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Magdalen Joy

Magdalen Joy

London, United Kingdom

MSc Biochem/Biophysics. Worked at GSK, Roche and others. Currently working as an Infinity Alignment therapist and I also love to help people de-stress using art and creativity amongst other methods.

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About the author

I was born many years ago in what was then communist Poland.
I came to UK at the age of eleven already harboring unbridled fascination with the mystery of life, universe, nature and mind.
I went on to study Biophysics/Medical Biochemistry and worked in research for some years, before retraining in alternative therapies. I do not feel I have changed direction, just expanded horizons.

Currently I live in London with my cat. I work in Infinity Alignment therapy, run meditations and creativity workshops. Adult coloring books are one of the tools I am exploring with clients. The applications range from pure fun to more serious emotional release. The image being colored can be also used to encourage mindful reflection or educate. I am exited about exploring that side further.
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Magalie Degioanni

Bio: A student who has been passionate about Graphic Design, Illustration and all things related to the Golden Ratio. I have designed overall images within this coloring book, with pure joy and love.

I was born and raised in London. As a child I often sought and learnt from my elders, experiences and nature. I never felt like I quite fit in with those I encountered throughout my life and so settled for my own company and found that I really enjoyed the time to imagine and develop my thoughts or my weaknesses into my strengths.

While studying, I discovered Graphic Design and fell in love with it. I couldn’t draw very well but I found that the precision and flair I lacked could easily be found and perfected on digital softwares. So, I learnt, improved and developed a new skill. This led me to want to use this and make a coloring book with all of my very own designs. The images I have created have brought me much peace and I wanted to share and explore this with others. My wish of producing my own Coloring Book has become a reality and I can’t wait to develop this further!





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Mathematical Nature of Nature

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio offers pages of mind stimulating coloring fun, for creative individuals who's minds never stop to wander.

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Most coloring book enthusiasts do not stop at the purchase of one coloring book. People in this group, particularly adults, are happy to spend money to support their hobby, although owning several unfinished coloring books can be disincentivising to further purchases. There is also a pool of people for whom this type of activity can seem to lack a sense of achievement or self-expression, and can feel predictable and monotonous. Testing our book on both groups of people, we have had very positive responses from those who have previously enjoyed coloring books and also those who have not considered coloring as a hobby before. We have also had very positive responses from children, which surprised both us and their parents.

The book "Mathematical nature of Nature. The Golden Ratio" is plentiful in geometric mandalas and mosaics accompanied by stories and trivia pulling from a vast range of fields, including science, nature, and geometry, through to more baffling topics such as the mysteries of crop circles.
The act of coloring in the iconic structures of golden ratio objects, such as DNA, helps to gain a tactile connection to the microscopic world. It was interesting for us to find that the DNA images were a popular choice with children, not just adults, while images with large objects in deliberately calming arrangements, such as the fish were enjoyed by many adults who had no prior interest in the coloring books.
The images with light grey lines provide a new and unique challenge. The artist-reader is able to color and trace the outlines of the golden ratio patterns with their own hand. The focus is to familiarise people with the construction lines behind the shapes they have been coloring. Meanwhile The golden ratio doodle section offers a new way of creating completely new compositions. People are given free reign to draw out their own golden ratio-based designs, with only a set of golden ratio guidelines to channel their creativity.

This book is a child of joint work between Magda Joy, Magalie Degioanni, and Echidna, each respectively a therapist with a background in science, a graphic designer and illustrator, and an artist, illustrator and proof-reader.
Magalie and Echidna work in both digital and traditional media. Their passion is creation. Magda works in therapy and runs meditation days. She has found that, for overactive minds, it is very useful to give the brain something neutral to think about, in order to slow the stream of thoughts. In our book such is provided by the trivia about one of the most enigmatic concepts in our universe, the golden ratio. Once the mind resets itself in a neutral focus, the creative uninhibited side can take over. Once people find their joy of creation they do not want to stop.

Why support this book?

  • Adult colouring books are a steady selling trend.
  • Joint following of Magda and Magalie is over 400 people.
  • Magda works in therapy and community. Host workshops and runs meditation groups.
  • Magalie has strong connections to students, artists and designers.
  • Both authors are endorsed by Jean Marc Degioanni, founder of Infinity Alignment.

Similar titles

  • The Golden Ratio Colouring Book: And Other Mathematical Patterns Inspired by Nature and Art (Colouring Books) by Steve Richards | 17 Nov 2016, Published by LOM ART, Both books are plentiful in geometric shapes and golden ratio based compositions. Our book additionally branches into nature, crop circles and doodle art, plus it includes stories and trivia. Some of the art design is similar in both but Steve Richards' book branches into sacred geometry whilst ours focuses on the golden ratio.
  • Golden Ratio Coloring Book by Artist Rafael Araujo Paperback – 26 Jul 2016 Published by Phi Arts PTY, Raphael Araujo's book contains beautiful hand drawings whilst ours are computer generated graphics. Our images are simpler to fill. Both books include text. Rafael Araujo's text has strong spiritual undertones. Text in our book is more of interesting trivia relating to the golden ratio. The vibe of our book is less spiritual and more light hearted.
  • Fibonacci: Discovering the Golden Sequence Behind Nature: A Coloring Book for Adults Paperback – 24 Aug 2017 by Parachute Coloring Books (Author and publisher), Marija Mladenovic (Illustrator) 7 Marija Maldenovic's book covers only Fibonacci nature. Style of art feels very hand drawn. In contrast our book has a more of a computer generated graphics style. M. Maldenovic book is about 20 pages long. Ours is about 100 pages and pulling from a range of fields supplementing with stories.


Adults who wish to de-stress creatively whilst learning something effortlessly.

Advance praise

By Charles Uzzell Edwards

The Golden Ratio is LIFE ! it is everywhere and is amazing .. I hope you enjoy exploring it in this amazing book...
Love and life ! Charley (pure evil)
Charles UZZELL EDWARDS aka PURE EVIL Pure Evil Gallery | 108 + 98 + 96 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4XS | Phone: +44 207-729-2866  | Mobile: +44 7805-420-771 | @PureEvilGallery | Http:// |

By India Jane Birley

Since ancient times, much has been written about divine proportion. The idea can be approached from many angles; indeed, it can remain an idea for some and for others, it can reveal a mysterious progression in nature. Over the centuries, artists, architects, astronomers and mathematicians have revealed this geometric structure underlying movement and form.

But what about the individual who is none of those things? A man or woman with their newborn or walking the hill country seeing the beauty of nature and sense that in their wonder lies a question.

How can it be so?

Nature is always in flux, and we as people are part of its great momentum. In quieter moments, we may perceive something of its rhythm.

Magalie and Magda have created a most beautiful book which will help us experience the ever-expanding nature of the golden ratio. Its wonders will reveal themselves as we color but will happily not reveal the hidden cause. Because for that, we must look ever closer and ever further forever.

India Jane Birley
British Artist

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  • Paul Osment
    on July 22, 2020, 8:38 p.m.

    Best wishes and much love ❤️


  • Trevor Cessford
    on July 26, 2020, 7:56 p.m.

    I'm greatly looking forward to receiving the book.



  • Margaret Law-Homewood
    on July 27, 2020, 12:10 p.m.

    Congratulations and much success on your Colouring book for us 'Grown up Children'.
    All my love and blessings. M xxx

  • Esther Davis
    on July 27, 2020, 3:14 p.m.

    Good luck with this new and exciting adventure. I wish you all the love and joy to surround this journey of yours.
    Esther xxx

  • liz giambrone
    on July 27, 2020, 6:40 p.m.

    WONDERFUL ! so looking forward to receiving this colouring book and co -creating with you, Liz

  • Jesse Krieger
    on Aug. 1, 2020, 9:04 p.m.

    Looks like a wonderful book, I’d be happy to explore publishing it as well!

  • Fros Sheena
    on Aug. 4, 2020, 12:46 p.m.

    Delighted to be supporting your amazing creative project.
    Well done Magda

  • jean marc degioanni
    on Aug. 11, 2020, 8:33 a.m.

    This morning during my meditation in the park, Mother Nature asks me to help to pass a message. So, I submit a whish and It was granted. So, I walk my talk.
    Much love Magda and Magalie and to all of you.

    “The day you start institutionalizing “Walk the talk” life shall show the dream to reality path.” “Words do less than 10 things, but actions do more than 10 thousand things. Leaders don't talk in vain; they follow with actions.”