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Vincent Alonso

Vincent Alonso

Vincent Alonso is a Cuban-American writer and psychologist trained in little-known G.I. Gurdjieff energetic movements and shamanic practices that when combined allow access to non-ordinary reality and at-will personality-state disassociation.

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Movements of Power

The Short Path

A young man perplexed and downtrodden by his own existence is renewed when an old teacher reveals that existential secrets are not secrets to those who know them.

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Mind & Body Spirituality
Miami, Florida
117,000 words
100% complete
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Within the noise-filled, traffic-laden City of Miami, Movements of Power recounts a young man's search for enlightenment and his desire to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Vincent Alonso, a wayward blue-collar, former marine stumbles upon an old engineer named Juan Leal, only Juan is no mere engineer. Juan is a powerful mystic and teacher capable of otherworldly feats. In their acquaintance, Vincent becomes a pupil at Juan's unusual school and soon a series of lucid dreams, visions and strange occurrences begin. Unwilling to detach himself from alcohol, which is forbidden by the school, Vincent learns a very hard lesson in letting things come when the time is right.

Movements of Power reveals what it's like to experience a school of mysticism; that you are your own master; and that enlightenment can be found anywhere, not just in jungles and deserts, but in cities as well because enlightenment is within.


A young man [Vincent] perplexed and downtrodden by his own existence – and other such 'mysteries of the universe' – is renewed in his 30's when an old friend and co-worker [Juan] one day reveals that 'cosmic secrets' are only secrets to 'those who don't know them'. Juan's willingness to continue sharing information capable of transforming reality itself comes with certain conditions: “forgo all else: take responsibility for your personality, improve your relationship with the sacred, observe your ego. Hearing what he had been longing to since boyhood, Vincent agrees: attending weekly lectures, doing daily movements and practices that originated in ancient institutes of inner-development. By this 'Work' Juan assures to finally demonstrate to Vincent, “why he is here.”

Once attending this unique school, Vincent realizes his most-respected-friend-ever had other students of this rare teaching [throughout their entire acquaintance] yet had withheld it from the half-cooked, wayward ruffian for reasons Vincent confuses with deception. Regarding the movements, an awe-impression spurs Vincent three-fold: The Movements unveil reality, the Movements augment health, the Movements are vital for manifesting anything. The Work, however, requires time; an important ingredient that negatively sways Vincent's impression. Feeling left out, Vincent thinks time has escaped him and from an authentic urge presumes he can rectify the 'miscalculations of destiny'. He resolves to implement any means necessary to properly fulfill his supposed 'destined path'.

Vincent has no clue how to quench his abysmal urge to 'regain lost time' and at first heeds his teacher's counsel: "things come when they must." But alcoholism soon exposes that drunken dazes are similar to the trance-states of the Movements, thus an ill-conceived plan on how to transform chance to design is born. Forsaken by friend, providence or whatever else had favored 'venerable students' to decades of Juan's work, to the Mysterious, had also availed an [unfair] advantage to them. Self-Importance motivates the overzealous student to contrive what [he deems] will recover lost time and bestow deserved accomplishments. The elusively-effective system, however, is forbidden for alcoholic-intertwinement, according to Juan, is not only incompatible with the mind-sharpening movements of the Work, “it's disastrous.” Vincent, nevertheless, secretly embarks on what he calls “The Short Path.”


Introduction: A condensed history of my lifelong interest in esoterism and how I stumbled upon Juan Leal, the extraordinary mystic.

Part 1: Synchronicity

  • Chapter One – An eye-full of Juan's strange ability to maneuver within the physical environment in uncommon ways by using synchronized action.

  • Chapter Two – 1st visit to Juan's home to face fear and the enlightening conversation that propelled me to continue the Work according to his ten rules.

  • Chapter Three – Day 1 of class – My Negative Imagination in the midst of training and my introduction to the Movements of Power.   

  • Chapter Four –  A Dangerous Endeavor: The Short Path Begins

Part 2 – Organizing Energy

  • Chapter Five – I Feel Better: Some of the first signs that the Movements of Power are physically improving practitioners. 

  • Chapter Six - Cosmic Duty: Why with proper timing, 'one who knows' transmits useful information to 'they who comprehend'.

  • Chapter Seven - Organizing Energy: Working to Organize one's energy for personal fulfillment

  • Chapter Eight - My Gut Turns: The advantage of discerning Gut Feelings from emotional baggage.

  • Chapter Nine - The Path of Omens: What Omens are and how to implement them for personal betterment.

  • Chapter Ten - Cosmic Realities: An explanation of how Cosmic Realities intertwine to affect human reality.
    • The Law: A practical observation of The Law as an aspect of reality.
    • Chaos: A practical observation of Chaos as an aspect of reality
    • Balance: A practical observation of Balance as an aspect of reality
    • Hierarchy: A practical observation of Hierarchy as an aspect of reality
    • Order: A practical observation of Order as an aspect of reality

Part 3 – Personal Power

  • Chapter 11 - Slow Down, I'm In a Hurry:

  • Chapter 12 - A Mighty Presence:

  • Chapter 13 - The Magic Ring:

  • Chapter 14 - A Long Cold Winter:

  • Chapter 15 - Fate's Warning:

  • Chapter 16 - Doom of Icarus:

Notes, Special Thanks, List of Exercises



The reader market size of my book should be quite vast, particularly in current times where people want more than the common, robotic life many of us were indoctrinated into, without consent, among other obvious reasons. Furthermore, any human being interested in delving into the mystic aspect of life on earth and how its dynamic influences the human condition will be interested. This book is far from the "New Age" movement but I suspect many who follow that movement or are involved with that movement, or in some way identify with alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, which grew since writers like Castaneda have enriched it, would be a strong audience for this work as well. 


Vincent Alonso is a Cuban-American writer, psychologist and mystic who was born April 30, 1974 in the old Oriente province. During the early part of the 1990s he served in the United States Marine Corps, from where he was honorably discharged. Later, during his 30's, he attended Florida International University gaining Alumni status by obtaining degrees in Literature and Psychology, the desire for both of which stemmed in his life-long passion to comprehend inherent and acquired fundamentals of humanity’s condition as well as its cosmic purpose. His devoted involvement with the little-known sacred movements of G.I. Gurdjieff in conjunction with shamanic teachings, mostly of the Tarahumara tribe, have instilled a syncretism with grasp enough of non-ordinary reality and personality-state disassociation that he went on to write about insights and personal experiences while under tutelage of the his teacher, Don Juan Leal.


As a member of numerous Facebook groups, Vincent is backed by several communities which add up to roughly 50 k + subscribers and users (5 k+ monthly active users). This book will resonate with this audience directly as a viable medium to generate preorders. Vincent will establish awareness and relationships with and to those in these groups.

  • C.G. Jung Facebook page - 50k+
  • Gurdjieff Discussion Group - 2.4k+
  • Jiddu Khrishnamurti and More - 6.9k+
  • Ancient Order of the Hermetics - 5.8k+ 
  • Email database - 50k+

Large orders and corporate sponsors will come from pre-existing relationships and arrangements.


  • Sacred Hoop, The Quarterly Magazine for Shamanism, sacred Wisdom and Earth Centered Spirituality
  • New Dawn, Ancient Wisdom New Thinking
  • SUFI, Journal of Mystical Philosophy and Practice
  • Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy, Health Magazines


Life is Only Real Then, When 'I Am' – G.I. Gurdjieff – Arkana, 1999, Autobiographical and reference on the 4th Way

Freedom from the Known – J. Krishnamurti 1969 – Haprer & Row, Resource on the human condition

The Way of the Shaman – Michael Harner – Harper & Row, 1990, Resource and reference on shamanism.

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching – P.D. Ouspensky –  Mariner Books, 2001, Autobiographical document on G.I. Gurdjieff's thoughts and views

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge – Carlos Castaneda – Washington Square Press, 1985, Autobiographical on Castaneda's journey to becoming a "Man of Knowledge"

Making a New World – J.G. Bennett – Bennett Books, 1992, A comprehensive account of the life work and mission of G.I. Gurdjieff

The Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig – William Morrow Paperbacks, 1990, A travelogue journey towards enlightenment.

A Separate Reality – Carlos Castaneda – Washington Square Press, 1991, Castaneda's return to the teachings of Don Juan.

The Sorceror's Crossing: A Woman's Journey (Compass) – Taisha Abelar



As a child I lived on a farm. Paradise in every sense but instead of one serpent we had zillions. In the mango trees, under cars, within the cane fields, everywhere they crept [those things], everywhere they slithered. Unlike most, who got used to crossing paths with one when least expected, every sighting, to me, was as frightful as the last had been. An outdoor shower meant for those returning from the fields to keep man-grit outside of the house and to contain Grandmother's violent action against such evil-doers was a place I avoided. Although I was no more than four, my father, a stern man of the old guard, would not see it that way. Wanting me to be a little man [un hombrecito], he insisted I use that outdoor shower; and once he had set his mind on something, rarely would that change. He made sure I was not afraid of cold showers, the river or anything else for that matter. One day as I showered outside I felt a presence that like a magnet turned my head. My eyes gaped at, of course, a snake on the wall, halfway to the ceiling, peering back at me. I screamed. Not a moment later my father appeared, machete in hand. Sliced the snake to pieces, then after ghoulish laughter said, “A fearful man, is a useless man.” My mother and grandmother had also raced to my aid. Mother hugged me while my grandmother went on and on about what could have happened and what might have happened. In my story, a terrifying snake had stalked me — to eat me. My father’s story was very different. “My son?” He yelled. “Cowering over a little snake? I can't believe this.” If memory serves, it was not the largest serpent that had slithered on to the farm. In truth, it probably lacked the means to devour a four-year-old boy. To that boy, however, it was a monster, flashing its tongue, like the devil my mother had told of, the one in that special book. My father also said that I should have run to the shed, grabbed a machete and killed the snake myself. I argued that machetes were bigger than me. He was disappointed nevertheless.

Most important to my little brain was how two people who had experienced the same thing had recalled different versions of it. Despite my tender age this perplexing event drew me in as it hinted at something deeper about humanity that although I could not quite grasp was too important to dismiss. An urge arose. I needed to understand this tendency for humans to keep things that had happened (things from the past) present in narrations that were directly affected by a natural inability to be consistent. One among the superfluity of imperfections that undermine our mortal predicament. And that, boys and girls, is where I began to see people's narratives as stories.

Aside from narratives were the different assortment of, what I call tricks, that people used on each other. Generally the older ones knew the most tricks. Grandfather, for instance, had so many he needed a bag to carry them all. I once asked him for a quarter to buy some bubble gum. He offered a dollar, told me to keep the change. I told him a piece of gum only cost a quarter. He said “with a dollar you can buy four pieces instead of one,” then laughed with an air of mischief. When I explained I can only chew one piece at a time, the laughing stopped. “Comprendo,” he nodded, “you're sincere.” Pilfering his pockets in haste, seriousness he handed me a quarter along with a gentle pat on the head that was followed by long, unnatural, heavy silence — even bugs stopped chirping. “Grandfather,” I said loud enough to lift the silence. “I love you. You'll never betray me. If I ask you for a dollar I know you'll give it to me. But right now, I just need one quarter.” Nodding more vigorously than before he said, “Go ahead. Be one who speaks truth to a fault. See what happens. Prepare yourself. In this life, a great deal of suffering awaits.” How can there be fault in truth, I wondered. “Are truth and suffering connected? Do you mean,” I looked up at him, “that those who lie the most suffer the least?” His peaceful smile and gaze became lost in the distant cane fields,“not exactly.” He looked down to me, “Do remember this: the Devil knows more due to his experience than merely because he is the Devil [Mas sabe el Diablo por viejo, que por Diablo].”


“It doesn’t bark, it bites," Juan joked and spoke on in a rhythmic gibberish of sorts while his eyes locked on to mine as he urged me to “come in.” I nodded in affirmation and when I grabbed the handle of the white metal gate, coldness coursed up my arm. I saw myself opening the gate and entering the front yard. Leaving no space for the dog to escape as I shut the gate. That coldness stuck to my hand and grew into a worry then a doubt. I must have taken long to maneuver through because Juan stood at the front porch again, over 40 paces away.

My shoes felt glued as I marched against some foreign burden. A thing that made my body sluggish, my mind unclear; some force that had me dragging my steps, scarcely lifting them.  My shoes slowly sanded paint off of that concrete driveway, scraping soles like Frankenstein. The large animal followed closely, breathing about my person. As its snout searched my legs, a sensation that  the dog was going to bite me emerged. I dreaded razor-sharp canines shredding flesh, but they did not. The old man spat more gibberish at my slow advance.  His monolithic presence became more frightening as I closed the distance between us. 

My eyes fixed on the old man. His smile enlarged to reveal fangs resembling those of a snake. The dog growled, pushing hard on my legs nearly knocking me off my feet. I was afraid long enough to realized that this fear was centralized in my lower abdomen, but nothing more.

“Come closer. Understand that fear can bring great strength to you. Here, whatever frightens is to be observed. You must not run away for if you run away — fear will devour you. When you embrace a certain fear, it becomes your ally.” He spoke distorted,
distant. I stopped right then and there. My short walk brought me to the first step of his front door. There were three and there I froze. Try as I may, this transfixion had decided my boundaries. The floor moved as liquid thicker than tar, enough to stand still on without falling through. This state was reminiscent of my LSD experiments of old. My eyes stabbed at the old man. His sinister smile increased in size under pupils black as pitch. This had to be a flashback, I concluded, as it carried a distinct flavor of trauma that I recognized; but I could not recall such images before this night. I am mesmerized, somehow, into some alien reality.

“For what reason have you accepted my offer to come here? Think … tell me why you’ve come. Is it power you seek … yes it must be power,” the old man said. I could only mumble. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped. My right hand felt frozen and my left was no warmer. The full moon above shined bright but offered little more. Wind pushed low clouds at notable speeds and seemed to move them with some subtle purpose. At other instances the earth moved rapidly under a sky of frozen clouds above.

I answered in weeps and mumbles

"Two more steps, boy; take my hand.” His voice was clear in my mind, but I was not moving. Overwhelmed or not I certainly was not stepping backwards. Far too many strange things to perceive soon became a white blur.

“Muchacho!” His yell brought me back. I was outside, facing the white gate with a numbing hand still attached to its cold handle. 

“I've had some kind of vision,” I told him, “where that dog
wanted to bite me.” 

“Nonsense. You've recalled a dream,” he peeped as if through a sniper's scope, “last night's dream that you had forgot until now."

"I what?" 

"Besides, that dog never bit a soul. We've cohabited a long time. I raised him.” Juan spoke with certainty, seriousness the likes of which my usual skepticism could not doubt. 

“He does seem very noble.” I smiled.

“When you come in, do not leave room between yourself and the gate; the dog does escape from time to time.”

As I slipped in the gate, the dog made a futile dive to slip outside. Instantly Juan ordered it to heel by name. It stopped, bowed its head and sprinted to the back of the residency. Juan and I walked into the house. 

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  • Update #1 - THANK YOU ALL! Oct. 23, 2018

    Hello there, Vincent here!

    Glowing with euphoria to have so much support on this crowd-publishing campaign for my upcoming book: Movements of Power. 

    Week ...

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    Wish you luck brother.

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    Bunny, I couldn’t be prouder of you. I know this book has been years in the making. It is an honor to be able to purchase your book. Can’t wait to read it.


  • Vincent Alonso on Oct. 16, 2018, 11:27 p.m.

    Thank you, Aimee! And also my great friends Joy and Jospeh!

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    Anytime brother. I’m gonna enjoy this book especially because it comes from you!

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    Vinnie, I send you light in this journey which I hope transports you to the highest. I look forward to reading your book, which I know you began long ago. love ya, Lizzie.

  • Vincent Alonso on Oct. 18, 2018, 12:57 a.m.

    Thank you very much, Derek, Amy, Ledis, Delia and Eli P!

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    Very Happy for you my brother I know how long and hard you have been working on this book!
    The best of luck moving forward.

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    Hello Vincent, I am genuinely happy for you and excited to begin reading your book.

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    AT LAST!!!! Congrats bro. You finally did it. Kudos and I wish you the very best and much success. May this be the beginning of a new trilogy if not many more books to come!
    - jc

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