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Vanessa Giannos

Vanessa Giannos

New South Wales, Australia

Vanessa Giannos has over 25 years of experience as an HR expert, Behavioural Coaching, and holistic practitioner. Vanessa is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in menopause, holds several certifications in holistic health and is a qualified Functional Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Coach.

Vanessa has spent the last 10 years going deep into menopause research and knowledge. Vanessa suffered severe perimenopause in her early 40's due to trauma. After taking HRT that made matters worst, Vanessa went on a mission to uncover the natural ways to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Vanessa has eliminated her symptoms and works with women globally to alleviate their symptoms and to start to discover the true wisdom and magic of menopause.

Vanessa is passionate about breaking the taboo of menopause and helping women across the world to get empowered and find their joy again!

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About the author

Vanessa brings a unique perspective to menopause. Vanessa herself suffered a severe menopause due to a traumatic event in her early 40’s. Vanessa spent ten years researching menopause and using a natural and holistic approach completely eliminated her menopause symptoms.

In addition, Vanessa will blend her HR expertise, Behavioural Coaching, PhD studies and holistic practitioner experience and knowledge to bring a practical, natural approach to alleviating menopause symptoms.

Vanessa is currently undertaking a PhD with Griffith University. Vanessa is also a Masters’ qualified HR Expert who is also qualified in over ten holistic modalities, including functional health and diagnostic nutrition.
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Update #1 - Thanks for your support May 15, 2020

Hi there

Book Due late 2020.

I just wanted to say thanks again for your support.

I have put together an initial outline of the book, and sharing it with you first.

I'd love any feedback you have.  There are a number of ways to structure the book, and it will change as I get further into it, but I thought I would share the content.



* Vanessa’s story

* Why the medicalisation of menopause is a disservice to woman


*  Ancient insights (Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine)

*  Non-HRT Research

*  The functional approach

*  My BMPNSS (Bio- Metabolic-Psycho- Neuro-Social-Spiritual) Model

PART TWO – WTF is going on with me?

*  Understanding hormones and neurotransmitters

*  The seven stages of menopause

*  Assessing your symptoms

*  The effect of menopause on mid-aged women

*  Metabolic Chaos™

*  What’s the gut got to do with it?

*  Test, Don’t guess: The fast track approach

*  Understanding the value of functional lab tests

*  The Magical Menopause Reset Journal

PART THREE – THE BODY - The Bio-Metabolic Reset

PART FOUR – THE MIND – Psycho-Neuro Reset

PART FIVE – THE MAGIC – Social-Spiritual Reset







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