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Jason Tracey

Jason Tracey

Kalkaska, Michigan

Jason brings to life an original story of his own imagination, built on a lifetime of drawing, writing, acting in private and finding inspiration in everyday life.

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About the author

Born in the winter of 1986, Jason was put in the hands of a loving family living in the backwoods of Northern Michigan. Through time spent with friends, who often kicked at the air, the first characters of Jason's imagination would begin to form.

Many years later now, Jason can often be found in his office doing research and writing, or spending time with his wife and kids. The characters of his childhood having taken on a life of their own in his mind, and his works.

Many of these characters will be found in Jason works, known as the 'Last Hero Series', and unfinished and often forgotten about online story, 'Escaping the End'. If one could look into his mind while writing, they would see what could be described as a deranged lunatic carrying on conversations with fictional characters.

Over the years Jason has primarily worked with AuthorHouse LLC, and Hubpages for publishing and online writing. His published work, under the name J. L. Tracey, was recently taken down at the request of the author for the sake of reestablishing a stronger story for his readers.

However, several examples of work can be seen over at Hubpages, even the original and improved first chapters of J. L. Tracey's original work. This alongside the online story of 'Escaping the End', all of which has been featured for months on end, and selected for publications on other sites as well.

Which can be seen by following the link below:
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Last Hero Awakens

Shadow has fallen over our planet and in its wake is ruin and despair. All who oppose it have fallen, save one, the Child of Light.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy adventure
117,759 words
100% complete
4 publishers interested


A Shadow of corruption and despair has wrought havoc and hopelessness upon an unsuspecting planet, Earth. First to fall are the armies of the world; laid to ruins even as powerful defenders of the planet are torn asunder, leaving none to fight as the light of the world is extinguished.

Though the takeover was swift, large pockets of resistance still reside, only to meet death at the hands of ruthless shadowarriors. Henchmen of the Shadow, these creatures are true evil; a demonic shade of black that cannot be compared. Within their clutches their victims are left a fate of unspeakable ruin - one worse than death.

Fifty years later, the nations of the world are gone with much of the world population. Those still free of the Shadow hide, while all others worship it and thank it, unaware of the hell they live in. A world in which every profane and evil thing has been commercialized, right on down to the farming of people as mere cattle.

Yet hope remains in the hands of one in which nothing is going right. Waking up in a body he must share with another, and no memory beyond basic knowledge, Slae finds the hand dealt to him cruel and unforgiving.

Tortured regularly by the being living in him, Slae struggles to keep control of himself at every turn. Working to drain him of his sanity and willpower to continue.

As the last hope against an unrelenting evil, Slae must shoulder the weight of the world and discover for himself just who he is, and why he fights - even for a world that despises him.


Chapter_1: Awakening Slae wakes up in a strange realm, confused, lost and terrified, meets the Angel of Light

Chapter_2: An_Evil_Within Slae confronts his other-half, becomes the center of a terrible accident

Chapter_3: Machinations_of_Shadow Shadow-powered machine faces off against Slae

Chapter_4: Story_Told Angel of Light uses a story to teach Slae

Chapter_5: Evil_Hidden_in_Shadow First encounter with a shadowarrior, old memories revealed by dream

Chapter_6: Child_of_Light Gift of Light given to Slae, past dreams interpreted

Chapter_7: Horror_of_the_Shadow Slae finds a ruined city with millions dead, second shadowarrior encounter

Chapter_8: Battle_Within A mental battle between Slae and his other half. Picked up by an unassuming truck driver

Chapter_9: City_of_Despair Slae enters into a corrupt city and finds a friend

Chapter_10: Boy_King Dream of Slae's past, conversation with a friend

Chapter_11: Amnesia A barrage of questions Slae cannot answer

Chapter_12: Invitation City-wide party in honor of the Shadow Incarnate, Slae's friend taken

Chapter_13: Unexpected_Help Escaping the shadowarriors, Slae is helped by the last resistance in the world

Chapter_14: No_Shadow_Allowed Escaping the shadowarriors, Slae finds an enemy is the ally in a massive underground city

Chapter_15: He_has_a_Name Slae speaks with the Seer, learns the name of his most deadly enemy

Chapter_16: Unexpected_Friend Slae finds an ally in the one who blamed him for the death of his brother, a strong bond begins

Chapter_17: Training_Begins Getting some sagely advice on fighting and use of his abilities

Chapter_18: Warrior_Blossoms Assaulted by his next teacher, Slae learns more about his powers

Chapter_19: Revenge_for_the_Fallen Misplaced revenge taken against Slae, part of the underground city destroyed

Chapter_20: Within_Evil's_Presence Slae faces the ruler of the world, Slae discovers much of what he knew about the enemy is a lie

Chapter_21: Without_a_Hero Slae is gone, all chaos breaks loose, world thrown into war, hunt for the last resistance

NOTE: Following chapters (22-28) I want to leave in complete mystery, but rest assured, the battle between light and shadow continues fiercely. Twists abound in these chapters with an end no side could foresee.

Chapter_22: Mine_Trap

Chapter_23: Purging

Chapter_24: Shadow_Incarnate

Chapter_25: Ascension

Chapter_26: End_Battle

Chapter_27: Freedom

Chapter_28: The_Guardians


My book targets young to middle aged adults, specifically those interested in superheroes and fantasy with an easement into my writing style which has proven a favorite for an older audience as well.

This has been found through work and study of my own pursuance and trial and error.

In general I've found, especially those watching anime, fascinated in comic books and have an interest in the superhero franchise enjoy an excellent good vs evil, with powerful narratives, strong character developments filled in adventure and enough tension-building mystery to question their prediction of the outcome.

In which I promise, my book will surprise any brave enough to dip into the world of my making.


Researching in the past, and having conversations with Smith Publishing, AuthorHouse LLC, Penguin, and even successful authors, I have learned quite a bit in the do's and don'ts, which is why I'm here.

I tried to do it my own. Facebook page, email list, magazine lists, car and doorknob fliers, conference attendances, library signings, etc. In the end, the issue was trying to do it myself.

I have ditched my email list, once comprising of thousands, because I have found the ineffectiveness of it in today's age of sms, mms and social media.

My plan moving forward is to focus on this specific project, engage more on social media, work toward a video platform based on proven results of other platforms, update my webpage and make it into my primary blog. Long term is to move toward having an agent who can help me in the areas I am lacking.


No doubt competition is out there. Though currently most of the straight-forward competition seems to be books with Last Hero in their title or subtitle, as they follow (loosely) a similar ideology. This has given me pause to think on a different title, and I may choose to go that way.

The Last Hero: Book 2 of the Last War Series - by Peter Bostrom

Earth is reeling. American alliances are shaking. And humanity's enemies rally.For six months after the failed alien attack American Admiral Jack Mattis has been ordered to patrol the periphery to stop more alien incursions.Even though he knows the attackers weren't alien, but grotesque mutated super-humans from the future. A truth world governments publicly deny.And now an American scientist witnesses an experimental super-weapon gone awry at a top-secret genetic lab in deep space, while a rebel veterans group storms a Chinese embassy on an American world. Tensions flare, and the American-Chinese peace begins to fray.Admiral Mattis races to put out the fires, while trying to piece together the mystery of the future human invasion, knowing that failure means not only certain death for him, but for the entire human race.The clock is ticking.

Publisher: Hyperspace Press (June 20, 2017)

Publication Date: June 20, 2017

Difference: In my book, the war is already done and humanity has fallen. Hope has been wiped out, even for those who survive free of the Shadow. In the story I am presenting it is about reclaiming what was long lost.

Ultra: The Last Hero Book - by Matt Blake

They were supposed to be the perfect creation: super-powered humans with extraordinary abilities, designed to keep the planet safe in dangerous times. Heroes. But too many of those creations went rogue. The Heroes were branded ULTRAs by the government, hunted down. Civil wars erupted. In the end, the ULTRAs were wiped from existence, consigned to the history books.Until now...Kyle Peters is a teenager going nowhere. He's a geek, he's awful at sports, and he doesn't have the courage to tell the girl of his dreams how he feels. His life is at a standstill, and it doesn't look like changing any time soon.But when Kyle is caught up in a terrifying hostage situation at a soccer stadium, he discovers he is capable of amazing things: he has the abilities of an ULTRA.Now, with a rival ULTRA devastating the planet, and the government keen to wipe all ULTRAs from existence once more, Kyle must battle his own fears and master his powers if he is to become what the world needs more than anything: a true Hero.But Kyle fast learns that becoming a Hero is way more difficult than it seems in the stories...ULTRA: The Last Hero is a gripping, fast-paced superhero/urban fantasy story, and the first in a series. With loveable characters, nail-biting action and adventure, and thrilling twists and turns, ULTRA is sure to delight all fans of the genre.

Publication Date: April 26, 2016

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Differences: Again, this book is about the only person able to win a battle for earth. Yet it pits the hero in a situation where the war is only beginning, or beginning again. Yet in the story I am presenting, the war is over and earth lost... big time! The main character is nearly alone and loses anyone he gets close to.

The Last Hero - By Nathaniel Danes

Contact with a race of pacifists convinces mankind to lay down its weapons and keep the peace. The last Medal of Honor recipient, Trent Maxwell, trades glory for the comforts of a family after the U.S. Army disbands. All that ends when an alien menace attacks the New Earth colony, which forces a crash mobilization. Trent finds himself reactivated and traveling through space to distant worlds, in order to stop this new enemy. During the century long journey of death, love, and loss, he also deals with the law of relativity that wreaks havoc with his daughter.

Publisher: Solstice Shadows (October 14, 2014)

Publication Date: October 14, 2014

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Differences: In similar fashion, an alien race shows up and eventually all the planet accepts them. Yet when all hell breaks lose, the war is fought as its being waged. In the story I am presenting, to hit home one more time, the war was already lost and humanity shackled by their own desires. The main character will indeed be in a fight against time, but its a time he does not even realize exists and in every twist and turn, he loses more and more of who he loves as the earth is wrest into a state of total chaos.

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Chapter 5 (Partial Preview)

Evil Hidden in Shadow

Slae contemplated what the Angel of Light had told him: the story playing over and over in his head until he felt as though he had lived it. He knew she was right, but how could he just move on? He even wondered how much she truly cared about the stress he was under. A chosen hero, a fierce rivalry over his own body, no memory of himself and to make matters worse; he had to be careful how he tried to remember. Attempting anything without purposeful meditation yielded little and usually ended in blacking out; often in pain.

Slae pounded a nearby tree with the side of his fist and looked out through the forest. His frustration swelled and he hit the tree again which shattered at impact causing the rest to topple over, loudly cracking and snapping apart as it did. He took a deep breath and relaxed, looking skyward at the thick forest canopy and remembered he needed to simply do what is right and to demonstrate that clearly. Though, he could not help but wonder if it would ever get easier.

Slae stood and began to make his way through the woods. As he did, he glanced over his shoulder with a watchful eye. Something disturbed him, a sense that he was being followed. He had not seen anything, but only felt it in brief instances. In those instances, the presence was foreboding and dark. It felt to him like a menacing and rabid animal threatening to overtake him in the wake of tremendous bloodlust. Then, there would be nothing, sometimes for hours.

Slae felt anxious over the sensation and a cold chill swept over him. Before, when he came to know this ability of his, he felt the desire and emotions of people confused and scared, or in the case of the driver, he felt compassion and peace. Even when facing the Earth Protection Force, and he felt their evil intentions it was of human proportions. Much like the difference when facing a perturbed feline versus an uproarious bear.

Whoever was trailing Slae, even in the minute instances their presence was known, he could tell it was something far more sinister and powerful than what he had faced previously. The then presence came again, stronger than before. A shadow whisked by, brushing his neck and the shadows danced in the forest, appearing as though they were living. Slae grabbed at his neck, an image of fanged blades tearing through it overcoming him and for just a moment, he felt death come upon him.

Unable to bear any further torment, he yelled out, "Show yourself!?"But no response was yielded to his demand.

Slae recalled the machine he fought before, how it disappeared into a shadow. He decided to just keep moving while remaining vigilant. He figured if it was possible for the machine to move in and out of the shadows, something worse could be doing the same, meaning he may not know the timing of his attacker until it was too late.

Slae moved through the night, not taking a moment to relax, but as the rising sun cast its comforting rays unto the land he began to ease up. He had not felt the evil presence since midday yesterday and his mind began to wonder into forbidden territory. He felt as though he might be able to remember a face and possibly even a place, but the memory was so clouded, that it was nothing more than a sensation; the feeling that there might be a face or place that was familiar.

Taking a deep and long sigh, Slae decided it would be worth the pain he might suffer to get a glimpse of this memory. He closed his eyes and focused deeply on it, his arms hung loose at the shoulders and were crooked at the elbows and joined at the hands with fingers locked and thumbs pressed together. The face, he wanted to see it, to know it. It seemed a gentle face, loving and smiling beholding his own face.

He thought he might make out an eye color when the fangs of sickening pain drove deep into his head, traveling from his spine in frenzy. Despite it, Slae did not recoil from his probing when suddenly images flooded his head too quick to distinguish and he felt the side of his face smash into the ground. He had fallen, his body no longer responding and in like-manner, his thoughts shut down.

Chapter 7 (Partial Preview)

Horror of the Shadow


He scraped back soil and leaves and discovered the remains of bones. They appeared heavily decomposed, but even-so, they were crushed and broken, and Slae guessed they littered the entire valley. It was as if some force pushed them all here and took a large part of the city with it.

In the moment he ran a finger along a small skull Slae witnessed flashes of terror run through his thoughts. A people panicked to the point of reckless abandonment, some even leaving their children as they were crushed beneath an incredible force, only to succumb to the same fate a moment later. A snarl of shadow and broken bodies were swept down the street, heat shattered glass and baked flesh against whatever surface it touched. A shadow closed in and Slae blinked hard several times, trying to work past the imagery flashing before him.

Slae took in a deep breath to letting his unbridled emotions go when he suddenly saw his left arm spin in front of him in an arching trail of white fire, landing dozens of feet down the valley.

The surreal reality of what happened caused Slae to feel little pain, staring down at his arm then to the stub that remained, his eyes spasming at the sight. He grabbed his arm in response to the incoming pain, turning to see what attacked him. A powerful wind swept through the valley, kicking up all the leaves and most of the dirt, revealing the millions killed, their bones piled like mere trash. A shadowarrior walked upon them, appearing more energetic than that of the scout he fought. Its body more defined, yet slender and seemed a mix of smoke and tar.

“That was a welcome gesture!” The shadowarrior cackled viciously, “Yes… The Shadow does not wish you death… Yet. So why not join it?” It said, even as it formed a weapon upon its arm.

Slae looked at his arm, finding it already healing and wished it would heal faster and was astounded to suddenly see a spout of white flame rush forward from his wound and in its wake, his arm fully restored. However, he had little time think about it as a tentacle went for him, grabbing him by the neck and hoisting him high over the valley. Slae fought against it, but it tightened, threatening to crush his throat.

Slae felt completely overpowered by this shadowarrior and found Quweaign’s words to be true; this one was far stronger. Slae looked down at the shadowarrior, standing on the bones of those murdered by the Shadow, sparking that tempest of anger he felt before. It was maddening he thought and though he could not be sure why it angered him so much. He did not know these people, yet the ruthless and gory nature of the Shadow angered him beyond reason.

A tentacle shot up, crushing Slae’s right eye, but he barely cared as he just stared at the shadowarrior, its filthy feet pressed into the bones of the dead. He tried to manage some words, but the tentacle about his throat squashed the words trying to come out, but it did give pause to the shadowarrior’s next attack.

“What’s this?” The shadowarrior eased its grip, “Decided to join the Shadow? Yes?”

Slae grabbed at the tentacle about his neck, adjusting himself as he managed to speak through gritted teeth, “Get off of them!”

The shadowarrior seemed perplexed, but Slae stared at the bones beneath it repeating himself, “Get off of them now!”

Slae felt his anger storming and the shadowarrior just laughed cruelly as it looked down, saying, “These?” It pressed its foot down on a skull, crushing it, continuing, “These are worthless! Just disgusting playthings!” It crushed another skull, not ever looking at Slae.

Slae was furious as he watched the shadowarrior kneel down, grabbing at a skull as it said, “Yes… playthings. Fragile. They tear apart so easily…”

At the end of its words it broke the skull in its hand and the words of the shadowarrior scout from before played in Slae’s mind. Its voice dripping with carnal fervor as it described how it used its captives for fun.

Slae could no longer contain the storm within him. It was all too maddening. Such evil able to go rampant and unchecked. He did not care if it took his life, he would destroy this shadowarrior without fail. He looked down on the shadowarrior still standing atop a crushed skull and his eyes widened in rage and he tried to grip at the fringes of his sanity, but it was too late. He had witnessed too much. Slae’s back straightened and his clothing whipped to an invisible wind. His fists clenched in relation to his feelings, breaking the skin of his palms and causing spouts of flame to shoot out from between his fingers. Slae let loose a mighty roar as he let his power flourish out, a white mist clinging to his body.

As Slae yelled out, the tentacles holding him were repelled and even in the midst of his power, Slae fell through it, landing with a sickening clacking into the bones. He landed heavily, as though weighted by the density of his power, creating a shockwave and rearranging part of the valley. Smoke fumed out from where Slae landed, white flame still sparking from between his fingers as he walked out from a ring of sloping bones, each step heavier than the next, the dust fleeing from in front of him.

The shadowarrior leapt out of the valley, taking a lean away from Slae, quickly believing that this might not be the same enemy the scout fought before. Now… now its enemy was completely different. The shadowarrior could not figure it out. It could feel the full extent of Slae’s power, but then a shift took place and in a flash he had power that was not there before. The shadowarrior felt fear for the first time in its life.

It went to take refuge within the city and glanced back toward it, when it suddenly felt encumbered by an inflation of pressure and in that moment a crushing sensation came over it. As though all the weight of the universe fell squarely upon its shoulders and it thought it might be flattened beneath it.

Turning back, it was Slae, carrying an empty expression upon his face while unyielding fire burned in the depths of his coal-like eyes. The shadowarrior unhinged its jaw, exposing a bottomless and jagged mouth and from there it let loose power enough to cut the planet, but Slae’s fist caught the end of the beam and he punched it straight back into the shadowarrior’s face.

It exploded across its face, disrupting the building and ground about them, but it was the continuing push of Slae’s punch that sent the shadowarrior spiraling out of control into the ruins. Slae followed the trail of disaster, unaware that he sent the shadowarrior to the very place it wanted to go.

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