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Rah Freestone

Rah Freestone

Missouri, United States

Rah Freestone, certified evidence based coach, writes to empower marginalized groups, especially at-risk youth and women of faith. She’s published in Deseret Book’s “My Lord, He Calls Me” and self-published.

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About the author

Rah Freestone has been on her natural hair journey for nearly 20 years (big chopped in 2004). From twist-outs to high tension high puffs and weave to crochet braids, she's tried it all. More recently, she started her SisterLocks™ journey when she learned the true meaning of trusting the process.

She has a passion for education and empowering marginalized groups, particularly women of faith. With a background in coaching and human behavior, Rah's work revolves around helping individuals transition from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to confidently managing their competing responsibilities from a place of mindfulness and inner peace. Her writing reflects this philosophy, aiming to empower individuals through personal stories and practical advice.

Rah has been published in Deseret Book’s "My Lord, He Calls Me" and self-published her own children's book, "If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake". Her writing focuses on a variety of topics, including personal growth, faith, and empowerment. She is currently working on a writing project that empowers Black women to establish long-term goals for their natural hair journey and plans to write a young adult book about overcoming negative thinking habits.

Rah became a Gold Star spouse with two children when her soldier husband was killed in Iraq in 2007. She has since remarried and lives with her current husband and three of their children in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Her personal journey of proactive stress management and spiritual self-care has equipped her with practical tools for navigating life with a mindful and proactive approach, leading to a life full of faith in Jesus Christ.

When not writing, speaking or coaching, Rah enjoys traveling, taking “napitations”, and finding joy in punny jokes.
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Update #1 - Rough Draft Complete! July 5, 2023

As of November 15th, I have completed a rough (very rough) draft of the book! All this just after I celebrated my 1 year locaversary. My hair is thriving and I'm still very much in love!

Here's some details about the book:

  • It's at a total of 39, 354 (my goal was 40K)
  • It has nine chapters with an intro and conclusion
  • The focus of the book is now on the loc journey and I'm considering a new subtitle at the least
  • It includes a new infographic that I created to explain the love/hate relationship with locs and hair-locking

FUN FACT: This book project began in October 2022, before I loc'd my hair. 

The loc'd community has rapidly changed since then. More and more Black women are considering and trying locs, especially tiny locs. It's also been long enough that many of them are also reconsidering their choice. All the doubts have been coming up!

This is one problem the book is addressing. How do we go from doubt and insecurity to self-love and devotion? Stay tuned!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Late October, I pitched my book to a know publisher who is interested in spiritual wisdom and transformational nonfiction (my book is considered "inspirational self-help"). 

Good news: They were interested in more info! 

Bad news: My gut is telling me it may not  be the right fit though. 

More good news: they expressed a willingness to refer my project if not!

Next step: self-editing. 

This is slated to take a good month to complete. With the holidays in between, we'll see how close to 30 days it goes. 

My goal is to hand it off to a professional editor by the end of the year!

Happy Holidays to you!


One Year Loc'd!
October 27, 2023 - The day I pitched my book to a publisher via Zoom!