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Neill Duffy

Neill Duffy

San Francisco, California

Change catalyst, strategic advisor and thought leader operating at the intersection of sport, business and purpose. TEDx speaker, Author and Presenter. Entrepreneur. Best for the World Honoree.

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About the author

Neill’s relentless commitment to leveraging purpose as a central organizing principle has enabled global brands, international sports properties and high-performing non-profits to do good while doing well through sport.

His work has repeatedly achieved a number of world firsts including the delivery of Super Bowl 50 as the “most shared, participatory, giving and sustainable Super Bowl in history” and the 34th America’s Cup as the first major international sports event to go zero waste and carbon neutral.

Neill has worked across three continents where he has held numerous leadership positions including President Octagon EMEA, CEO of Octagon South Africa, Chair of the Sustainability Committee for Super Bowl 50, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer for 34th America’s Cup, and Co-Founder and CEO of Purpose + Sport.

Neill was a B The Change Best For The World Honoree in 2016, is a published author and sought after speaker.
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Fabien Paget

Fabien Paget

Paris, France

Fabien, a former semi-professional tennis player, has more than 15 years experience in the sports industry with previous tenures at Nike and the acclaimed Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

In 2012, Fabien created O2 Management, a boutique sport management agency that now represents several world-class athletes across a variety of sports - tennis, soccer, sailing, surf, swimming and more.

Driven by the desire to use sport as a platform to drive social change, Fabien empowers his athletes to define their mission and make a positive difference in the world while being successful on / off the court.

With this in mind, in 2019 he initiated the new campaign between Serena Williams (with whom he has worked since 2013) and AXA insurance group around Women Empowerment. 

Fabien is also involved in Sport dans la Ville - France's leading non-profit organization, helping the organization to serve youth and disadvantaged kids through sports. He is also an instructor at HEC Business school sharing his experience as an entrepreneur and as a sport business expert.

Fabien has recently be named #37 among the Top #100 Sport business leaders Under 40.

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Legacy Sport

How to win at the business of sport in the age of social good

An important book for people involved in the business of sport who are looking for ways to stay at the top of their game in a world where the fans increasingly expect more from sport that just sport.

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There’s a revolution underway across the world of business driven by a growing number of people who want to work for, buy from, invest in and advocate for organizations that stand for something more than just profits. Today's world is a world where what you stand for counts as much as, if not more than, what you make or do and where those organizations that best respond to this expectation, outperform the rest.

The business of sport is not immune to all of this and Leaders in the industry are starting to recognize that sport is going to have to adapt rapidly if it is to remain relevant to the next generation of fans who today expect more than just sport.

The reality is that the same thinking that got you where you are today as the successful owner or manager of a sports team or league, the manager of a sports sponsorship program, the manager of a professional athlete or the leader of a sports based non-profit organization probably isn't going to get you where you want to be tomorrow.

Neill Duffy and Fabien Paget - co-authors of Legacy $port and true “game changers” - have had the inside track in this changing world for the last 25 years working with some of the most forward thinking sports properties, sponsor brands, athletes and sports based non-profits in the world including the likes Super Bowl 50, Serena Williams, Nike, Laureus Foundation and streetfootballworld.

Through Legacy $port, Neill and Fabien will arm you with the insight, the tools and the motivation you need to be successful in this new world. They will help you to understand how the world is changing around you, how the more progressive leaders in sport are responding to these changes and how best to manage your investment in sport in way that will help your organization remain relevant and commercially viable and you at the top of your game.

Why support this book?

  • Insights shared in Legacy $ports have been gained from the authors having worked on the biggest brands and properties in the world including Super Bowl, Serena Williams and America's Cup
  • The authors are recognized as a Thought Leader on the topic of purpose, business and sport and are regularly asked to present on the topic at sustainability themed conferences like Sustainable Brands
  • The guidance provided in the book is based on real life projects that have successfully adopted the principles offered in the book
  • By supporting this book, you will be helping to inspire the adoption of a more purposeful approach to how the business of sport is managed and in the process be helping leverage the potential of sport to address some of the worlds toughest challenges

Similar titles

  • While there are a growing number of generic publications on Purpose, Legacy $ports will be the first book written specifically on purpose and sports.


Legacy $port will be of value to anyone currently working, or aspiring to work, in the business of sport - owners or managers of a sports team or league, managers of corporate sports sponsorship program, managers of a professional athletes, leaders of a sports based non-profit organization, sports marketing lecturers and students.

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