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Cornell Bunting

Cornell Bunting

A single father of three boys, born in Jamaica, grow up in England. Being writing since high school, developed screenplays for drama, played numerous lead rolls with a few acknowledgements.

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In the faraway land of Zamundo, King Geoffie and Queen Safara rule over their kingdom with strength, but also with kindness. Their son, Buptavius, is all set to succeed his father as king but for one problem: he has no roar! Buptavius must also contend with his jealous, scheming uncle, Victus. A heart-warming tale of love, betrayal and redemption, Lion With No Roar follows Buptavius’ coming of age under difficult conditions.

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Nostril is a drama-mystery story for children. It is both adventurous and intriguing. Nostril is a unique mouse with the gift to smell and identify the finest of cheeses. He can sniff out the most minute differences in cheese with his with very large nose – a true asset for a mouse who is unable to survive off of ordinary cheese. The story surrounds itself around nostrils quest for survival, and his mission to protect the most valuable cheese from his evil nemesis, Roscoe.

Roscoe is an evil daunting rat that wants the most valuable cheese – Gold Dust cheese (Clauson stilton), which is filled with flecks of real gold. Gold that will allow Roscoe to develop similar powers to Nostril, but more powerful that could allow him to become immortal and overtake the mouse world and Nostril. Because of this, Nostril needs to make it his mission to ultimately protect the Gold Dust cheese from ever being found or obtained by street rats who often make it challenging for Nostril to find cheese throughout his quests and especially Roscoe his evil Nemesis.

Each quest has Nostril seeking survival through finding various types of cheeses. Each cheese gives Nostril power, enhanced abilities, and unique attributes and tools he can use to fight off his enemies.

Nostril is a fun filled mystery story with various quests for nourishment, energy, and power; battles to survive, and new and exciting features to look forward to at every level.

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$15 Peedie like drip drop

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This story is about a boy gator who loves water dropping
or dripping from anywhere. He is so confused with the
difference of water, he calls every type of water “drip
drop.” This short story takes you on a quick journey with
Peedie, as he learns the difference of the “drip drops.”

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Leslie Plover

Words to follow

A love story between a plover bird and a little girl who thinks the male bird is a female, they would run into each other in different countries, words follow.

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1,708 words
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Fort Myers, Florida
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One summer Liliana and her parents went to stay on the beach in Jersey shore. Liliana would always run to the water, whenever the family would go on vacation. They would stay by the beach and Liliana would go play with the birds. Birds are always on whatever beach she goes. The summer in Jersey shore, Liliana met a bird she would fall in love with but wasn’t sure what kind of bird it was.


A little girl name Liliana met a plover bird on Jersey shore, he would name the bird with the hope of always seeing the bird, even though she was on a vacation tour with her mom. The words Liliana say to the bird would work as she would run into that same bird as she was on vacation in another country.


Kids, teen readers and parents


A single father of three boys, born in Jamaica, grow up in England. I started writing back in high school, developed screenplays for drama plays compititions, played numerous lead rolls with a few acknowledgements. Returned to writing in earnest of sharing his mind with the world next for both children and adults alike. Working diligently to make all project a success, approaches all roles or the written stories with great deal of intensity. Instinctively, tends to be a good adviser/motivational speaker to many individuals. When offering suggestions, or asking questions, he is probably more engaged, intense, and involved than usual. Now he has being investing a lot of time, effort, and energy in winning followers. Have grown to realize the backing of loyal individuals is essential. Driven by talents, labor tirelessly when aware performance and results are being compared to those of others. Instinctively, lives peacefully with many types of people. always seeking opportunities to cooperate with outsiders. Love talking with strangers, working on new projects constantly, have a keen appreciation of past events with accurate understanding of historic figures. Driven by the artistic mind and writing talents, sometimes seldom clueless about what to say. Ready to take whatever challenges presents itself.


My hope is to build websites for my books along with Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads and LinkedIn


Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Book by Mo Willems

Guess How Much I Love You Book by Sam McBratney

Are You My Mother? Book by P. D. Eastman

Make Way for Ducklings Book by Robert McCloskey

Where the Sidewalk Ends Book by Shel Silverstein

The relationships in the stories


The summer in Jersey shore, Liliana met a bird she would fall in love with but wasn’t sure what kind of bird it was. Liliana use her phone to take a photo of the bird. She then put her phone away and played with the bird, the bird walked up to her and rubbed his head on Liliana little tiny hands. “I like you” Liliana said to the bird. The bird flew away “don’t go” Liliana said.

But the bird kept going, Liliana started to cry, as she wipes her tears, the bird was at her feet with a yellow rose “oh look, you’re back” the little black bellied plover looked up at Liliana and open his beak “I will call you Leslie. The she said to the bird,” I must go home now”. But tomorrow I will bring something special for you” said Lilianna, then the bird flew away. Liliana’s mom was ready to take her to the downtown of Jersey shore, she was very excited to go into town with her mom.

They shop for clothes, then Liliana saw the Jersey Shore Children's Museum “Mom can we go in there?” said Liliana, they went in the Museum and Liliana was amaze by everything she saw. In the back room was photos of different birds, she started looking to see if the bird she fell in love was there. Then as she looks at more, there was an image just like the bird she fell in love with “mom look, a bird looking just like Leslie” said Liliana “who is Leslie Liliana?” her mom ask, “oh, just a bird that gave me yellow rose today” Liliana said “well that kind of bird is a plover” said her mom “I like that bird mom, wish I could have her as my pet” said Liliana “well we will buy a bird cage, for your friend to visit” Liliana was very excited to hear her mom said that. Liliana wanted to read up on the bird, their where about and their travels. They got home, and Liliana went straight for the computer “what are you doing Liliana?” ask her mom, I wanted to see where Leslie go when she’s not here, on this shore”

Leslie mom walk to the computer and type plover birds in the google search bar.  A lot of different type of plovers came up on the screen, as Liliana started to read, she saw that the plovers breed in high Arctic zones around the world, winters on the coasts of a few continents. Liliana wanted to understand the feeding Behavior of plovers, her mom had gotten her a cage for the bird she called Leslie but wasn’t sure if she would see her again.

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