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Anya Enright

Anya Enright

Chicago, Illinois

Anya is a founder and host of “My American Dream” podcast and “My PhysiK” fitness apparel has big plans in encouraging others in their journey of building their American Dream.

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About the author

Born and raised in Russia, in the Siberian city of Omsk. First woman with the University degree in her family, first generation of immigration to this country.
Since the day of getting her degree, she has been involved into languages and Adult Education in some other parts of the World - Russia, Ireland and now the US.
Building a highly rewarding career in the Medical Remote Interpreting in one of the Leading American Corporations, now, she is a Cross Cultural Learning Leader, collaborating with LANCOME and VOXY, one of the biggest English and career ready learning platforms, has the privilege of contributing into the success of others.
Anya, who is also a founder and host of “My American Dream” podcast and “My PhysiK” fitness apparel, supported by her fitness YouTube channel, enjoys her residency in beautiful Chicago and has big plans in encouraging others in their journey of building their American Dream.
You can often hear her saying “Cultures are beautiful and I want to learn more about them”.
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My American Dream

This book features real immigration stories of real people to the US shared on "My American Dream" podcast.
Immigration is the idea of this country. We all bring our unique culture, language, food. It is very easy to get lost in the unknown and we hope these stories will be encouraging in building the life you want, YOUR American Dream.

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Motivation & Inspiration
3,000 words
100% complete
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This book is a treasure box of motivating stories of immigration to the US. Real stories of real people, who live next door, who overcame and make a difference in lives of others every day.
It started as a podcast as a result of personal experience of its founder. Immigrating from Siberia and living her American Dream, she found support and was encouraged by many people and their stories but she also discovered how private everything is in this country and these motivating stories are available only at "a kitchen table" for a smaller circle. The decision was made to start a platform, where people would share their journey of coming to this country and building the life they want to inspire others.
There is nothing more "contagious" than stories of others. Everybody is interested and want to know how to achieve what one wants. Especially, if you don't speak good English. All the stories are shared by non native speakers, which makes it even more attractive and authentic for the audience. Main characters come different backgrounds - business, educators, Harvard school, media, moms, fitness enthusiasts, Chernobyl, cancer survivors.
This book will be interesting for a broad variety of people - the ones, who are in the beginning of their journey in this country and for those, who are interested in how people start in this country and even the educators, like humanity teachers to develop empathy skills in students.

Sales arguments

  • (21 followers + email list 25 people)
  • My 'My American Dream" podcast community (stats are in the proposal submitted)
  • My Adult Education programs with around 100 students
  • My female "Dreaming Big" crew with LANCOME and VOXY (17 members)
  • My Facebook and LN (about 1000 connections overall). The video post already gave 2 pre-orders.

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New comers, all interested in immigration, educators.

2 publishers interested
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  • Tetiana Mazur
    on Oct. 17, 2020, 8:15 p.m.

    I am looking forward to reading your book and wish you luck!