock Knock

What happens when you ding-dong-ditch the house of a serial killer? What if he sees you? What if he was supposed to be dead?

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Thriller Horror
60,000 words
25% complete
8 publishers interested


How do you kill a demon?

101 Wry Road is the oldest standing house in Sycamore Valley; a small neighborhood with quiet, simple folk who never get into trouble. The mansion sits on a hill overlooking giant rose bushes so tall they could have been trees.

For thirty years the house lay untouched as nature ran its course. Locals say the man who used to live there went crazy after his wife and only son died. People think his ghost haunts the place and that on cold nights, when the giant oak tree that extends across the road swings in the wind, you can hear him crying. Some claim they have seen him sitting on the balcony petting his black cat, humming to the moon. Of course no one can prove it.

The neighborhood kids take turns ding-dong-ditching the house. It's the right of passage. They run up to the house, knock on the door, and see who can stand on the porch the longest without peeing themselves. They always run home screaming.

There has never been an incident in Sycamore Valley until July 4, 1991 when three kids went missing. This is the story of ten friends who knocked on the wrong door, at the wrong time, on the wrong night.

And so the legend of the Knock-Knock Man was born.


If you enjoyed Stephen King's It and the new, hit TV show, Stranger Things, then you're in for a special treat. Knock Knock is not your typical horror story. It mixes paranormal, thriller, and suspense in a perfect concoction of terror.

Demons, haunted houses, serial killersyou've seen these before. But have you seen a house that keeps you trapped inside? What if a year inside was like an hour outside? What if no one believed you?

Add to this that the house is possessed by a powerful demon, bent on making you his slave for eternity? And what if your friends were with you?

It's not the brave or courageous who survive 101 Wry Road; it's the ones that get away.


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This book is aimed at young adults to adults and lovers of psychological thrillers, mystery & suspense, and paranormal horror. This story bodes well with fans of Stillhouse Lake, It, and Stranger Things.

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Tripp Constantine was a man of many sorrows.

He lost the love of his life during childbirth. His son passed a week later from natural causes the doctors said. Tripp knew his son was a monster. They just didn't have the guts to say it. He didn't fault them for it. It was hard even for him to look upon his son's deformed body.

The funeral was the next day. It was just Tripp, the priest, and a black cat that fed on the rats in the cemetery. Tripp buried the love of his life and his only child. The cat followed him home.

Tripp secluded himself inside his Victorian mansion on Wry Road. It was the house at the end of the street; the one no one went near unless they were dared, the one with the overgrown yard, the tall oak that hung across the street and whined during storms. The third story balcony was one board short and the window over Mrs. Constantine's garden was missing entirely. No one knew what happened to it.

For three years he never left the house. Some thought he died. Two kids on their bikes thought they saw a man standing on the third-story balcony petting a black cat. That was two years ago. Then one day a neighbor watering her yard claimed she saw a naked man with hair down to his backside walking down the street.

By the time she shut off the water, called her husband outside, and pointed to the stranger, he was gone. Police were called to investigate on the account of smell. After a thorough search of the premises, they only found a dead cat and a handwritten note addressed to no one.

It only had three words scribbled inside. Make it stop.

The city condemned the house and scheduled it for demolition. Two days before the bulldozers plowed through, a philanthropist from Pennsylvania bought the property from the bank. Said it was a historical artifact worth preserving.

Maybe he was right. Or maybe he was just a crazy man with way too much money and nothing to spend it on. 101 Wry Road was the oldest house in Sycamore Valley; a small neighborhood with quiet, simple folk who never got into trouble. The mansion sat on a hill overlooking giant rose bushes so tall they could have been trees.

For thirty years the house lay untouched as nature ran its course. People thought Tripp's ghost haunted the place. Some claimed they had seen him sitting on the balcony petting the black cat, humming to the moon. Of course no one could prove it.

The neighborhood kids would take turns ding-dong-ditching the house. They'd run up to the house, knock on the door, and see who could stand on the porch the longest without peeing themselves. They always ran home screaming. There has never been an incident in Sycamore Valley until July 4, 1991.

This is the story of ten friends who knocked on the wrong door, at the wrong time, on the wrong night. And so the legend of the Knock-Knock Man was born.

The author hasn't added any updates, yet.

  • Matthew Thrush
    on Jan. 2, 2018, 4:35 a.m.

    Good luck, buddy. Rock on and I wish you the best with your writing career. I'm impressed by your altruism and ability to express your thoughts and imagination with us. I hope you achieve your goals and dreams for 2018 and beyond.

  • Christa Smith
    on Jan. 3, 2018, 7:46 p.m.

    This is awesome Adam. Kevin and I can't wait to read your book! Very impressive!

  • Kristin Doyle
    on Jan. 4, 2018, 2:10 a.m.

    Congrats Adam! Such an accomplishment! -Kristin Doyle

  • Judy Pantle
    on Jan. 7, 2018, 12:06 a.m.

    Hi, Adam. Good luck with your future career. I am very anxious to receive my order. We will see you at the Air Show.