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Ewa Miendlarzewska, PhD

Ewa Miendlarzewska, PhD

Geneva, Switzerland

There aren’t many women sci-fi authors out there. Are any of them neuroscientists of human memory and emotions? With a condition called high sensorial processing sensitivity? No? Here is one.

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About the author

Originally from Wrocław, Poland, Dr Ewa Miendlarzewska is a full-time academic researcher. She applies neuroscience in the study of financial decision making and specializes in the interaction of emotions and reward motivation with learning processes.  

Telling fantastic stories has been her first love (at the age of 3), before writing books (at age 4), and English language (age 7). She’s recovered the memory of these childhood dreams when she fell in love again in 2016 and decided to pursue the dream of becoming a creative writer. She is fluent in 4 languages, intermediate in 2 more and is learning one other. 

Ewa has published scientific articles in various areas of neuroscience in peer-reviewed journals, including the popular “How musical training affects brain development” that topped the journal’s altmetric and was translated into Spanish and cited by The Economist. 

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Update #3 - I have NEWS May 5, 2018

Dear Friends and Readers,

I was waiting for a while with the next update because I was going for the wow effect and that took time to develop. Let's see if I manage to wow you. 

One of the following is not true:

A) I signed a contract with an independent publisher in the USA and they're preparing a global launch on November 20, 2018

B) The book cover artwork was prepared by an artist with whom I danced tango in Buenos Aires in January 

C) I  seriously upgraded the manuscript after the funniest and most appreciative review I've ever received (from a professional science-fiction editor and linguist based in Spain who loved the title).

D) Christopher Nolan loved Mirador and agreed with my suggestion to cast Meryl Streep as Dr Paulina Kochanowska 

D) My novel is available in presale on amazon and will soon also be available for local orders through my personal website (at a discounted price).

I will be keeping you posted as more activities are rolled out in the coming months.

Thank you for believing in me and do tell your friends about me - I need to get really famous with my first novel so I can write my next! My modest goal is 100'000 copies sold worldwide. And the film adaptation, of course.