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Bobo Tan

Bobo Tan

Singapore, Singapore

Bobo Tan is an entrepreneur who fought hard to get an education, overcome depression and hardship, and succeed in business.

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About the author

BoBo Tan, born in Batu Pahat, Malaysia, came from a small, humble family. She finished her diploma and degree in Malaysia. She is passionate about volunteering and business networking events. She has many ideas that could help her friends. She has working experience in courier services, logistics, engineering, and IT firms. She also has freelance experience in cleaning, food service, event planning, expos, online advertising, and telemarketing. If you throw her into any field, she will learn quickly and can fulfill the job with little or no assistance.

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Lobang Queen BoBo Tan Book

My life journey as a woman, entrepreneur, and influencer.

Lobang Queen details how BoBo Tan overcame a toxic relationship and depression to become a successful entrepreneur passionate about sharing her success with others.

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This is a book that belongs to you and Bobo. You may be curious who BoBo Tan, Lobang (opportunity) Queen is. Take this book and  join her in her life journey. BoBo will tell you how she conquered her fear to face a bad relationship. BoBo will tell you how she become a real Lobang Queen. BoBo hopes you can get something from her humble story. 


Table of Contents


I am saddened that I couldn't publish this book before my mum left us. I am dedicating this book to my beloved mum who passed away on October 4th, 2016. May her soul be at peace. 


About The Author



BoBo Tan’s Story


Target audience:

Anybody who is looking for a business lobang (opportunity) or an investment. 


Some social media platform managing by BoBo Tan herself. 

Wechat: bobotangc

 Add me on #snapchat

ID: bobotan888 my youtube channel my google plus


Book 1 

5 Things I Love About Being A Woman "Intelligence Is Sexy, Confidence Sexier..."
by Zai Miztiq

5 Things I Love About Being A Woman
Price:  US$18.00   (SGD25.00*)
Format:  Paper Back, 216 pages
Published:  2016, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789810987435
SB#:  059051 (110)

About This Book
This book aims to help female readers gain awareness and appreciation of their attributes and apply them in their everyday life. It will be an exciting journey that will truly enhance their self-esteem and allow their to enjoy a quality life.

Different from my book:  My book is not only for woman. 

Book 2

Strategic Issues In Malaysian: Small And Medium-Si Zed Enterprises
by Mohd. Kahiruddin Hashim (Ed.)

Strategic Issues In Malaysian: Small And Medium-Si Zed Enterprises
Price:  US$15.43   (SGD21.43*)
Format:  Paper Back, 104 pages
Published:  2006, Malaysia, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9833282946
SB#:  040141 (131)

About This Book
These six separately referenced articles are based on recent research done at the Universiti Utara Malaysia on the functioning of small and medium-sized businesses in Malaysia. A wide range of tabulated data is included in the papers, which are on: effective purchasing strategies; strategic thinking; competitive strategy-performance relationship; evaluation of SME's supporting agencies; business strategies in exporting firms; and technology and business strategy performance.

Different from my book:  My book is less research-based and draws more on personal experience. 

Book 3

If You Only Live Twice
by Jasonyolt

If You Only Live Twice
Price:  US$14.72   (SGD20.45*)
Format:  Paper Back, 184 pages
Published:  2017, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789811118944
SB#:  059811 (110)

About This Book
This book recounts the true story of a young man's tragic accident and his journey to recovery. Alone and left for dead in a foreign country, a series of miraculous interventions led to his location and ultimate rescue. Told with heart-breaking and refreshing honesty, we are taken on a journey of the author's physical and psychological healing and newfound awareness and appreciation of life. Ultimately a story of personal self-discovery, he has decided to share his painful account in the hopes of offering others a fresh perspective on life --and we are all forced to ask ourselves the compelling question: Do you really need a death certificate before you decide to live?

Different from my book:  My focus in on business opportunities.

Book 4

Business And Investment Environment In Taiwan And Mainland China, The: A Focus On The It And High-Tech Electronic Industries

by Hsu Chen-Min, Zhang Wei-Guo & Leslie Lok

Business And Investment Environment In Taiwan And  Mainland China, The: A Focus On The It And High-Tech Electronic Industries
Price:  US$121.68   (SGD169.00*)
Format:  Hard Cover, 444 pages
Published:  2007, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812703668
SB#:  040864 (172)

About This Book
Focusing on the IT and high-tech electronic industries, this book provides an analysis of foreign small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan and Mainland China. A comparative analysis of Taiwan and Mainland China's business and investment environments is conducted, and several indices - knowledge capital, innovative ability, the utilisation of information technology and social infrastructure - are used to evaluate the cross-strait competitive advantage. The wealth of data in this book will help researchers understand the investment environments of Taiwan and Mainland China, the criteria involved in choosing an investment region, while increasing awareness of the particularities of conducting business in those two countries. Index.

Different from my book:  I focus more finding opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship.

Book 5 

Successful Value Investing In Asia: 10 Timeless Principles
by Measor, Tony

Successful Value Investing In Asia: 10 Timeless Principles
Price:  US$19.44   (SGD27.00*)
Format:  Paper Back, 178 pages
Published:  2007, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812705631
SB#:  040861 (102)

About This Book
Tony Measor, the founder of Hong Kong's Quamnet, has five decades' worth of experience in investment in Asia and in London. In this book, which is a compilation of his magazine columns written over the years, he shares ten timeless principles of investing and uses his personal insights and in-depth knowledge to show readers how to navigate the risky waters of the Asian stock market. Index.

Different from my book:  I focus more on Singapore business opportunities.

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